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81 Facts about Orange (Takano Ichigo)

Updated on April 11, 2018
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'Fact Fact no Mi' is a three-person team. We like to write articles about our interest that include manga, anime and k-pop in our free time.

The main characters of Orange - Suwa, Azusa, Takako, Kakeru, Naho and Hagita (from left to right).
The main characters of Orange - Suwa, Azusa, Takako, Kakeru, Naho and Hagita (from left to right).


Orange is an anime adapted from the popular shoujo manga written by Takano Ichigo. The story revolves around six characters who are very close friends.

One morning, Takamiya Naho, the main heroin, receives a letter, but that is no ordinary letter. Apparently, the one who sent it was Naho from 10 years in the future! Taking it as a joke, Naho ignores the letter and goes to school. There, she finds out that a new transfer student would come and his name is Naruse Kakeru, just like the letter predicted.

After that, Naho read the whole letter and found out something shocking - she and her friends would befriend Kakeru, but due to some events, Kakeru is no longer alive in the future. She is to stop his death and to save him from despair. But, what will happen when Naho falls in love with Kakeru and after she finds out that his death was no accident?

Characters from Orange.
Characters from Orange.

"If you ever cry alone again... or even if the day comes when you find just living to be painful, then I promise, I'll save you, again and again"

— Takamiya Naho

We will talk about

Orange series
Murasaka Azusa
Takamiya Naho
Chino Takako
Naruse Kakeru
Saku Hagita
Hiroto Suwa
Rio Ueda

Here are some facts about the series and its characters:

  • An anime theatrical film, titled Orange: Future was announced at the end of the anime's final episode. The film will retell the series'main story from Suwa's viewpoint, and will also feature an original story written by Takano which is set after the anime and manga series. It is scheduled for 2-week premiere in Japanese theaters starting on November 18, 2016.
  • In the alternative future, they made a promise to Kakeru to go and watch the cherry blossoms on Mount Kobo. They were going to watch the sunset, with the orange-tinted sky. That is why the manga/anime is called "Orange".
  • During the 21st Athletic Festival, class 6 was the read team. They lost the tug of war game, won the bo-taoshi game (pole-toppling) and they won 1st place in the relay run. Thus, they were the winners of the 21st Athletic Festival.
  • Naho, Azusa and Takako eat taiyaki right after the first frogs are shown carrying them, so it's possible the frogs relate to the characters. Another frog appears alone in a pond right before the scene changes to Kakeru on his date with Ueda-senpai. This makes that interpretation even more likely, since he's the only one missing from the group.

Naho, Suwa, Azusa, Takako, and Hagita watching the sunset from Mount Kobo.
Naho, Suwa, Azusa, Takako, and Hagita watching the sunset from Mount Kobo.
Frogs carrying taiyaki in Orange.
Frogs carrying taiyaki in Orange.

Takamiya Naho

Naho Takamiya is the main female protagonist in Orange. When she receives a mysterious letter from the future involving Kakeru Naruse, she and her friends try their hardest to fulfill the demands of the letter. Naho is a very caring person. She has been described as mom-like. She is modest and selfless. She seems happiest when others are happy.

  • Naho was born on September 12th 1996.
  • One of Naho's hobbies is cleaning. She always helps her mother after school. She also seems to like cooking, since all her bentos are homemade.
  • Naho knows how to sew. She always carries a mini sewing kit with her.
  • Naho wants to work at a day care canter.

Naho reading the letter from the future.
Naho reading the letter from the future.
  • Naho tends to scream when she is nervous or embarrassed.
  • Naho from the alternative future never knew that Kakeru was in love with her. She found out only 10 years after Kakeru died and she never got any presents from him personally. She only received a bouquet of flowers from Kakeru which Suwa gave her.
  • Naho likes eating curry bread from Azusa's bakery.
  • The first person Naho told that she got a letter form the future was Suwa.
  • Naho's letter has more than 10 pages while the others' letters have around 5 pages.
  • The names of Naho's parents have never been mentioned in the series.
  • Naho, Azusa and Takako all have the same floral print shorts which they even wore on the first day of the cultural festival.

Naho 10 years in the future with her child.
Naho 10 years in the future with her child.
Naho receiving flowers from Suwa.
Naho receiving flowers from Suwa.

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Naruse Kakeru

Naruse Kakeru is the main male protagonist of Orange. The series centers around him, his fate, and the efforts of his friends to fulfill the wishes of a letter from the future. Though he puts up a happy front, he is depressed about his mother's death and blames himself.

