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Famous Deaths of 2013, Part Two

Updated on February 20, 2019

January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013

Published January 1, 2014, by Mary McShane

Because Part One became very long and I wanted to include more famous people, this is Part Two of Famous Deaths of 2013. This is not a complete list, just some people I wanted to mention. I hope you enjoy reading about their lives and leave a comment about any of them or those who you also want to remember.

Nelson Mandela

Sunday Feb. 11, 1990 file photo, Nelson Mandela and his then wife Winnie, walk hand in hand upon his release from Victor prison, Cape Town, South Africa.
Sunday Feb. 11, 1990 file photo, Nelson Mandela and his then wife Winnie, walk hand in hand upon his release from Victor prison, Cape Town, South Africa. | Source
Victory speech in Johannesburg, South Africa 1994 after winning election. The First black President of that country
Victory speech in Johannesburg, South Africa 1994 after winning election. The First black President of that country | Source
Nelson Mandela with Princess Diana March 17, 1997
Nelson Mandela with Princess Diana March 17, 1997 | Source
First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters met Nelson Mandela at his home in South Africa June 21, 2011
First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters met Nelson Mandela at his home in South Africa June 21, 2011 | Source
In Johannesburg in 2008
In Johannesburg in 2008 | Source
Mandela through the years
Mandela through the years | Source

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, a South African who perhaps made the single most important impact on South African history over the course of the 20th century, was born July 18, 1918. The native language Xhosa, which uses the Latin alphabet, is the most widely used language in South Africa (next to Zulu) and those who speak it are referred to as an Xhosa. Mandela, an Xhosa, was born into the Thembu royal family, and grew up with two sisters and illiterate parents. His last name of Mandela came from one of Nelson's (king) great-grandfather's sons, also named Mandela. He became Nelson's grandfather by order of the king, but because his grandfather's birth was by a wife from a cadet clan, this made him and all of his line ineligible to inherit the throne. However, Mandela and his line were still considered advisers to the king.

When Nelson was born, his mother was the third wife of Gadla, a tribal chief in the Thembu royal family and also a polygamist. Gadla followed the Qamata faith and Nelson's mother was a devout Christian. She saw to it that Nelson was educated in Methodist schools at age seven and baptized in the faith. At that time, his name was changed by a teacher from Rolihlahlahe to Nelson. Nelson's father, Gadla, died in 1930. His mother then gave Nelson's guardianship to a Thembu royal family chief who raised him as a Christian with his own royal children. Nelson did not see his mother again until 1947 and again in 1955. After that, she visited him in prison in 1968 and died shortly after. He received a very good education, became politically active in South African affairs, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1943.

In 1944, he joined the African National Congress (ANC), helping to form the ANC Youth League. The ANC adopted a policy called Programme of Action. In 1952 he was chosen as National Volunteer-in-Chief of a Defiance Campaign. The civil disobedience campaign was a joint programme of unjust laws between the ANC and the South African Indian Congress. They arrested Nelson and 19 other activists charging them under the Suppression of Communist Act, sentencing them to nine months hard labor. It was suspended for two years.

Also in 1944, Nelson married Evelyn Mase and had two sons and two daughters, one of whom died in infancy. They separated in 1955, divorced in 1958. He studied law for a short time in 1952, but dropped out of the University of Witwatersrand. In 1952 he established South Africa's first black law firm with Oliver Tambo.

In 1955, Nelson was arrested for Treason. A state of emergency was called in March 1960 and the accused were detained until it was over. His 1956 trial ended with all 28 accused being sentenced to six months hard labor, but the sentence was suspended for two years to be tried again in 1958. During his 1958 trial, he married Winnie Madikizela, a social worker and had two daughters. They divorced in 1996. Upon acquittal of treason, after trying to organize a national strike, a state of security was imposed where no one was permitted to leave the country. June 1962, Mandela went underground to receive military training and to drum up support. When he returned, he was arrested at a police roadblock, charged with leaving the country illegally and inciting a strike. He was tried, convicted and sentenced to five years in Pretoria Local Prison. He was transferred to Robbens Island for two weeks and upon his return, a police raid discovered an ANC hideout in Rivonia. Mandela along with ten others went on trial in October 1962 for sabotage which held a death penalty sentence. However in 1964, after being found guilty, they all received a life imprisonment sentence. One white prisoner was sent to Pretoria Local Prison, and the blacks were sent to Robben Island Prison.

