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Eleven Facts about Yato from Noragami

Updated on April 11, 2018
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Damir. Serbia. 22. Studies microbiology. In his free time he enjoys searching for new facts about favorite anime, TV shows or movies.

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Yato is the main protagonist of Noragami series. Noragami is written by Adachitoka that began serialization in January of 2011 by Monthly Shōnen Magazine. Manga got adapted by Bones which started to air in January of 2014.

Yato is a God, who is not popular among people, and does not have his own shrine. He often calls himself a Stray God which is a direct connection to the title of the series, Noragami ( Nora=Stray, Gami=God).

As a God, Yato can possess a Shinki. Shinkis are referred as items that can be used by their masters and they are often called Regalias or Sacred Treasures. In reality, they are lost spirits found by Gods and in the past all of them were humans and had their own families.

Even though Yato always had only one Shinki per time this is not a tradition with other Gods like Bishamon who has a clan of Shinkis. Previous Shinkis, who were under Yato's control, are Hiiro, Tomone and Sakura. Tomone and Hiiro were released and Sakura died. There is a recurring gag where Tomone/Mayu and his current Shinki complained about how Yato has sweaty hands.

Yukine in his spirit form in Noragami Episode 2.
Yukine in his spirit form in Noragami Episode 2.
Eren Yeager (Yukine) and Levi Ackerman (Yato).
Eren Yeager (Yukine) and Levi Ackerman (Yato).

His current Shinki is called Yukine. Yato saw him for the first in Noragami Chapter 3 and Episode 2, in which Yato made Yukine a Shinki immediately.

Their voice actors know each other longer than you expected. Yato's voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya and Yukine's voice actor Yūki Kaji, both worked together as one of the main protagonists of the Shingeki no Kyojin series, also known as Attack on Titan. Just like Eren Yeager had to have a "master" in Shingeki no Kyojin to control his actions, similar thing happened to Yukine in Noragami story. Levi Ackerman at the end became Eren's captain just like Yato became a master to Yukine.

Yato the God.
Yato the God.

For quite some time fans were confused why Yato call himself Yatogami. The part "gami" is the one that confused fans because it did not have a meaning but kanji for "God" is "Kami" and it can be read as a "Gami" as well.

The other mystery that had to be revealed was did Yato had his own origins in Japanese folklore and mythology just like the most of the characters in Noragami. The answer can be found in Japanese folkore. In the Hitachi No Kuni Fudoki some kind of snake deities appear there and they are called Yato-no-Kami. To read the full description of them and their connections to Yato you can check this article.

Yato in the past. The Heian Era.
Yato in the past. The Heian Era.

So what do we know about Yato's past? First of all, Yato's real name is Yaboku (夜卜). His previous Shinki, Sakura, mistakenly read 卜 as the katakana ト "to" since they are very similar so instead Yaboku he is called Yato. Yaboku when translated means "Night Divination".

Yato is a God of Calamity and his exact age is unknown just like with the rest of the Gods shown in Noragami series. All we know by now that he should be at least 1000 years old because in one of the previous flashback chapters and episodes there are a few historical references to the Heian era.

Yato portrayed as a cast in Noragami Episode 5.
Yato portrayed as a cast in Noragami Episode 5.

And the last thing we are going to talk about is Yato's appearance and personality.

His outfit does not go with the title of a God but what can you expect for someone who is not worshiped nor does have a shrine. Yato's determination to become the popular God won the hearts of the fans and to add that up, he is often shown to be easily scammed just like in situations where he buys a lucky charm for a huge amount of money.

Sometimes his face and movements are similar to a cat (e.g. His pupils are slit) and they are making a direct connection to the name of the series - The Stray God. The cats are often referred as a stray animals.

Yato's character song is "Tsukiyo no Fune".

His English theme song is "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds.

You can see this God of Calamity crossdressing in Noragami Chapters 48 and 52.

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