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Fake Injuries: How to Make Easy Small Cut or Open Wound using Makeup and Plasticine

Updated on January 28, 2013

Creating An Effective Fake Cut

Items needed for this fake injury:

- Some form of make up (normal or theatrical), red and white.

- Some red grease-based make up

- Plasticine or a similar subtstance, pink if possible

The item that is most important here is the plasticine. By using it around the cut you will eventually make, it causes a "raised skin" look, which makes the cut look deeper and ultimately much more convincing.

For this type of wound, it is a good idea to put it on a part of the body where there's a natural indent or valley. The line around the base of the thumb on the palm, for example, or the back of the hand.

Start by smoothing a small amount of the plasticine onto the chosen spot. It's something difficult to make this stick to your skin, so press the edges, blending them against your skin. Once this is in place, dig out a thin gash shape down the centre to make the outline of the cut.

Use the grease-based red make up to fill this small hole. Why not fake blood? That tends to be better for the effect of running or dripping blood. It also dries to a rusty brown colour after a while, if it's not a particularly expensive brand, whereas the red make up retains a glossy, bright red colour which looks much more effective.

You should now have the basic shape of the cut -- plasticine ridge around the sides, red inside. However, to make it look really convincing, it needs to be blended into your skin tone. Depending on skin colour, use whatever other make up you have on hand to blend the edges. For myself, a small amount of red following by lots of mixing with white over it eventually blends it to the right tone.

Also, depending on the desired effect, leaving the edges pinker around the wound gives a more infected look.

Once you have the basic cut, you can again experiment. Try varying size and shape. Try varying the places in which they appear. Once you've mastered the basic plasticine and blending look, you can even really start getting adventurous.


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    • profile image

      natalie 4 years ago

      I want it to look as if it was a really small cut on my wrist

    • ChristineVianello profile image

      ChristineVianello 7 years ago from Philadelphia

      Wow, that looks to real!