During his prison time, his mother died in 1968 and a son died in 1969, he was not permitted to attend their funerals. He had prostate surgery in 1985. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1988. He continued his support of talks between apartheid government and the ANC. He began studying law again in 1964 shortly after he became inmate number 46664 at Robben Island Prison, near Cape Town South Africa. He finished his degree shortly before his release from prison February 11, 1990. He entered talks to end white minority rule and in 1991 was elected president of the ANC. In 1993, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1994 he voted for the first time in an election that he won to be the first black democratically elected President of South Africa, serving from 1994 to 1998. He married his wife Graca in 1998, on his 80th birthday. When his Presidency was over, he continued his support of democracy, equality and education.

Despite provocations, racism and injustices against him, this great man and his accomplishments in this life are truly an inspiration. His autobiography, published in 1995 is entitled Long Walk To Freedom. He died at his home in Johannesburg at the age of 95 on December 5, 2013.

Janet Dailey

Janet Dailey in 1974
Janet Dailey in 1974 | Source

Janet Dailey, Romance Author

Janet Dailey died December 14, 2013 at age 69 in Branson, Missouri.

Eileen Brennan

Eileen Brennan co-starring in Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn, 1970.
Eileen Brennan co-starring in Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn, 1970. | Source
Eileen Brennan with her son Patrick, a former basketball player, now an actor - 2012
Eileen Brennan with her son Patrick, a former basketball player, now an actor - 2012 | Source

Eileen Brennan

Eileen Brennan was born Verla Eileen Regina Brennen on September 3, 1932 in Los Angeles, CA. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a silent movie actress.

She is best known for her role as drill captain Doreen Lewis in Private Benjamin in which she co-starred with Goldie Hawn in 1980. She was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. The movie was adapted as a television series from 1981 to 1983. Eileen received six Emmy nominations and one Golden Globe nomination for her role for which she won one Emmy and the Golden Globe.

Eileen Brennan got her start in 1959 in the title role of the musical play Little Mary Sunshine, which won her an Obie Award. Her film debut was in 1967 for Divorce American Style. In 1968, she was signed as a regular on Rowan and Martin Laugh-In but she gave up on the new show and left after two months. The show became a huge success but she had her eye on movies. Her face became recognizable but not her name. She appeared in The Last Picture Show in 1971 with Cybill Shepherd and in The Sting with Paul Newman in 1973.

After discussing the television series being adapted from the movie Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn over dinner, upon leaving the restaurant, she was in a terrible accident. She was hit by a car and had to take three years off of work to recover and thus became addicted to painkillers. She returned to work in 1985 and made many sitcom appearances. She did voice-over work for cartoon animations as well. Her filmography begins in 1967 and continues consistently until 2009.

In December 1969 she married David Lampson and had two sons, Patrick and Sam.

Eileen Brennan died from bladder cancer on July 28, 2013 at home in Burbank, CA at the age of 80.

Lee Thompson Young

Lee Thompson Young in the series Friday Night Lights, 2004
Lee Thompson Young in the series Friday Night Lights, 2004 | Source
Lee Thompson Young, South Beach series 2006
Lee Thompson Young, South Beach series 2006 | Source
Lee Thompson Young appearing with Angie Harmon on the series Rizzoli & Isles in 2010.
Lee Thompson Young appearing with Angie Harmon on the series Rizzoli & Isles in 2010. | Source

Lee Thompson Young

Lee Thompson Young was last known for his role of Detective Barry Frost on the series Rizzoli & Isles with Angie Harmon. Lee was born February 1, 1984 in Columbia, South Carolina. He knew from the age of ten that he wanted to be an actor. During spring break in 1996, he went to New York City and got an agent. He moved to NYC in June 1996. He sat idle until 1998 when he got the leading role in The Famous Jett Jackson and even wrote an episode that aired in 2000. The show ran for 65 episodes on the Disney Channel. During hiatus in 1999, he made the movie Johnny Tsunami, starring in the lead role.

When the Jett Jackson show was not renewed, he went on to work in series television: The Guardian (2002), Friday Night Lights (2004), South Beach (2006), Smallville (2007), Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008 series), Scrubs (2009), Flash Forward (2009-2010), and CSI: NY (2012). In 2010 he appeared in a last role as Det. Barry Frost on Rizzoli & Isles.

