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Famous Deaths of 2016

Updated on January 1, 2017

2016 A Year to Remember in Death

It seems a lot of people are going to be very glad to see the end of 2016, and for very many reasons. One of the things that stands out so much about this past year is the crazy numbers of well known actors, actresses, singer/song writers, authors, and other well known celebrities who have died. We seem to say good-bye to a few famous people each year but this year, a "9" year in numerology, is going to go down as a true mega ending and a huge final curtain call.

The coming year of 2017 is going to be truly a new beginning, probably in more ways than most of us can guess just now on this New Years Eve. This new year is truly a new beginning, as 2017 breaks down to the number "1"


Gone But Not Forgotten

The following is a list, but certainly not exhaustive by any means, of well known celebrities whom we should remember as one year ends and another opens in front of us. They have all touched someone in a positive way during their short, sometimes too short, sojourn here in our often crazed human world.

Hopefully each and every one achieved their life's purpose and may each and every one enjoy a new life of peace and love.

David Bowie – singer

Prince – singer

George Michael – singer

Glenn Frey – singer / musician

Merle Haggard – singer

Leonard Cohen – singer

Leon Russell – singer / musician

Carrie Fisher – actress

Debbie Reynolds – actress

Florence Henderson – actress


Gene Wilder – actor

Alan Rickman – actor

Muhammad Ali – boxer

John Glenn – astronaut

Gary Marshall – director

Morley Safer – journalist

Gwen Ifill – journalist

Garry Shandling – comedian

Nancy Reagan –former first lady USA

Elie Wiesel – author

Harper Lee – author

Wayne W. Dyer – author

Fyvush Finkel – actor

Alan Thicke – actor

Zsa Zsa Gabor – actress

Robert Vaughn – actor

Arnold Palmer – golfer

Imre Kertesz – author, journalist

Alexis Arquette – actress

James Alan McPherson – author

Doris Roberts – actress

Patty Duke – actress

Pat Conroy – author

Umberto Eco – author

Maurice White – drummer / music producer

Abe Vigoda – actor

Natalie Cole – singer

Craig Strickland – singer

Pat Harrington – actor

Otis Clay – singer

Michael Galeota – actor

Brian Bedford – actor

David Margulies –actor

Rene Angelil – Celine Dion manager / husband

Dan Haggerty – actor

Dale Griffin – drummer

Clarence Reid – singer

Mic Gillette – trumpet player

Jimmy Bain- base player

Paul Kantner – guitarist

Signe Anderson – singer

Frank Finlay – actor

George Martin – former Beatle

Sonny James – singer

Gil Hill – actor

Pat Conroy – author

Keith Emerson – musician

Richard Davalos – actor

Robert Horton – singer / actor

Lee Andrews – singer

Daryl Coley – singer

Paul Daniels – musician

Steve Young – singer

Joe Santos – actor

Ronnie Corbett – actor

Jim Harrison – author

Billy Paul – singer

Nick Lashaway – actor

Guy Clark – singer

Beth Howland – actress

Angela Paton – actress

Michu Meszaros – actor

Gordie Howe – Stanley Cup champion

Janet Waldo – actress

Ron Lester – actor

Lois Duncan author

Anton Yelchin – actor

Michael Herr – author

George Gaynes - actor

George Kennedy - actor

William Schallert - actor

Theresa Saldana - actress

William Christopher - actor

The Old Year Ends & a New One is Just Beginning

In some ways reading this list seems a little depressing; so many gone, but then I remember it is best to focus not on what has past but what is yet to come.

There are so many more missing from this list, actors, directors, musicians, and authors. It is certain that 2016 was so very different, and somewhat traumatic from years past. Yet it just makes sense to end the year on a positive note.

So as the new year begins take a few moments to remember the good things each of these people have done during their life time. Send them each a positive prayer and take the love and laughter they have given to you and yours into your new year and share.


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