  • Kakeru's birthday is on September 14th.
  • Kakeru is the fastest runner in the class.
  • Kakeru likes making fun of Hagita.
  • For his 17th birthday, Kakeru got soccer tickets for the Matsumoto Yamaga game from Azusa and Takako, 5 volume set of the manga "Sorry Gary" from Hagita, a sport bag from Naho, and a bouquet of flowers from Suwa.
  • Kakeru plays soccer since elementary school.
  • In the alternative universe, they never celebrated Kakeru's 18th birthday. Kakeru never told them when his birthday was, so they made a promise to celebrate it next year. But, due to Kakeru committing suicide, they never kept the promise.
  • Kakeru likes eating Nozawana (Japanese leaf vegetable).
  • Kakeru likes playing video games.

Kakeru when he transferred.
Kakeru when he transferred.
Kakeru and Naho exchanging headbands.
Kakeru and Naho exchanging headbands.
  • Kakeru's parents divorced when he was in kindergarten.
  • Kakeru confessed to Naho on his 17th birthday.
  • After the Athletic Festival, Kakeru and Naho switched their headbands. Later, Kakeru asked Naho if he could keep hers and she said he could.
  • Kakeru's family had a dog when he was little.
  • Before he died, Kakeru tried to commit suicide once by trying to hang himself, but he survived.
  • In the soccer club at his old school, Kakeru was bullied by his seniors.
  • In the alternative future, Kakeru died on February 15th after 8 o'clock.
  • In the alternative future, on the day of his death, Kakeru rode his bike into the path of an oncoming truck. But, in the changed world, Kakeru didn't ride his bike because Hagita destroyed the gears.

Kakeru confessing his love to Naho.
Kakeru confessing his love to Naho.
Kakeru before he died.
Kakeru before he died.

"People often say, "A lot of people would be sad if you died!". But you don't know that for sure unless you die. "Even if the going is tough now, hang in there and it'll get better." Easy for you to say. Hanging in there... living... is the toughest thing there is!"

— Naruse Kakeru

Naho and Suwa consoling Kakeru.

Hiroto Suwa

Hiroto Suwa is one of the main characters in the story and classmate of Naho's. Suwa has an extroverted, happy, easy-going, personality. He is also a kind person who acts selflessly for others. Suwa has romantic feelings for Naho.

  • Suwa's birthday is on November 27th.
  • Suwa and Azusa seem to be bad at chemistry. In one of the episodes it was shown that they got scores in the 20s on the chemistry test.
  • Suwa wants to become a famous soccer player.
  • Suwa is very popular. He was even confessed to by the 3 managers of the soccer club at the same time.
  • The first person Suwa told that he got a letter form the future was Naho.
  • Suwa's letter from the future is the only letter that contains photos of their future selves.
  • In the alternative future, Suwa confessed to Naho on New Year's Eve.
  • In the alternative future, Suwa quit the soccer club after Kakeru's death.
  • The name of Suwa and Naho's child has never been mentioned in the series. It is only known that the child is a boy.
  • Apparently, Suwa's mother knows that Suwa likes Naho.
  • Suwa and Naho's letters are in matching envelopes because they wrote the letters together (since they are married).

Hiroto Suwa.
Hiroto Suwa.
Suwa, Naho and their child.
Suwa, Naho and their child.
Suwa confessing his love to Naho.
Suwa confessing his love to Naho.

Murasaka Azusa

Azusa Murasaka is one of Naho's best friend who supports her throughout the series. She is often seen arguing with Hagita, but has a cheerful personality. She is shown to be cheerful, playful, bright, and kind to her friends. Though, she may be mischievous at times.

  • Azusa's birthday is on October 5th.
  • Azusa and Takako are the only characters who are mostly called by their nicknames, Azu and Taka, rather than their full names.
  • Azusa got her name from the song "No.2 Azusa" by the band Kariudo.
  • Azusa's nicknames in middle school were Kariudo, which means hunter, and Matagi (traditional winter hunters of the Tohoku region in northern Japan).
  • Azusa accepted many nicknames which she received when she was in middle school. This proves that she's open-minded to most things.
  • Azusa gave Hagita the nickname "Slanty Glasses" because his glasses are always crooked.
  • Azusa's parents own a bakery called "Panda Bakery".
  • Azusa sometimes teases Suwa in a friendly manner, and Suwa once joked that he "never heared Azusa thank him until now".

