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184 Facts about Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

Updated on October 29, 2016
Rin Okumura, Yukio Okumura, Shiemi Moriyama, Ryuji Suguro, Konekomaru Miwa, Renzo Shima, Izumo Kamiki, Shura Kirigakure and Mephisto Pheles from Ao no Exorcist.
Rin Okumura, Yukio Okumura, Shiemi Moriyama, Ryuji Suguro, Konekomaru Miwa, Renzo Shima, Izumo Kamiki, Shura Kirigakure and Mephisto Pheles from Ao no Exorcist.
Characters from Ao no Exorcist.
Characters from Ao no Exorcist.


Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) is a story set in the world where which consists of two different sides: Assiah, where humans live, and Gehenna, where demons live. The only way for these two worlds to connect is through possession.

The main character is Rin Okumura, the older twin brother of Yukio Okumura. He and his brother were adopted by the priest Shiro Fujimoto. He always took care of them and raised them as his own children. But, there were some things he kept secret from them. These were finally revealed when Rin suddenly gets ambushed by demons only to find out that he and his brother are the sons of Satan himself and that Shiro is an exorcist, which eventually leads to a fight between Rin and Shiro. Due to an insult from Rin directed to his adoptive father, Shiro's will weakened and he got possessed by Satan. The fact that his body was unable to contain all that demonic power causes Shiro a lot of damage, and Shiro, regaining consciousness for a moment, stabs himself and dies.

Trying to avenge his dead father and get rid of the demons, Rin opens the seal on Kurikara, a sword given to him by Shiro which contains Rin's sealed powers, and thus Rin awakens his demonic abilities and becomes a half-demon. Now, with the responsibility of defending Assiah and defeating Satan, Rin enrolls in the True Cross Academy in order to become an exorcist.

"I'm not your weapon; Demon King or savior! I'm Rin Okumura! And when I'm done, I'm going to be the best Exorcist you ever laid your eyes on!"

— Rin Okumura

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List of mentioned characters:

Rin Okumura
Konekomaru Miwa
Arthur Auguste Angel
Yukio Okumura
Renzo Shima
Igor Neuhaus
Shiemi Moriyama
Nemu Takara
Mephisto Pheles
Ryuji Suguro
Shiro Fujimoto
Izumo Kamiki
Shura Kirigakure
Kuro and Nee
Rin Okumura and his familiar Kuro.
Rin Okumura and his familiar Kuro.
Rin Okumura learning how to cook.
Rin Okumura learning how to cook.

Rin Okumura

Rin is the son of Satan and the older twin brother of Yukio Okumura. Studying as an Exwire at True Cross Academy, Rin desires to earn a Knight Meister and defeat his biological father, Satan.

  • Rin's name means phosphorus in kanji, which comes from Greek meaning "light bearer." In Latin, it means Lucifer, a fallen angel cast down from the heavens.
  • His birthday is on December 27th.
  • Rin is 173 cm tall and wights 63 kg. His blood type is A.
  • His favorite pastimes are: cooking, sleeping, eating, and spacing out.
  • His favorite manga genres are: action, comedy, and emotional drama.
  • His favorite type of girls are ones that are extremely attractive.
  • He is surprisingly good with his hands.
  • His cooking repertoire includes a wide variety of Japanese and Western foods.
  • Rin's favorite food is Sukiyaki.
  • Rin sleeps 11 hours a day.
  • He has a "Cool Dudes According to Me" ranking in order from coolest to least cool: Shiro, Ryuji, Konekomaru, himself [Rin], Kuro, and Yukio. Shima doesn't even make the list.
  • Kazue Katō states that the twin brothers' names were originally switched around, meaning that Rin's name was meant to be Yukio.
  • The original concept of Rin had a personality that resembled Ryuji, being able to crush an apple with his fist. He also had a tattoo-like burnt scar on his face, but Katō's editor didn't want her to do that.
  • Rin is clueless at times, such as saying phrases wrong or thinking that the Kraken's fins are ears.
  • He seems to have a soft-spot for animals. In the beginning of the series, the reason he had gotten into a fight with Reiji Shiratori and his delinquent gang was because they were torturing pigeons.

