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Fair or Unfair: The Conviction of Teresa Guidice

Updated on October 6, 2014

The Guidice/Gorgas

Mama Mia!

I cannot believe humanity..SMH, Shame on all of you to come out and gloat. You are all just soooo jealous and can't wait for someone to fall so you cant push them down further.. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone....It sure isn't me, and I am sure as hell it isn't any of you. Self righteous phonies. Shame on all of you.

Hope you die in prison Enjoy your new home for 15 months.

Teresa, remember your love by lots of people out there and hang in there. I find this situation disgusting that you a mom with no criminal record, you did not murder anyone have to spend time in a jail away from 4 girls. Bravo is not going to be seen by me... i will be protesting just because your not going to be on. God Bless you and take care of your precious daughters and husband. I am putting myself in your shoes and it would devastate me to be away from my family because they need you there. This Justice system sucks.

All these disgusting people talking about her kids. Put yourself in the kids' shoes... do you think they don't know how to read.. or will eventually see this stuff? Would you want your kids going through this? What's done is done. Imagine being away from your kids and family. . Imagine. And saying they should deport him??? You are basically punishing the kids again. They all are already living in their own hell. Judgment has been decided. And all of you holy rollers, I wonder how many times you have done something illegal or lied and just haven't been caught. ..hmm?? You all are sick.

These are some of the reactions posted on social media in regards to the Giudice's verdict.
Some have even found ways of overlooking the pain of the children by saying, "Oh well, there are children worse off." As if that will dull the pain of the children any, that is just an attempt at ignoring their pain to take a stab at the parents.

I would like to start this by saying an ancient Italian saying, " Chi lar dura la vince", which means he that endures overcomes. Teresa, I firmly believe you can overcome this horrible thing. Some people's moral compass is so misguided and so far off kilter that down is literally up and vice versa. To wish death on a mother of four, when you know she is going to be going to jail and be away from her family is just plain horrible. As I viewed the social media site of Teresa Guidice's fan page, I saw so much love and hate displaced. I was overwhelmed by well wishers, but seriously dishearten by those who were seriously wishing her demise.

What person would celebrate at someone's downfall and quote scriptures as some misguided backup for their buffoonery? Trust me when I say there are many too many to count that wish this family harm. It is truly a sad moment for us all when we rejoice as someone else's woes.

In the Italian culture the father is the head, he is the provider for the family. We saw this play out for the Guidice family on Bravo, Joe provided for his family for the first couple of seasons. Also, in Italian culture the mother is the soul of the family. She takes care of the house, the children, and the family in general. Where does that leave the Giudice family?

So, if the head and soul have been severed where does that do to the children? Anyone who has watched them from Season 1 until this Season knows without question Teresa has an air of innocence to her, some would call it naivety or immaturity. We also watched her on Celebrity Apprentice, which she did quite well on. One can not deny, however, that some concepts are foreign to her. When they had to think on their toes and understand fairly simple concepts, they seem to escape her understanding.

I figured that they escaped her understanding, because she is the child of immigrants and her English has been the butt of many jokes each Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. They could say it was she had a language of her own alongside some of her other cast mates. I love my girl Teresa, but someone admittedly so, comprehension and linguistics is not her strong suit, but nobody's perfect.

It is astounding to me the comments they are receiving from some, because we watched the birth of her youngest Audrina. We saw her grow from adorable baby at the Christening to sweet little beauty, that comforts her Mommy with the sweetest shows of affection. It is sometimes the innocent and kind words of our children, which help us through some of the most difficult moments in our lives.

To see Gia develop into a beautiful older sister and knowing the role she will have to play with her Mom going away is truly devastating. Too see Gia clinging to her Mommy and Dad is hard to watch at times. To see Gabriella, once shy now come out of her shell and give that baby sister Milania a run for her money... And Milania, to see her go from a mini-Joe kick boxing butt kicker, to fiercely protective of her Mommy and Daddy. She adds much needed comic relief to what can be a very depressing situation.

As you can tell I do not think they should have given this family jail time. There is just so much more I can say, but I will reserve some of my comments until after the one on one interview with Andy. Before I go into greater depth with the charges and reactions, I want to hear what they have to say. However, until then feel free to post your feelings, angry, sadness, etc.!!! See ya soon!

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