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Fall Out Boy's Social Justice Injustices

Updated on June 16, 2013
Fall Out Boy takes photos for their comeback
Fall Out Boy takes photos for their comeback
Photo from their video The Phoenix which is part of an 11 part series entitled "The Youngblood Chronicles"
Photo from their video The Phoenix which is part of an 11 part series entitled "The Youngblood Chronicles"
The Save Rock and Roll album cover features two burmese teenagers.
The Save Rock and Roll album cover features two burmese teenagers.
The boys pose for a magazine photoshoot.
The boys pose for a magazine photoshoot.

Fall Out Boy surprised fans on February 4th, releasing news that their four year hiatus was over as well as new tour dates and a new album cheekily titled "Save Rock and Roll". Since the release of this album many complaints have risen to the surface of online blogs and popular music reviewing sites, many of the reviewers complaints have to do with the style of music and the idea that the band has seemingly crossed into the pop music genre and left their Indie alt punk image far behind; but more often than that users on the popular microblogging website have users calling out the band for using racist imagery as well as sexist lyrics.

On May 30th a fan approached the lead singer via his twitter account to note how upset they were about one of the merchandise items on one of their Save Rock and Roll tour stops, they told him that the item: a t-shirt that depicts a skull wearing a traditional headdress was inappropriate and offensive and he responded saying that he had never seen a full image of the design and had no idea it was even in print, he took to talking to the management and tried to get said shirt pulled from the merchandise tables to no avail; this month the shirts are still being sold at most of the stops through the tour and it is of course something that keeps many fans upset and confused, putting full blame on the t-shirt design on the band members themselves claiming that the band doesn't understand how the t-shirt and cultural appropriation is offensive.

Fall Out Boy has already gotten a lot of criticism for their album cover featuring two Burmese boys; one in full monk attire and one in a punk kid outfit, And the lyric "Put on your war paint" has people discussing (angrily) how Fall Out Boy is playing a part in a racist cultural appropriation issue. Most recently the song "Death Valley" has gotten called out on misogyny for lyric "Lets get you wasted and alone" and claims that the song is perpetuating abuse and rape culture. Everyone has their own opinions about the shirt, the lyrics and the band in general. Front-man Patrick Stump says about the offensive t-shirt: "I don't take racism lightly, I know some people were offended by the words "War Paint," which I stand by using. Some folks were offended by the album cover, which I think we had a good reason for, This? I don't see a good reason to use an image that pretty much conjures Westward expansion" There is currently no word on what the band members think of the accusations for their alleged use of sexism in their music.

Regardless of all the negative connotations that they come across, Fall Out Boy's new album has done quite well in the charts and they continue on their Save Rock and Roll tour to promote the new album throughout the United States

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