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Fourteen One Punch Man Facts About Lord Boros

Updated on April 19, 2018
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Damir. Serbia. 22. Studies microbiology. In his free time he enjoys searching for new facts about favorite anime, TV shows or movies.

Facts about Lord Boros
Facts about Lord Boros | Source


Lord Boros is a villain who appears in One Punch Man Season 1, Episode 10. He is a leader of Dark Matter Thieves, a group of alien invaders who managed to destroy City A. Just like Saitama, Boros faced the same problem of not having anyone to challenge him because he was just too strong. It was said in a prophecy that he would find a worthy oponnent on Earth, and that is why he traveled and came to Earth. Soon after that, he got challenged by Saitama and was ultimately defeated. Even though he was present in the series for just a few episodes, the fans quickly grew fond of him,

Here are ten facts about this character:

Boros' appearance in the webcomic by ONE.
Boros' appearance in the webcomic by ONE.


According to Niconico interview, ONE, the author of One Punch Man, decided to use the name Boros from a game he once played.

Boros is ranked 11th in the character popularity poll.

Saitama on the Moon being indifferent about the battle.
Saitama on the Moon being indifferent about the battle.


Apparently Boros' original design resembled more that of a human than an alien. In his original design, Boros wore a steel plated armor with some interesting skull-like ornaments. Later, when Yusuke Murata took over, Boros' design was changed to appear more "alienish". Instead of the armor with the skull, he wore a special golden armor with spikes on the shoulder and forearms, and matching curved boots. It also has a red orb on its chest.

In addition to that, in the webcomic, Boros didn't have any stripes on his face and he also doesn't wear any earrings.

Boros' original design and the official one.
Boros' original design and the official one.

Which design looks better on him?

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In one of the previous works ONE created a character called Taiyo Man (Sun Man). Boros is an allusion to this character. In this story, the plot could not progress because the final boss was so strong that it took ONE 20 years to come up with an enemy strong enough to challenge him.

ONE came up with this as a joke since 20 years ago he was a kid and he was drawing manga just for fun. So, to explain himself why he never finished that manga, he connected Boros to that character.

Here is ONE's comment concerning this theme:

"When I was in my teens, I drew "Sun Man" (Taiyou Man) on blank sheet of copy paper and upload it on a small home page; I made the last boss too strong and couldn't defeat it before I disbanded the home page."

Lord Boros and Sun Man (Taiyo Man).
Lord Boros and Sun Man (Taiyo Man). | Source


In one of the interviews, ONE was questioned who would win in a duel between Garou and Boros. Unfortunately, he only said that the fight between Boros in his perfect form and Garou would be "one hell of a fight" without giving us the name of the winner.

Garou is a former disciple of Bang, the first ranked S class hero. Due to a rampage he earned himself the name "Human Monster". He is the primary antagonist of the Human Monster Saga.

Here is ONE's answer after being asked that question:

"Garou vs Boros, who would win, you ask? Before (pre-monster Garou), it was quite obvious Boros was ways above him. But now that Garou has basically become the perfect monster, it is hard to tell who would win, it would've been one hell of a battle. I do believe that Garou is stronger in close combat, where he would simply dodge all punches and kicks."

Boros vs. Garou.
Boros vs. Garou. | Source


Whenever Boros changes his form, his hair transforms as well, which is a striking resemblance to Super Saiyan transformations. This transformations of Boros' hair could be a reference or a parody to the Dragon Ball series and we know that One Punch Man has a lot of other references, not only to Dragon Ball, but to other series as well.

  • In his normal form, Boros has short hair similar to regular Super Saiyan hair.
  • In his second form, his hair grows longer just like in Super Saiyan 2.
  • And in this third and final form, his hair resembles the hair in Super Saiyan 3.

Boros in his final form.
Boros in his final form.

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It is noteworthy that Boros was the only character who survived getting punched by Saitama (though he died in the end). In fact, Boros got hit with 3 clear hits, 1 chain punch and 1 serious punch. We will not count the Tank Top siblings and Sonic, because Saitama didn't intend to kill them when he punched them, which can not be said for Boros.

Moreover, it didn't take a lot for Boros to realise that Saitama "didn't bare his fangs at all", meaning that, even with his Serious Punch, Saitama didn't show his true abilities.

Boros survived after he was hit by Saitama's Serious Punch.
Boros survived after he was hit by Saitama's Serious Punch.


Some scenes from the first version of the fight between Boros and Saitama were added to the final battle in One Punch Man Season 1, which were not shown in the manga. For example, Boros hitting Saitama downwards to the ship. The difference is in Boros kicking Saitama in the head thus sending him down in the first version.

The first version of the fight was later published as a special chapter.

