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Content Writing: Faith In Hollywood

Updated on October 31, 2019
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Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.


Faith in football movies has been popular since they started making movies. In the 90’s there were big movies that portrayed that message like The Program (1993), Rudy (1993), Little Giants (1994) Jerry Maguire (1996), and Adam Sandler’s The Waterbody in 1998. In Little giants it was the little league cowboy’s vs the little league giants and the coaches on each team were brothers played by Rick Moraines (Giants) and Ed O’Neal (Cowboys). Moranis played Danny O’Shea and O’Neal played Kevin. Just simple childhood movie. It was one of my favorites. The NFL’s best at that time even were in the film inspiring the giants. Danny ends up earning his brothers respect in the end. In the waterbody Sandler played Bobby Bouche. Bobby was bullied in school and laughed at. He was the football team’s waterbody but became their main attraction. Since then the movies never stopped. A few of the biggest that came out in this new millennium are Remember the Titans (2000), The Longest Yard (2005), Gridiron Gang (2006).

Remember The Titans

This film starred Denzel Washington as Coach Herman Boone. During segregated times he was called in to turn the team at T.C Williams around but he did not just have faith in that area. He first rejected it but saw what it meant to the black community and took it. He had faith that he can do more. He came in with intentions to integrate the team at T.V Williams high school. Boone was a black head coach. He was hired for the job by Bill Yoast who is played Will Patton. Yoast was not only a coach but a former standout at a school. Boone hired him as his assistant. Upon his arrival the black students have a meeting discussing it before being rudely interrupted by the white students. They learn to get along at training. Boones job starts out on a high note. Gerry who is played by Ryan Hurst even has a teammate removed for his racial antics. Boone came there and knew he had will have the victory on many sides. Like Coach Carter, he had faith to mend the hearts on both sides. They were all friends later and they won the state championship.

The Longest Yard

This movie was very tricky but another obvious one. It is actually a remake of a movie that was released in 1974. Burt Reynolds was the quarterback then and he came back for the remake. The film starred Adam Sandler as Paul Crew and a host of comedians, rappers and athletes. One of the athletes is super bowl champion half of famer Michael Irvin. Paul Crewe was in an altercation that got him arrested and put in jail. While in jail he was recognized and told to put together a football team. He went recruiting a team. He got a few to join but his past haunted him when he went to Deacon who was played by Michael Irvin. Deacon reminded him of what he did to his team and declined to join. Deacon remembered what it was for and later joined. Crewe and his group thought they’d win vs the guards. Once the game started the inmates were ready to play. Ruffing the guards up. Jumping right on top of them but by halftime Crew gets a call from the warden who is played by James Crowell who threatened that Paul Crew blow the game on purpose. Crew almost did. Deacon reminded him and the team that he did not change. Crewe got some encouragement from some of his teammates. Admitted the truth and led them to win the game vs the guards.

Gridiron Gang

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as Sean Porter. Porter works at a detention center around a bunch of misfit teens. He puts together a team to keep the teens focused when they get out of his program. Porter thinks that football will teach these kids discipline. He gets the ok for the program and gives an inspiring speech to the group. Explaining they are not winners unless they apply the fundamentals Of the game to their lives. Johnson is a former football player himself so he knows the values of the game and knows it can help these kids. He does not want them to it their own way because their own way got them in the place they are in now. One from the team quits and he informs him and the team that walking away from a challenge is not going to make you good enough. After practice he compliments his group. They discuss the schedule the teams they have in their way. During discussing it he realizes that one of the guys he rejected to be a part of the team was out late at night working hard to make the team. Porter gave him the spot of the guy that quit. Porter faces challenges keeping the program funded. He does what he can. He even takes risks that can get him suspended. He talks to his team and encourages them all as they get visits from their family and friends. He adjusts just to encourage the squad. While doing so they find a key asset to the team will be away from the team for a while. They get a little discouraged a little but that teammate comes and encourages them on the practice field. That encouragement was all they needed going into the game. Porter does not intend to discourage the guys in no way shape or form. He maybe an aggressive coach but wants them to have the heart of a lion like he does giving them an inspiring speech before they play the game. During the game the team suffers adversity. They lose their first game to the best team in the league but they have another change in the playoffs and win. They advance to championship but lose by three but they are not called losers. In it he learned things about himself and the boys learned about themselves. He told them they are winners no matter what. They take that into their personal lives.


The things about all these football movies is they help me to understand that in faith you lose in the natural but you win spiritually. With faith you never lose. In movie one coach Boone did not let up. Sure, he was discouraged at the start. He did not want the job but looked deep in himself. It seemed like it was the community but that’s not what all see. I am one of them. I think he really saw that he can make a change. He did not want to run away from the challenge because of racism. In movie two Paul Crew inspired them from the start. By the time the game came along they were ready. Pumped up to play. Crewe had his moment after leading his team to play a great half. The thing about this is that his teammates stepped up. He did not lead them to the win, they led themselves. In Movie three a lot of the players did not know they were operating in faith but they were. The guys did not know that Porter was going through hurt with his mother until later in the season. When his mother got Ill they were there like he was for them. When she passed they stayed and so did porter? He stayed strong to stay strong for the team. The team suffered but they did not give up. They kept growing even in losing in the natural. After they lost the championship game they still held up the trophy in their normal life’s. That’s what we all must do. Our sufferings do not define who we are. Have faith that we are winners.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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