"I don't care what you people say. I'm not Satan's son. I'm of no relation to that filthy beast!! My only father is the old man!"

— Rin Okumura
Yukio Okumura.
Yukio Okumura.
Yukio Okumura unable to deal with drunk Shura Kirigakure.
Yukio Okumura unable to deal with drunk Shura Kirigakure.

Yukio Okumura

Yukio is Rin's younger twin brother. Kind-hearted by nature, he is the youngest person to ever pass the Exorcist qualification exam, and later becomes a teacher at True Cross Academy.

  • Yukio's name means "man of snow" in kanji, alluding to his pale features and stoic attitude.
  • His birthday is on December 27th.
  • He is 180 cm tall and wights 70 kg. His blood type is O.
  • According to the Ao no Exorcist Guidebook, Kazue Katō said that originally, Yukio and Rin weren't Exorcists, but anti-paranormal agents who exterminated supernatural creatures.
  • In the first popularity poll, Yukio ranked first, with a total of 2529 votes.
  • He is popular with girls, though he finds it difficult to reject them.
  • His favorite food is seafood, especially sashimi.
  • His known pastimes are: formulating plans and reading Jump Square every month.
  • His favorite manga genres are: comedy, horror, suspense.
  • He averages 4 hours of sleep each night.
  • He is often seen sleeping anywhere, such as on a chair or on his desk, while thinking.
  • He is ranked 5-6th on Rin's 'cool dude' list which is the same rank as Kuro, Rin's familiar.
  • He is embarrassed and extremely bothered by how many moles he has.
  • Yukio is ambidextrous.
  • He had the highest marks on the entrance exams for True Cross Academy.
  • He is known as the youngest Exorcist.
  • The original concept had Yukio and Rin's names switched around, therefore, his name was Rin. His hairstyle was also similar to Rin's.
  • Kazue Katō intended on giving him stress-related asthma, making him always have an inhaler around. This concept had him slightly psychic and sometimes prescient. It is also said that he was supposed to be interested in computers and a feminist.
  • The English translation of Volume 2 mistakenly states that Yukio has a Meister in Dragoon and Aria, rather than Dragoon and Doctor.
  • In the anime, Yukio is seen with a mysterious black mark on his left arm that is starting to spread throughout his body. This may have something to do with his original birthright as Satan's son and the Demonic powers he was supposed to have shared with Rin. When Yukio was shown preforming his daily testing, the mark reacted, but it was never fully explained in the anime (though Shura appeared to be alarmed by the sight of it).

Shiemi Moriyama and her familiar Nee.
Shiemi Moriyama and her familiar Nee.

Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi is an Exwire at the True Cross Academy and is training to be a Tamer. She is incredibly loyal, patient and hardworking. Shiemi would do anything for her friends.

  • Her birthday is on March 6th.
  • She is 165 cm tall and weights 49 kg. Her blood type is B.
  • Her favorite food is her grandmother's herb cookies.
  • Her favorite pastimes are gardening, making herbal teas, naming plants and flowers, baking cookies, and lying under the sun.
  • She is slightly allergic to pollen.
  • According to the kanji used for her surname, Moriyama means "grove mountain".
  • In the afterword of Volume 1, Kazue Kato states that the original concept of Shiemi had been a Gothic girl living in a tower without the focus on Japanese style.
  • Shiemi first made friends with Yukio, then with Rin.
  • Shiemi's eye color was initially portrayed as being blue.
  • She bears quite a resemblance to Monaka Miyama-Uguisu, the girl in The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident, the one-shot that led to Blue Exorcist.

Monaka Miyama-Uguisu from The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident.
Monaka Miyama-Uguisu from The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident.
Ryuji Suguro.
Ryuji Suguro.

