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Faith:Support Sytems

Updated on March 18, 2018


I been through two major surgeries before 35. One before 20 and the other before 30. At 33-34 I went to jail on a domestic violence charge that wasn't true. I got mugshots on the net. Sadly, it wasn’t a stranger but my own aunt that lied on me. I lost my good city job behind this. Someone told my job I was a felon and that someone was my own brother. Prior to this I inhaled CO2 and more on the job that made me sick. I put up with it because I needed to work. It took me months to recover. I had faith but had a support system in my twin and my mom but that didn't eliminate hardship. Behind my crazy faith I suffered adversity. I had seizures and more because I was either stressed out or tired. Toning it down was a must for me but I spent an extensive amount of time living by faith. It was no other option for me. Having faith is the most challenging thing in the world. When you have it those that do not misunderstand you at times. I lived by faith so much until jeopardized my own livelihood. It was proof I wasn't settling for anything. My faith caused wrong moves and right ones but the message is that I had it. My story resembles many movies. I see my story like three movies. Many movies can but I narrowed it down to three. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006), Norbit (2007), and Hancock (2008)

Chris Gardner and the guy that supported him
Chris Gardner and the guy that supported him

The Pursuit of Happiness

This movie makes things much easier each time I look at it. The only difference to my life is the fact that he has a child. Will Smith did a wonderful job. What stands out here is the fact that he didn't let his past be an excuse. He had kids without being financially fit, his wife left him and he got put out of his home. Gardner had possession of his son. They slept on the floor in a restroom. In the
midst, he continued pursuing happiness. He had faith in himself. Despite his sufferings he did not stop. There were signs in the movie that things will get better. When you live a faithful lifestyle, you could see. The bible clearly keeps us aware that miracles do not just come. It's adversity before it and he had it before his. I don't know when mines are coming but I'm sure it is because of the faith I have. It's even better when it’s in GOD.


This comedy started Eddie Murphy. Despite it being a comedy, the message in it could not be ignored. Norbit was an insecure man that was taken advantage of by his wife. He was also an orphan. He saw a childhood friend he grew up at an orphanage with. He also found out that his wife and her brothers were going to buy the childhood orphanage and turn it into a bar. So, he and his childhood friend who was a girl he had a crush on got strength to stop them. They were married after it. What stood out was the support norbits friend gave him. She saw he needed confidence and she helped him get it. Once he got it he saw that type of support he needs by his side so he married her.


Now this is a superhero film. Will Smith plays Hancock who lives a humble life as a normal citizen. He’s below the standards. He starts the film stopping criminals from being on the run on the highway. He knows his abilities. He later safes some pedestrians from a train crash. He hurts the train. Then calls the pedestrians idiots while they talk trash to him than one out of the many speaks up for Hancock. That guy befriends Hancock and gives him a better image but Hancock knows his wife. His wife is a kind like him. What's impressive about this movie is the faith the pedestrian had in him to fix him up so he can have a better image. Hancock was being who he knew how to be and that pedestrian knew who he could be. Faith requires action but the right actions.

Norbit and girl that supported him
Norbit and girl that supported him


The pursuit of happiness will never get old because you never know. You need GODs faith activated always to bypass your storms. He would not have stayed focused if it wasn't. Norbit explains how it's important to have someone on your team to believe. To push you even when its uncomfortable. When that time came norbit reacted. He stood up, left his wife and married his crush, and bought the orphanage. Lastly, Hancock. Hancock showed that it's in you to be great. He just had to conduct himself like it. Faith is in all movies. Being content is as well. If Hancock would've been content he would've never change. Same with Gardener. If he was content he will not be who he is today. See the message in these movies. They can inspire you if you allow them to. In faith you always must have support and in each movie it was there. In faith you must have someone that will encourage you because there will be down times.

Hancock and the guy that supported him
Hancock and the guy that supported him

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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