Murasaka Azusa.
Murasaka Azusa.
Azusa teasing Hagita.
Azusa teasing Hagita.
  • Azusa and Hagita have been told by their friends that they resemble an öld married couple".
  • Azusa claims that Hagita would be very handsome if he took off his glasses, but she also says that she likes him with glasses as well.
  • Azusa told Suwa and Hagita that the box of chocolates in her hand was for her father. Both man look disheartened, and Hagita jokingly tells her she would regret that day for the rest of her life. Later, when it shows the group watching Naho hug Kakeru from the school window, Hagita is holding Azusa's box of chocolates.
  • Azusa and Hagita are married to each other in the (alternative) future.
  • Azusa made a promise with Hagita to treat him to a free meal from her parents' bakery for every runner he passes during the relay run. When Suwa heard that, he suggested that Hagita starts going out with Azusa if he passes more than two people.
  • The first person Azusa told that she got a letter form the future was Takako.
  • Azusa has a little sister.

Azusa receiving a birthday gift form Hagita - a folding umbrella.
Azusa receiving a birthday gift form Hagita - a folding umbrella.
Azusa's little sister.
Azusa's little sister.

"Don't lose! Remember the deal! We'll always be together! Even ten years from now... we'll be waiting for you!"

— everyone to Kakeru

Saku Hagita

Saku Hagita is one of the characters in the story and classmate of Naho's. He is mostly seen as a calm and quiet person. Though, he likes to make fun of himself.

  • Hagita's birthday is on February 29th.
  • Haita wants to become a doctor.
  • Hagita watches "Evening Get" a show about Nogano,
  • Hagita is lousy when it comes to sports. He sucks at playing soccer and he is the slowest runner in class, maybe even their whole year.
  • Hagita likes reading manga.
  • Hagita has an older brother.
  • At the cultural festival before Kakeru transferred, Hagita did a live performance with Maruyama. They did karaoke and Hagita even held a guitar, though he didn't play it. Their duo was called "Kobosu" (citrus fruit).
  • Hagita can be really dense sometimes and can't read the mood. For instance, he revealed that Suwa likes Naho in front of her.
  • In the Miss Azalea contest, Hagita was crowned Mr. Last Place. He got only one vote from Azusa which broke his perfect-zero-votes goal.
  • Hagita's mother doesn't prepare bentos for Hagita. Instead, she just leaves money for him.
  • The first person Hagita told that he got a letter form the future was Azusa.
  • Hagita's present for Azusa's 17th birthday was a folding umbrella. Even though she complained, Azusa told him it's cute.
  • Everyone in Hagita's family wears glasses.
  • After the Athletic Festival, Suwa gave Hagita a picture of Azusa in the cheerleading outfit just like he promised during the festival.
  • In the alternative future, Hagita fell in the pool at the cultural festival, so he borrowed Azusa's clothes to change.
  • Hagita gave his old glasses, which he wore in middle school, to Kakeru.

Hagita reading a manga.
Hagita reading a manga.
Hagita getting last place in the Azalea Contest.
Hagita getting last place in the Azalea Contest.
Hagita's parents.
Hagita's parents.

Chino Takako

Takako Chino is one of the characters in the story and a classmate,and best friend, of Naho's. She is seen as very dependable, but very scary at times. She is very protective of Naho.

  • Takako's birthday is on June 18th.
  • Takako wants to become a famous super model.
  • Takako is shown to be really scary sometimes. She also has urges to hit Rio Ueda for always bullying Naho.
  • The first person Takako told that she got a letter form the future was Azusa.
  • Takako found out about Suwa's confession to Naho from Hagita. According to her, Hagita was the source of all leaked secrets.

Chino Takako.
Chino Takako.

Rio Ueda

Rio Ueda is one of the characters in Orange. She is an upperclassmen and the most popular girl in school. She is in love with Kakeru.

  • In the Miss Azalea contest Rio Ueda won first place.
  • Rio Ueda used to like in Tokyo.
  • Rio Ueda has a "Madonna presence".

Rio Ueda.
Rio Ueda.

About the Orange series

Orange is a slice of life romance shoujo/seinen manga series written and illustrated by Ichigo Takano. It was first serialized in 2012 in "Bessatsu Margaret" manga magazine. It has been compiled into 5 volumes as of May 2016.

A live action film adaptation of the same name was released on December 12th 2015. Also, an anime television adaptation started to air in July 2016 and finished in September 2016 with 13 episodes. A spin-off to the manga began serialization on March 25th 2016, in the "Monthly Action" magazine published by Futabasha. An anime theatrical film, titled Orange: Future, is scheduled to premiere in Japan on November 18th 2016.

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