Ryuji Suguro

Ryuji, also called Bon, is an Exwire at the True Cross Academy and Rin's rival. He is the only child of Tatsuma, the Head Priest of a temple that was destroyed during the Blue Night. Because of this, he swore that he would defeat Satan.

  • His birthday is on August 20th.
  • He is 181 cm tall and weights 76 kg. His blood type is B.
  • He wakes up at 5:30 a.m. everyday and runs.
  • He gets migraines.
  • His favorite word is "Karma".
  • Ryuji's pastimes and talents includes: memorization, cleaning and zen meditation.
  • His average bath time is 20 minutes.
  • He is a bit of a neat freak.
  • He spends his days off by cleaning, meditating and about two hours of weight lifting and jogging.
  • He worries about his tendency to glare.
  • Ryuji's favorite music genres are: Rock, American/European and Japanese.
  • If one looks closely, Ryuji, or a character resembling him, can be seen behind Mephisto Pheles in Chapter 1.
  • He is also known as "Bon", which is short for "Bocchan" (which means "Young master").
  • In his childhood he was often called "Child of the Cursed Temple".
  • He is considered a prodigy and entered the school under the same scholarship as Yukio.
  • Ryuji is the top student in his class and got 98 out of 100 in one of the shown tests. He also appears to be able to memorize things easily, as he can recite 21 scripts from the Bible.
  • He can't stand being protected by girls.

Izumo Kamiki with her familiars.
Izumo Kamiki with her familiars.
Izumo's familiars Miketsu (Mike) and Ukemochi (Uke).
Izumo's familiars Miketsu (Mike) and Ukemochi (Uke).

Izumo Kamiki

Izumo is a student at the Exorcism Cram School of True Cross Academy. She is strong-willed, and something of a "tsundere". She comes from a long line of shrine maidens, and was born with Heian Period noblewoman-like eyebrows.

  • Her birthday is on October 11th.
  • She is 164 cm tall and weights 49 kg. Her blood type is A.
  • Her name contains the kanji for "sacred tree" (kamiki) and "emerging cloud" (izumo).
  • In the first popularity poll, Izumo ranked sixth, with a total of 818 votes.
  • Her average bath time is 50 minutes.
  • Her favorite music genres are: Pop, Rock and Japanese.
  • Izumo hates the way she gets a crease between her eyebrows when reading, studying, or thinking hard.
  • Her favorite words are "Evening calm".
  • Her pastimes and talents are: collecting clothes and trinkets, studying, reading girls' manga & novels, and going shopping.
  • In the special chapter "Kuro no Ie de" and the 7th anime omake, Izumo has shown a great love of cats. Whenever she encounters Kuro when she is alone, she blushes and fusses over him: feeding, petting, and attempting to play with him.
  • It's revealed in the 68th chapter, after seeing Shura and Shiemi's large bare breasts and figures, that Izumo is very self-conscious about her chest size and body, to the point of crying and admitting how poorly endowed she is and lacking in many places. It's also revealed that she wears a push up bra to avoid looking flat-chested.
  • Rin Okumura calls her by the nickname Polkabrows, due to her small, oval shaped eyebrows.
  • She was the first Exwire to accept Rin after learning that he was the son of Satan.

Konekomaru Miwa.
Konekomaru Miwa.

Konekomaru Miwa

Konekomaru hails from Kyoto and is an Exwire of the True Cross Order, a student of the Exorcist Cram School, and the surviving head of the Miwa family.

  • His birthday is on January 7th.
  • He is 155 cm tall and weights 43 kg.
  • He hates to be cold.
  • He drinks a lot of milk, but he never gets any taller.
  • His pastimes and talents are writing out sutras, touch typing, drinking hot milk every day, long baths.
  • He spend his days off: In winter, copying out sutras or surfing the internet while sitting at the kotatsu.
  • His average bath time 1.5 hours.
  • His favorite words are: "Cats curl up under the kotatsu".
  • He enjoys listening to sutra recitations and sermons.
  • Konekomaru is the eldest son in his family.
  • He is ranked third on Rin Okumura's "cool guys according to me" list, right under Ryuji Suguro, and just above Rin himself.
  • According to Renzo in the OVA, Konekomaru is a cat lover who plays with every cat he meets, and carries a cat-toy with him everywhere he goes for that purpose.

