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Faith: Support Systems

Updated on March 12, 2018


Every musician had to have faith to be successful. Same goes for every actor along with everyone successful at what they do. For example, Chris Gardner. Will Smith did an excellent Job playing him in 2006’s Pursuit of Happiness. The key word is pursuit. I love that movie. No matter what he went through he continued to believe. When he started the movie, he had an invention that did not go anywhere immediately but he had the faith that it will. His wife left him but had faith that he could care for his son even when they had no place to stay. Before hired as an intern at Dean Whitter he took a risk getting the opportunity. Despite him failing tests he still moved forward and succeeded doing it. No matter what we do it requires faith. Many athletes are not Christian but had to have faith before they reached the top of their profession. They even had to have faith within it. Many that had the faith to get there were converted to believe in the Kings faith to stay that way. The faith they had helped others. Movies like Undefeated (2011) 23 Blast (2013), & Carter High (2015).


A high school football team in Memphis Tennessee called the Manasses Tigers attempts a winning season after losing year after year. Manasses are one of the worst programs in the state and they are in a rough town in Memphis. Coach Bill Courtney is hired to turn this around. He first stars with an inspiring speech to the players. Laying down the rules that will guarantee success. The team immediately started working and did not stop doing it. They bought into the system because they just wanted to win. Despite the neighborhood being rough they had some of the best athletes in it. The players know they will be noticed both on the field and academically. The kids realize they must think beyond their circumstances. They realize they have it is no excuses on finishing. A rough neighborhood does not mean anything. The program uses what they have. Thing about the athletic program is that the school was rebuilt but lack of funding was a problem. The program was not as new as the building. They played pay games to fund the program. Playing games in big schools, losing to bigger teams but getting money for the program. They eventually found better ways to boost the program financially. These kids had dreams of making it out of the where they lived currently and coach Bill helped them to get it. Coach Bill did what he felt he needed and repented every day for it. That means cursing, screaming or every little thing to keep them motivated going into the season. Once the team started they could not really stop. They lost their first game but coach Bill ensured they stay strong and they did. The team suffered much adversity but the defeat came in them never succumbing to it, that explains the title of the movie. They never gave up even when things did not look good. Coach Bill did not use the best language be made sure his message stood tall with the team.

Carter High

In Dallas, TX there is one of the most popular high schools in the city. Parties, girls and some of the best athletes around. They had great athletes but so did others. Coach James and Coach Vonner were coaches on the team and found that their kids had academically declined. They also found their kids are not making the right choices in life and it may be affecting the team. Talented but academically disabled. James is played by Charles S Dutton and Conner is played by Pooch Hall. They battle through racial tensions on the team along with criminal activity. Coach Vonnor oversees the defense. The defense is playing poor and he lets them know. Meanwhile, Coach James thinks he is losing his team because they are starting to commit crimes. His wife played by Vivica Foxx reminds him of the job he is doing. While the team gets benefits around the city they find the Carter Cowboys are disqualified from the playoffs. That is when the coaches realize that it is racial. Coach James struggles having faith that it will pass but again his wife assures him that it will be ok. He must have faith in the investigation. He motivates his team what a true champion is. It all starts in the heart. They don’t need to practice being champions if they say focused. Along with the team they also encourage the community to trust the process. They still suffer adversity but remain focused during it. Those that remain focused does not speak for those losing faith. They head to state winning their finial games. Coach James is fired up and so is the team. They are more inspired moving forward. Coach James faith rubs off on the team. Despite all they suffered they reached their goal.

23 Blast

Travis Freeman played by Mark Haka. Travis was a local football star since childhood. Living in the small-town pf Corbin, Kentucky he was supported by his parents, girlfriend and best friend in high school. He is a high school standout until he is stricken with severe headaches. At the same time, he suffers from a Bacterial Meningitis infection. Travis was rushed to the hospital. He was rushed into emergency surgery to save his life. The surgery was a success. His life was saved but he ran into a problem. He was blind. His condition made him very depressed but he still adjusted live his life without site. He was forced to leave the sport that he grew up loving. He left football for good. His girlfriend left him and he must attend school for the blind. His support system is either leaving him or he is leaving them. He was away from home adjusting to his new life but his support system followed him, Only the former girlfriend was missing. They showed him support and helped him adapt to his new disability. He went back to his former high school. Each day after school he joined his former football team. He plays center. Helping the team’s losing season turn around. They made it to the state playoffs.

Woodlawn (2015)


Football is an aggressive sport and takes a lot out of those playing it. The coaches and the players all suffer because of it that’s the reasons that it is important having a team. Some struggle with their faith playing this sport and need to lean on someone else to be lifted. In Undefeated Coach Bill was that person the players needed. The players were talented but needed that extra push and he gave it. In Carter High the person that stood out to me more was Vivica Foxx who played the coaches wife. She encouraged him when he was discouraged. Him being encouraged, encouraged his team. In 23 blast what stood out was the support system. Despite one leaving the others remained and followed him. Their faith encouraged him to do what he loved doing. He played football again. When it comes to having faith sometimes you get discouraged. It is good to have a support system that has just the same amount of faith that you have. When you get discouraged they can build you up.

Facing the Giants (2006)

Faith is needed in all sports.

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