Lee Thompson Young appeared in several feature length movies: Jett Jackson: The Movie in 2001, Friday Night Lights in 2004, Akeelah and the Bee in 2006, The Hills Have Eyes in 2007, Mano in 2008, Bastard in 2010 and Just An American in 2012.

Religion was always stressed to him from an early age and he was enrolled in the Union Theological Seminary in NYC, but left to attend Professional Performing Arts High School. He later attended USC School of Cinematic Arts on a full scholarship graduating with honors. He studied martial arts. He followed the religion of the Noruba tribe of Nigeria and southern Benin and visited there a few months before his death. Many religious objects and an altar were found in his residence.

Lee Thompson Young, under a doctor's care and taking prescribed medication for depression, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the right temple in his Hollywood apartment on August 19, 2013. He was 29 years old. He did not leave behind a suicide note.

Patti Page

Patti Page in the 1950's.
Patti Page in the 1950's. | Source
Patti Page in a still photo from Elmer Gantry by MGM Studios
Patti Page in a still photo from Elmer Gantry by MGM Studios | Source
Patti Page with Eddie Arnold at the Country Music Awards in 1984
Patti Page with Eddie Arnold at the Country Music Awards in 1984 | Source

Patti Page

Patti Page was an American pop singer, born as Clara Ann Fowler on November 8, 1927 in Claremore, Oklahoma. She is one of 11 children born into a poor family. At age 18, she was a featured singer on a Tulsa Oklahoma radio station that was sponsored by Page Milk Company. From then on Fowler became known as Patti Page.

In 1947, she sang with a small group under orchestra leader Benny Goodman who helped her get her first recording contract with Mercury Records. In 1948, "Confess" became a Top 15 hit on Billboard Magazine. Her albums produced good record sales and in 1950, her version of The Tennessee Waltz became her second Number One and biggest selling record. 1952 brought I Went To Your Wedding and in 1953 her single How Much Is That Doggie In The Window became her fourth Number One hit, selling over a million copies and staying on the hit list for over five months. It was followed by Allegheny Moon, Left Right Out of Your Heart and Old Cape Cod. She was popular all through the 1960s.

In 1964, her single Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (from the Bette Davis movie) became her last top 10 hit with recordings of Little Green Apples and Gentle On My Mind. She left Mercury and signed with Columbia Records and stayed until 1970, then she went back to Mercury Records where she enjoyed a few successes only to leave them again in 1973 for Columbia Records. She then took a 5 year break until 1980 and recorded No Aces and My Man Friday (her last single) for Plantation Records.

In 1986, she staged a show for Las Vegas. In 1990, she founded her own record label C.A.F. Records, which produced a children's album in 2003. In 1998 she recorded her first live album, Live at Carnegie Hall in NYC which won a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal in 1999, her first. In 2005, she appeared in Branson, Missouri for a run of engagements which began on September 12, 2005.

Patti Page toured until September 2012 when she announced her retirement for health reasons. Patti married three times, divorced twice and adopted a son and a daughter with her second husband, Charles O'Curran, who was also previously a second husband to Betty Hutton. Her marriage to her third husband in 1990 lasted until 2009 with his death.

Patti Page died on New Year's Day, January 1, 2013 at Seacrest Village Retirement Center in Encinatas, CA at the age of 85 from lung and heart disease.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker in 2001's The Fast & The Furious
Paul Walker in 2001's The Fast & The Furious | Source
Paul Walker in 2006's Eight Below
Paul Walker in 2006's Eight Below | Source
Paul Walker in 2009
Paul Walker in 2009 | Source
Paul Walker in Fast Five with Vin Diesel in 2011
Paul Walker in Fast Five with Vin Diesel in 2011 | Source

Paul Walker

Paul William Walker was born in Glendale, CA on September 12, 1973. He was the son of a fashion model and a two time Golden Gloves fighter, was part Irish and part German. He was the oldest of five children and raised in the Church of Latter Day Saints in the San Fernando Valley, CA.

After appearing in Pampers diaper commercials as a toddler, he started modeling at age two. In 1985, he garnered roles in television shows such as Highway to Heaven, Touched By An Angel, Who's The Boss? and Charles In Charge.

Paul's big screen film career began in 1986 with a silly horror spoof movie called Monster In The Closet. He graduated high school in 1991 and attended several colleges to major in marine biology. Each time acting called him back, he dropped out of courses. After working two years on the soap opera The Young & Restless in the character Brandon Collins, he enrolled in Santa Barbara City College to try once again for his degree in marine biology.