Renzo Shima.
Renzo Shima.

Renzo Shima

Renzo is a very carefree Exwire and childhood friend to Ryuji Suguro and Konekomaru Miwa. He is a double agent for the Illuminati and the True Cross Order.

  • His birthday is on July 4th.
  • He is 176 cm tall and weights 63 kg. His blood type is O.
  • Renzo enjoys all types of western cuisine.
  • Renzo has natural black hair, which he dyed pink.
  • His favorite manga genres are comedy, love and daily life stories that have a lot of girls.
  • His favorite types of music include Rock, pop, R&B, hip hop, western music, traditional japanese music and anything that is popular at the moment.
  • When asked what type of girl he prefers, he answered that there were too many qualities to count.
  • In his free time he enjoys going on dates with girls.
  • The thing Renzo wishes for the most right now is a cute girlfriend.
  • What he buys most often in convenience stores are porn magazines.
  • When he is unable to sleep at night, he usually watches late night programs as well as looking for idols that catch his interest.
  • Renzo typically carries around a K'rik, which two of his brothers also have.
  • Renzo has a scar near his left eyebrow.
  • He has a fear of many things, mainly bugs.
  • He refers to everyone, even his teachers, casually, and even teases them.
  • He is the 5th and youngest son of his family.
  • Renzo refers to himself as "The Epitome of Cool".

Renzo Shima and his brothers Kinzo Shima and Juzo Shima.
Renzo Shima and his brothers Kinzo Shima and Juzo Shima.
Nemu Takara.
Nemu Takara.

Nemu Takara

Nemu is a third-party moderator hired by Mephisto Pheles to supervise the True Cross Academy cram school. Nemu is a mysterious individual that keeps to himself. When he needs to communicate, Nemu typically uses a sock puppet to talk in a high-pitched voice.

  • His name contains the kanji for "treasure" and the hiragana for "sleepy".
  • He is 163 cm tall.
  • Nemu uses ventriloquism to communicate through his puppet.
  • The doll on Nemu's arm seems to have some level of sentience and control over Nemu's body. When Nemu was almost killed by Renzo Shima, his closed eyes opened up, which startled the doll enough to tell the main body to calm down and go back to sleep.
  • Mephisto Pheles claims that despite his youth, Nemu has the skills of an Upper First Class Exorcist and is above the level of most Exorcists.
  • Nemu refers to himself as a "Puppet Master".

Nemu Takara's tongue twister

Shiro Fujimoto.
Shiro Fujimoto.

Shiro Fujimoto

Shiro was a priest as well as an Exorcist of the True Cross Order. He was the adoptive father of Rin and Yukio Okumura, but unfortunately her was killed due to being possessed by Satan.

  • His pastimes and talents are: collecting dirty books, taking care of his glasses, and falling asleep anywhere and anytime.
  • His birthday is on May 10th.
  • He is 177 cm tall and has 62 kg. His blood type is AB.
  • Shiro's name means "young lion" or "lion man" in kanji. The first half of his name, "Shi" means "lion". And the second half, "" means "youthful, young" or "man, servant".
  • According to the kanji used for his surname, Fujimoto means "origin of wisteria". The first half of his surname, "Fuji" means "wisteria". The second half "Moto" means "origin/main/this".
  • His average hours of sleep per night is 6 hours.
  • He likes hot girls with large breasts.
  • His favorite manga genres are: romance, emotional drama and social drama.
  • His favorite food is Oden, especially the Japanese Radish (Daikon).
  • Shiro has a cross-like scar on his forehead that he did not have when he was much younger, presumably fifteen years before the start of the main story.
  • Shiro used to be a chain smoker, but he decided to quit for the boys' sake.

Shura Kirigakure.
Shura Kirigakure.

