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Faded Memories a must see movie to watch/ Anna Sophie Dutoit

Updated on October 1, 2011

First off I did not even know anything about this movie until I came across an article online from a magazine with the tittle reading Anna Sophie Dutoit 14 year old director, actress, and filmmaker I was curious of course to know more about what this article was about since it looked interesting and it caught my eye a lot so I finally decided to go and check it out. When I did read it it totally amazed me how a young girl of 14 can make a movie act it and at the same time direct it while starting her own production company.

So you might be asking yourself as you are reading this how did a young 16 year old go this far to make it BIG!?

She wrote and made a short film when she was 14 multi- talented in all aspects of film-making as well as acting. Anna was born in Santa Monica California but she was raised in Canada starting her passion for filmmaker at an early age making and producing movies that really matter to the audience aside from that she attended the New York Film Academy where her film was shot at the Universal Studios Hollywood there at the academy she also won competitions giving her money and that's how her dream took off . "Nothing is impossible" that is what Anna said at a film and screening award moreover Anna's main goal is to show other young teens that they can pursue their dreams and have a positive impact in their community and in the world as well. With the drive, passion and dedication to film-making Anna is sure to succeed more can't wait to see more movies from her in the future. Her film Faded Memories is truly a work of art to appreciate.

What is the movie Faded Memories about? well this movie is about a girl named Cassandra played by Anna Sophie Dutoit (herself) in the movie she is a struggled and alone teen who at the same time feels no one understands her then when she meets Lucas played by Brook Vincent Kelly nothing is the same again both stuck in a timeless love where they have to overcome all odds against them.

I recommend it it is a movie worth watching for the entire family it gives out a message saying that no matter who you are or how you are everyone deserves love and respect we all judge and hate just because some one has a disability or is from a different race but it is the outside that counts the most.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This looks like a movie i might like. Thank's for the info.