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Your Fairy Godfather’s Guide to Christina Aguilera and Her Candyman

Updated on December 13, 2016

Your fairy godfather notices you there on the other side of the online divide, looking so bleak because of life’s tribulations. But darling, remember that it’s all a point of view. Even at the worst of times, your mortal goblet can still be half full of magical goodies. Case in point: the fabulous Christina Aguilera and her rendition of Candyman. Click it!

Wasn’t that a refreshing uplift! It certainly sets my joints a jumping. And her slightly naughty entertainment produces so many tales, only some of which I will relate to you today.

On tour.
On tour. | Source


First, the era in which the visual extravaganza is set: the 1940s. America warred just as it continues to do today. But there was no moral ambiguity about the beasts plaguing the innocents in kingdoms across both her ocean borders. No lack of work either because every able-bodied boy, and not a few girls, was engaged in battle. Though I hesitate to call any such volunteers a boy. In my libram, anybody who risks life for country is a man, no matter the gender.

But I digress. These warriors wielded the latest high technology though not quite so portable as your equipment, dear, and far deadlier. With the Grim Reaper waving his scythe at every opportunity, these boys grabbed life whenever they had a moment to spare.

Andrews Sisters

Filling many of those moments were Laverne, Maxene and Patty, the lead singer of the Andrews Sisters. Not only did they entertain the troops but they also encouraged the sale of war bonds, and brightened many shows and moving pictures. Have a gander at their hit Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from the 1941 Abbot and Costello film, Buck Privates.

You’re so clever to notice the visual and aural similarities between the World War II wonder and the Candyman. The multi-talented Princess Christina Aguilera and Linda Perry penned their effort based on the older tune. And of course the opening scene of the modern recreation features a similar collection of stalwart knights ogling some talented beauties. Except the lucky princess gets to play nearly all the objects of their affection through a little bit of fairy magic.


Our chanteuse Christina Aguilera recalls another popular historical icon, Rosie the Riveter, by donning the characteristic scarfed headgear and red blouse with the rolled up sleeves. When the boys went to war, the girls assumed their trades in the workhouses. Rosie optimized construction expertise and independent accomplishment. Oddly, the scene in question shows no sign of such toil as she and her fellow lovelies prance on the stools and counter of a period diner.

Betty Grable

Fair of complexion and long of leg, Betty Grable, graced many a pinup to soothe hot and bothered souls. Her allure also ascended from her abilities with dance, song and acting as she entertains in the 1942 Footlight Serenade. Her blonde locks, ruby lips and abbreviated outfits are interpreted in Candyman by Christina Aguilera, who is clad in a blue naval uniform that’s far scantier than modesty would have allowed in the past

Lacey and Benji Schwimmer
Lacey and Benji Schwimmer | Source

The Schwimmers

Appearing as Christina Aguilera's only dance partner in Candyman, Benji Schwimmer garnered the top prize on So You Think You Can Dance in 2006. His sister, Lacey, also appears briefly, wearing in a blue top and dark curls. Both boast successful careers as dancers, choreographers and performers.


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