In 1998 he was cast in a flop film Meet The Deedles which was shortly followed by Pleasantville, with Reese Witherspoon. The film was a hit and brought him more roles: in Varsity Blues in 1999, She's All That in 1999 and The Skulls in 2000.

In 1999, he and his then girlfriend Rebecca McBrain had a baby girl named Meadow Rain. She lived in Hawaii with her mother until 2011 when she started visiting Walker at his home in California.

After appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine in March 2000, he started to attract attention for his innocent smile and good looks. In 2001, he was cast in the first of what would become a franchise, The Fast and The Furious which shot him to stardom.

In 2006, he joined the board of directors at The Billfish Foundation. In 2007 he bought a high end performance speed shop in Valencia CA which fed his enthusiasm for car racing. His financial advisor Roger Rodas was CEO. Also in 2007 Walker created a humanitarian foundation called Reach Out Worldwide, offering aid to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Later in June 2010, he starred in a National Geographic series Shark Men, where he got to spend 11 days as a crew member to catch and tag great white sharks off the coast of Mexico.

Besides driving all kinds of cars, he enjoyed martial arts, surfing, being with his daughter and his dogs. In late 2007, he began a relationship with 16 year old Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell, whom he planned to marry.

Paul Walker died on November 30, 2013 at the age of 40 in a car crash on a notoriously dangerous curve of highway in Valencia, Santa Clarita CA. His financial advisor Roger Rodas owned the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT which was reportedly speeding at over 90 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. Later investigation determined that Rodas was driving the car and Walker was a passenger. Both were declared dead at the scene. Walker's ashes were buried in a non-denominational ceremony in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in CA.

Fast and Furious 7 was not completed at the time of his death. His brother Cody Walker was asked to stand in so they could finish the film.

Peter O'Toole

Peter O'Toole in 1962 Lawrence of Arabia
Peter O'Toole in 1962 Lawrence of Arabia | Source
Peter O'Toole in The Last Emperor in 2009
Peter O'Toole in The Last Emperor in 2009 | Source
Peter O'Toole at the Academy Awards in 2003 receiving the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement
Peter O'Toole at the Academy Awards in 2003 receiving the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement | Source
Peter O'Toole in 2011
Peter O'Toole in 2011 | Source

Peter O'Toole

Peter Seamus O'Toole was born in Connemara, County Galway in Ireland on August 2, 1932, the son of a Scottish nurse and a racehorse bookie. He was raised Catholic and left school at age 17 to work for the Yorkshire Evening Post as a trainee in photography and journalism.

That was cut short when was drafted into the Royal Navy as a signaller and radioman. When his two years of service were over, he entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts on a scholarship from 1952 to 1954. He excelled in the works of Shakespeare at Bristol Old Vic and English Stage Company and made his TV debut in 1954.

His movie break came in 1959 in a small role in The Day They Robbed The Bank Of England. It wasn't until 1962 that he was offered the role he will always be remembered for, Lawrence of Arabia and he skyrocketed to stardom. His nomination for Best Actor was one of eight nominations for the Academy Award. He never won. In 2003, he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award, which he wrote of his intent to turn down with the idea that he still had time to earn the award on his own merit. The Academy said he was getting it whether he came to pick it up or not, so he accepted it in person. (photo at right). In July 2012, he announced his retirement from the acting profession.

He married Sian Phillips (actress in Dune and I, Claudius) in 1959 and had two children, Pat O'Toole, and Kate O'Toole, both are actresses. They divorced in August 1979. O'Toole remained friends with her until his death. After they divorced, 5 months later on Christmas Eve she married Robin Sachs who was 18 years younger than she who acted in Jurassic Park and Oceans 11. Sachs also died this year on February 1, 2013 of heart failure. Sian Phillips lost two ex-spouses within 7 months.

He married writer Karen Brown in 1983 and had one child, Lorcan Patrick O'Toole in March 1983. They divorced shortly after.

In 1976, he had surgery to remove his pancreas and part of his stomach in a misdiagnosed illness (alcoholism) which made him insulin dependent for the rest of his life. Although nominated for many awards, the bulk of his acting is in stage performances. He kept a home in England and a home in Ireland.

Peter O'Toole died at the age of 81 on December 14, 2013 after a long illness at Wellington Hospital in London, England. He was cremated and his remains were returned to Ireland. He is survived by his three children.