Saitama vs Boros fight


Boros is the second character to have two variation points in the manga. The first variation is his appearance in the manga and the second is his battle with Saitama. The first time was a whirlwind of punches where the gravity core was ending in the same way as they ascend to outside and on top of the spaceship, after shooting him with a laser, Boros kicks Saitama into the ship while he is in the air, then pummeling Saitama into and through a giant piece of the ship while using Meteroic Burst, then grabs said piece and throws it at Saitama.

The variation is instead showing Saitama and Boros exchange blows across the room destroying the ground, Boros' energy blast is more detailed and destructive, he appears behind Saitama and makes a direct hit to the back of his head, and while in Meteoric Burst throws one punch at Saitama sending him flying across the ship while obliterating much of the ship below, Boros then kicked Saitama with enough power to send him to the moon.


The phrase used to explain Boros' Meteoric Burst, which he used to send Saitama to the moon, is similar to the one Goku used when he transformed into Super Saiyan 3 during his battle against Majin Buu. This is yet another reference to the Dragon Ball series. In One Punch Man, Boros said: "The energy shunted from my body transforms into a propelling force, elevating speed and power to a level beyond the limitations of living flesh.".

The Super Saiyan 3 form has been explained in a similar manner, where the speed and power beyond the limit of the original Super Saiyan. Also, Super Saiyan 3 increases the utilization of ki, and as a result, the transformation consumes far more energy than even Super Saiyan 2. This notably leads to extended levels of fatigue. But, if the user has died and is not encumbered by a living body, this strain is reduced, and additional energy depletion is minimized.

Boros' Meteoric Burst.
Boros' Meteoric Burst.


According to One Punch Man: Hero Perfection Q&A, one of the scenes where Yusuke Murata put his passion the most in is the fight between Boros and Saitama. He had to redraw it many times until he was finally satisfied.

Muarata said that, while drawing the big showdown with Boros, he felt it was the heavyweight championship of the universe and tried to make it as flashy as possible. However, midway through, when Boros starts losing ground to Saitama, there were places where he appeared clownish. After ONE pointed out that the reason Boros is popular is because he always retains his dignity, even against Saitama, Murata redrew it again. "When it comes to the storyline, characters, and dialogue, all of that flows from ONE-sensei’s head, so I constantly check in with him." - said Murata.

Boros in One Punch Man Episode 12.
Boros in One Punch Man Episode 12.


Also, in One Punch Man: Hero Perfection Q&A, ONE confirmed that the disaster level of Boros, even though it was rated as Dragon level, was above the Dragon level.

Due to the fact that Boros was defeated by Saitama and none of the other heroes witnessed it greatly influenced that. They were all under the impression that it was Tsubaki's ship crashing that finished the aliens off (except Genos who knew that it was Saitama's doing). They never even knew that Boros was their boss, since he was defeated before they could meet him. If this had happened in a different way and they fought Boros, maybe this attack would have been labeled as a higher level - God level.

Dragon level threat.
Dragon level threat.
God level threat.
God level threat.


According to Boros, as an adaptation to living on a planet that have harsh climates, his species has developed the greatest regenerative ability in the entire universe. Boros also appears to be able to sense peoples' energy levels, which manifests itself as an aura around the said person. Boros was one of the few characters who could sense Saitama's immense power, the other one being Carnage Kabuto.

Boros loses his arm.
Boros loses his arm.


There were quite a few differences between the manga and the anime concerning Boros. Some of them are:

  • Boros never sees the fight between Saitama and Geyunganshoop.
  • It is shown how Boros lost his right arm against Saitama as they have some brief physical warfare before going out of the ship.
  • While charging up Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, Boros' heartbeat was audible in a similar fashion to Saitama's heartbeat in his dream fight on episode 1.
  • While Boros is blown apart, his eyes are shown sparking a blue "fire" before healing himself. Also in a similar fashion to Saitama's eyes before he started to train and during in his dream fight, as well as Dr.Genus before he started his research on artificial evolution.


While in his Meteoric Burst form, Boros can launch a massive beam of energy from his mouth which is much larger than his average Energy Beam called the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon. The color of this attack is different compared to his averae Energy Beam. Instead of being only blue, it has golden tones to it. Besides wiping out the surface of the Earth, Boros stated that his Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon was able to destroy the entire planet.

Boros' attack - Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon.
Boros' attack - Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon.

About One Punch Man series.

One Punch Man started as a webcomic in 2009. by an author who uses a pseudonym ONE. In July of 2009. this manga was getting around 20,000 hits per day. Soon after that Yusuke Murata along with its creator ONE started doing a remake of these series.

Anime adaptation of One Punch Man was aired on Oct. 5th and finished airing Dec. 21st. Currently, it has only one season.

Story revolves around a guy called Saitama. Everything about him is average. He is not happy with his life. But one day he stumbles upon a child who's being hunted by a monster called Crablante. Saitama manages to save that child and decides to become a HERO!

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