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Faith in Avatar

Updated on March 16, 2018


You must have faith no matter where you go in this world. Its proof that talent is not enough to do anything. It must come from within you. In real life Basketball Legend Allen Iverson could tell you, Michael Jordan could tell you. Different actors can, musicians and more. Many try to downplay it thinking it is them. GOD is in control when we think he is not. There is little big faith based films in Hollywood but faith does take over their films. Even when they don’t intend for it to happen. The message of it always comes out of them. For Example, James Cameron’s Avatar. The film is science fiction but it took him having faith from beginning to end in the film. The movie starred Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch and Zoe Saldana as Neytin. The movie is impressive from beginning to end. The first thing that was noticed was that he did not let his discourage him and when it tried to sink in he had SUPPORT SYSTEM, the second was that he had FAITH and the last was how the family all came together despite, what he did. They FORGAVE him.

Support System

It is 2154. Humans have taken control of the Earth’s natural resources. Their control leads to a massive crisis. The Resources Development Administration (RDA) is aware of one on a land called Pandora. The valuable mineral source is called Unobtanium. Pandora maybe easy to get to but their atmosphere is toxic to humans. So, they use Na’vi-human bodies to explore the land. Na’vi is the only body type that adapts to it. It’s a 10-foot-tall, blue skinned humanoid. The bodies are called avatars. Ex-Marine and Twin Jake Sully is a sure fit. He lays down in the chamber and is converted to an avatar. Loving his new body as he adapts to his surroundings. Playing basketball with others and doing what humans do. The opportunity to walk again could not be better but adversity comes while he enjoys it. He gets attacked. He runs to the woods and sees more massive creatures he must duck and hide from. Him being a human being, he has no clue what to do so he threatens to kill them. He’s using his marine skills. Out of nowhere another avatar comes along to save the creature and him. She helps him navigate through the woods and introduces him to her tribe. He becomes a part of their society.


They were surely his support system he needed. But what they did not know is who he was working for. When Jake gets back to his land Colonel awaits him. The Colonel seen how the tribe has grown to love Jake in a few hrs. Once Jake returns he is ready to promise that his legs return if he gathers information that will lead them to obtaining the deposit. The deposit is located under a giant tree called the Hometree. Below the hometree is that valuable deposit they were searching for. Jake reluctantly agrees to do it but he wants his legs so he transfers to the woods where they are. He had faith but did not want to kill another race to get what he wanted. The tribe grew to love Jake. He and Neytin grew closer together and choose each other as mates. Not only does they have faith in him but he has faith in them as well. So much faith in them he disables a bulldozer that threatens to destroy the home tree. Jake was never on their side and the colonel knows it. Despite what he gained in them they lost it for him because they found out the truth.


After knowing they found out the truth Jake was very sad. There was no convincing the Colonel that they cannot do this. Jake is given orders to inform the tribe to evacuate in an hour. He follows the orders but also confesses what he has been doing all along. He confesses that he was sent there to spy on them. Neytin felt betrayed. The tribe takes him captive. Hometree is then destroyed killing many avatars during the process. Detaching Jake from the chamber. The Colonel is brutal and one of the attackers have a change of heart. That attacker helps Jake try to protect the tribe by first getting back into the chamber to get into avatar form. After getting back into form he attempted to win back over the tribe. He first connected to a dragon like predator and had the tribe join him in defeating the attackers. Despite them being angry, they did it. They get more help to defeat the RDA. Colonel notices it and brings in more attackers also. On the day of the battle they get the help that was requested. So much help until Colonel couldn’t react. Since Colonel knew Jack was the leader, he went to the chamber containing his body and smashed it after exposing him to the Pandora atmosphere. He prepares to kill Jake but Jake is saved by Neyti and stopped from suffocating. Jake permanently is transferred to the tribe.


This made everything clear for anyone that wants to operate in faith. Sure, there were somethings in it that you may not agree but that is everything. Find something it that can help you. A lot of these movies just flow with the times. Everything in Hollywood is entertaining. Even if it is boring it is entertaining in some way. They make all their films to entertain you. You think those Christian movies are not exaggerated? Every movie they make has a message in it. Some positive and some negative. In Avatar there were a few. The first was support system. When having faith, you need a support system because there are discouraging times. We do not like them but it is. It’s great to have a team to life you up. Jake had some in the human world and in and he had some in the tribe. The second thing that could not go unnoticed was how he had faith in them. He recognized false faith. The false faith wanted him to be selfish and forget the tribe’s needs to fulfill his own. He forsakes his own desires. The last thig that was noticed was how they did not lose faith in him. The tribe did get angry with him briefly but they saw his passion to help them and forgave him. Forgiveness is a part of this walk. There were numerous things in the film but these three things stood out to me because that is what faith is about. Its bigger than your desires.

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