Joe Conley

Joe Conley played Ike Godsey on the 1971 series The Waltons
Joe Conley played Ike Godsey on the 1971 series The Waltons | Source
Joe Conley with Ronnie Claire Edwards who played his overly bossy wife Corabeth Walton Godsey.  Seen here in 2012 at the 40th anniversary of The Waltons
Joe Conley with Ronnie Claire Edwards who played his overly bossy wife Corabeth Walton Godsey. Seen here in 2012 at the 40th anniversary of The Waltons

Joe Conley (The Waltons)

Joe Conley is probably best known for his portrayal of storekeeper Ike Godsey on the 1970s series The Waltons.

Joseph H. Conley Jr. was born March 3, 1928 in Buffalo, New York. When he returned from Korea, he went into real estate.

In 1959 he married Jacqueline Stakes and they had two children. They divorced in 1966.

In 1969, Joe married Louise Teecher and they had two children. He remained married to her until his death.

He published an autobiography in 2009 "Ike Godsey of Walton's Mountain."

Although he had many acting roles from 1955 until 2001, his wealth and fortune came from real estate.

Joe Conley died at age 85 on July 7, 2013 at a nursing care facility in Newbury Park, CA from complications of dementia. He is survived by his wife Louise Teecher, three daughters and one son.

Esther Williams

Esther Williams, around 1944
Esther Williams, around 1944 | Source
Actress Esther Williams, her husband Edward Bell and her stepson attend the 87th annual installation and awards luncheon for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on April 9, 2008 in Hollywood, California.
Actress Esther Williams, her husband Edward Bell and her stepson attend the 87th annual installation and awards luncheon for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on April 9, 2008 in Hollywood, California. | Source

Esther Williams

Esther Jane Williams, born August 8, 1921 was a teenage competitive swimmer who won 3 US National medals. The 1940 US Olympics were cancelled due to World War II so a position became available in Billy Rose's Aquacade, a music, swimming and dancing show which was fresh from the 1939 New York World's Fair. While in San Francisco, Esther swam with Olympic Gold Medal Winner and later actor Johnny Weismuller (Tarzan) for nearly five months. She was nicknamed America's Mermaid. It was while working in the Aquacade that MGM talent scouts saw her and she was cast in small roles beside Mickey Rooney and Van Johnson.

She made aquamusicals, a mixture of synchronized swimming to music from the 1940s until leaving MGM in 1956. She appeared in several unsuccessful films at Universal and several television guest roles, then retired in the 1960s. She founded her own company, Esther Williams Pools and marketed swimwear. In 1999, she wrote her autobiography "The Million Dollar Mermaid." She came out of retirement briefly in 1994 for the series of "That's Entertainment" films where her swimming was featured. She made several appearances over the next few years: in 2007 to interview with Diane Sawyer discussing a recent stroke, in 2008 for the funeral of Cyd Charisse and in 2010 at the First Turner Classic Movie Festival in Hollywood.

Esther Williams married four times, her most famous to Fernando Lamas which ended in his death in 1982. She had three children by her second husband, Ben Gage. She married her fourth husband, Edward Bell in 1996, who survives her.

Esther Williams died in her sleep at the age of 91 on June 6, 2013 at her home in Beverly Hills, CA.

Jean Stapleton (Edith Bunker)

Jean in character as Edith Bunker, with Carroll O'Connor as Archie
Jean in character as Edith Bunker, with Carroll O'Connor as Archie | Source
Jean Stapleton, circa 1982
Jean Stapleton, circa 1982 | Source
Tribute by The Multimedia Group found at
Tribute by The Multimedia Group found at | Source

Jean Stapleton

Jean Stapleton was born Jeanne Murray on January 19, 1923 in New York City. She took her mother's maiden name of Stapleton because she thought it sounded more distinguished than her father's name of Murray. Her father was a billboard advertisement salesman and her mother was an opera singer,.She worked as a secretary-typist in the 1940s for the British War Ministry Office while appearing in small stage productions. Jean got her big New York stage break in 1948 in The Corn Is Green and went on to perform in musicals like "Damn Yankees," (1958), "The Bells Are Ringing," (1960), and "Funny Girl," (1964).

In 1971, Norman Lear adapted a British sit-com "Till Death Do Us Part" to become "All In The Family" starring Carroll O'Connor. It was a show that would make Edith Bunker become a household name and would skyrocket Jean Stapleton to instant fame. She once said that people started to treat her like Edith Bunker, the dingbat wife and in interviews she let viewers know that it took a very smart person to make someone look and sound like Edith Bunker.