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Shura Kirigakure

Shura is Rin Okumura's mentor. She trained under the guidance of Shiro Fujimoto to obtain the title Meister as a Knight. She officially works as an Inspector for the Vatican, but has infiltrated True Cross Academy, first as a student under the name Yamada, and later as a teacher for the Exwires.

  • Though being an Exorcist affiliated with the Vatican, she states the she never once prayed to God.
  • Her birthday is on August 8th.
  • Her blood type is O.
  • Her pastimes and talents are foot massages, hot stone spas, and bothering animals.
  • She gets 8 hours of sleep a night on average.
  • Her favorite genre of manga is romance.
  • Her favorite type of guy is a strong and collected one.
  • Shura is a descendant of the female ninja clan, Kirigakure.
  • Her breasts are much bigger in the manga - her cup size is an F.
  • Her eyes are green in the manga, but in the anime they are pink.
  • Rin considers Shura's breasts larger than Shiemi's.
  • The yellow ends on her hair resemble flames.
  • Shura uses slang such as yer instead of your, you're, or you.
  • When disguised as Yamada, she appeared to be a game freak.
  • Shura is hiding her true age by stating to everyone that she is 18, when Yukio has alluded to the fact that she is 26.

Arthur Auguste Angel and Shura Kirigakure.
Arthur Auguste Angel and Shura Kirigakure.

Arthur Auguste Angel

Arthur is the newly appointed Paladin of the True Cross Order. He keeps to the rules and regulations set by the Grigori, regardless of the situation. He is also able to keep his composure, though he is also extremely dense at times.

  • His birthday is on December 1st.
  • He is 185 cm tall and has 79 kg. His blood type is B.
  • His pastimes and talents are wine, food, listening to orchestral music, opera, and musicals.
  • His average hours of sleep per night is 6.
  • His favorite food is French.
  • His favorite type of girl is a dignified and virtuous lady.
  • To use techniques of a certain caliber, Caliburn, Arthur's Demon Sword, requires a tribute, such as a lock of Arthur's hair.

Igor Neuhaus.
Igor Neuhaus.

Igor Neuhaus

Igor Neuhaus is an Upper First Class Exorcist as well as lecturer at the True Cross Academy. He is also a survivor of the Blue Night.

  • His birthday is on November 13th.
  • Igor is 182 cm tall and has 70 kg. His blood type is AB.
  • He has ten spare eye-patches with the same design.
  • His pastimes and talents are doing jigsaw puzzles and playing solitaire.
  • On average, he gets three hours of sleep a night.
  • His favorite foods are beer and sauerkraut.
  • His favorite type of girl is "My wife".
  • Igor lost his left eye to Satan's blue flames.

Mephisto Pheles.
Mephisto Pheles.
Mephisto Pheles in his dog form.
Mephisto Pheles in his dog form.

Mephisto Pheles

Mephisto Pheles, whose real name is Samael, is an Exorcist and the second strongest of the Eight Demon Kings. He holds the title The King of Time. He uses the name Johann Faust V in public and is the Principal of True Cross Academy.

  • Both his name and alias, Faust, are taken from German literature called Goethe's Faust in which the main character, Faust, wagers his soul with Satan who introduces himself as Mephistopheles. Furthermore, Mephistopheles in Goethe's Faust is able to transform into a small dog too.
  • Mephisto shares his birthday with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - August 28th.
  • Mephistopheles in Goethe's Faust is the manifestation of contraction. In Ao no Exorcist, this is featured by him praising the value of high quality food in the school cafeteria, while he is cooking instant noodles, him wearing a unique white attire, while the students wear black uniforms and of course, him being a demon leading the True Cross Academy.
  • His real name, Samael, is from an archangel in Talmudic lore who fell from heaven, and is also called an angel of death.
  • In Judaism lore, Samael is the guardian angel of the Biblical character Esau, brother of Jacob. In some theories, the angel that Jacob wrestles (from whom he earns the name Isreal) is named Samael.
  • Mephisto is 195 cm tall and has 74 kg.
  • His average hours of sleep is 1 hour.
  • He is pretty good at party games, claw crane games and chess.
  • His pastimes and talents are: watching movies, reading manga, watching anime, playing video games, listening to music, toys, and subcultures.
  • All manga genres are his favorites.
  • His favorite food is junk food (mostly candy).
  • He likes to make gambles with whoever possible, including Fujimoto, Rin, and the True Cross Order.
  • His favorite type of women are those who are temptresses, "devilish", or elegant/beautiful. In the Weekend Hero novel, he mentions also fancying "pretty girls with a sad past", as well as charismatic women.
  • He has a frequent tendency of breaking the fourth wall by directly speaking to the reader.
  • His appearance prompts Rin to refer to him as "The Clown".
  • Before transforming into a dog, Mephisto counts down from three in German.

Mephisto Pheles and Amaimon.
Mephisto Pheles and Amaimon.


Amaimon is the seventh strongest of the Eight Demon Kings. He holds the title King of Earth. Amaimon appears to be calm and collected, but holds his power in a very high regard, very brash and, overall, quite carefree. However, he shows great anger and annoyance when someone ruins his fun.

  • His birthday is on March 10th.
  • He is 172 cm tall and has 58 kg.
  • In Demonology, Amaimon is the only one who can control Asmodeous, the Demon of Lust.
  • Amaimon is also the Prince of Hell in Demonology.
  • His eyes are gold in the manga, but blue in the anime.

Kuro in his big form with Shiro Fujimoto.
Kuro in his big form with Shiro Fujimoto.


Kuro is a Cat Sídhe and Rin Okumura's familiar. He was once the familiar of Shiro Fujimoto until his death. He is a black cat with two tails, which is considered to be sacred in ancient Japan. he is very playful and energetic. However, he does have a fierce side.

  • Kuro means "black", which is the reason why he is referred to in the English Sub as "Blacky" or "Blackie".
  • Kuro is 121 years old.
  • From chapters 8 to 13, Kuro was first seen with his left fang curved up over his mouth in both his smaller and nekomata forms. However, in the anime and in chapters 17 and 28, his fang was shown not to be curved at all in either of his forms.
  • It is shown in an anime-exclusive filler episode that if Kuro, like all cats, eats raw squid, he gets sick and cannot stand for a certain period of time.
  • He generally sleeps on Rin's back.

Shiemi Moriyama's familiar Nee.
Shiemi Moriyama's familiar Nee.


Nee is a Greenman and Shiemi Moriyama's Familiar. Nee is very cheerful, playful and smiles quite a lot. He is also very protective of Shiemi, often creating barriers to protect her from harm.

  • Nee's hobbies are sunbathing and bathing.
  • Nee's average sleeping time is 12 hours.
  • Nee's average bath time is 5 minutes.
  • Nee's favourite food is the Sun (photosynthesis).
  • Nee's favourite words is "Sunny Spot".
  • Nee's favourite type of person is "someone whose leaf color is dark".
  • Nee's favourite pastime is gardening together with Shiemi.

Special thanks

I also want to emphasize that this article was written as a way to thank our loyal Tumblr follower silvyavan for the support he/she has given us for quite some time now. We asked him/her on which anime should we focus next to find as many anime facts as possible and his/her wish was to do a research on Ao no Exorcist. I hope we have met your expectations and that you will continue to follow our blog.

Ao no Exorcist manga.
Ao no Exorcist manga.

About the Ao no Exorcist series

Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) is a Japanese supernatural action manga series written and illustrated by Kazue Katō. The manga has been serialized in Jump SQ magazine by Shueisha since April 2009, with individual chapters collected into sixteen tankōbon volumes as of January 4th 2016.

The series was adapted into an anime television series by A-1 Pictures during 2011 and adapted into an anime film (Ao no Exorcist Gekijouban) in December 2012. Also, the second season, titled Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc, is scheduled for release in January 2017.

I hope that you liked our article. If there are some other characters or facts you would like us to add on this list, leave a comment down bellow.


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