Her highly nasal voice "Awwww, Archie" could be heard coming from every home's television beginning in 1971 until she helped orchestrate her character's death from a stroke in the 1979-1980 season. (see video above). Jean Stapleton wanted to move on from All In The Family. The show evolved into "Archie Bunker's Place," and had two spin off series - Maude and The Jeffersons.

All In The Family was a groundbreaking series that left no facet of society untouched in the weekly topics it chose to tackle. Everything from sexuality to bigotry to breast cancer, this program sorely tested the censors of the 1970s in what was acceptable television. Consequently this show set the pace for all that came after it.

After winning three Emmys and two Golden Globes for her portrayal of Edith, Jean Stapleton pursued the role of Eleanor Roosevelt and developed a one woman stage show in 1982. Jean Stapleton continued acting in television, movies, and on stage until 2008 when she retired in Manhattan, New York..

As much as it has been said to be true, she is not related to Maureen Stapleton, an actress by the same last name who died at age 80, in 2006 from alcoholism and COPD .

Jean Stapleton married actor William Putch in 1957. He died in 1983. Jean died from natural causes at the age of 90 on May 31, 2013 at her home in New York City. She is survived by two children, John Putch (actor and director) and Pamela Putch (actress and producer). She is buried next to her husband in a cemetery in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Archie and Edith took turns singing the lines from the song "Those Were The Days." Here's the first four lines:

Boy, the way Glenn Miller played,

Songs that made the hit parade,

Guys like us, we had it made,

Those were the days.

Dale Robertson

Dale Robertson, as Jim Hardie, on set of Wells Fargo series, 1961
Dale Robertson, as Jim Hardie, on set of Wells Fargo series, 1961 | Source
Dale Robertson in 1960's westerns
Dale Robertson in 1960's westerns | Source
Dale Robertson's last role in 1993 on the series Harts of the West
Dale Robertson's last role in 1993 on the series Harts of the West | Source

Dale Robertson

Dale Robertson was one of the best well known faces of the 1950s and 1960s television westerns. He was born Dayle Lymoine Robertson on July 14, 1923 in Harrah, Oklahoma. At the age of 17, he was boxing in prize fights to make extra money and was approached by a Hollywood producer who offered him the lead in a movie called Golden Boy. He turned it down not only because he was training polo ponies but because he said he was too young to leave his family. The role went to William Holden in 1939.

After serving in the US Army during World War II where he was seriously injured but continued to serve, he had a photo of himself taken at a professional photography shop to send to his mother. The photographer hung it in his window which attracted movie scouts. The handsome young man was on his way to star in westerns, at the time America's favorite type of show.

Dale was typecast for sure but still managed to make each role unique. He was told to avoid acting classes by Will Rogers Jr, saying it would ruin his persona. He followed the advice and continued to work well into the 1990s on series television.

From 1952 through the 1960s, along with actor Ronald Regan, he hosted the western series Death Valley Days which started on radio which was sponsored by 20 Mule Team Borax, a product indigenous to Death Valley. He had small parts in western movies, including one as Jesse James in "Fighting Man of the Plains" during the 1940s, until he entered series television in the 1950s.

In 1957, he portrayed Agent Jim Hardie on Tales of Wells Fargo until 1962 helping to stave off troublemakers in the town riding his horse Jubilee. In 1966, he played Ben Calhoun in the western series Iron Horse who wins a railroad in a card game and has to fight off Indians. The series ran nearly two years for 47 episodes. He appeared in the night soap Dynasty in 1981 but left the series by mutual consent because he refused to comply with the sexual innuendo in the script. He went on to act in episodes of Dallas, Love Boat and Murder She Wrote.

In 1993, Dale's final role was in two episodes as Zeke in Harts Of The West with father and son team Lloyd and Beau Bridges. He retired to his ranch in Yukon Oklahoma to raise horses. The last fifteen years of his life were in ill health partially due to injuries he sustained while in the Army in WWII. He married four times, had one daughter with his first wife. He married his fourth wife Susan in 1980.

Dale Robertson died at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, CA on February 27, 2013 from lung cancer and pneumonia at the age of 89. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer just one week before he died while being treated for pneumonia. It had spread from his lungs to the brain, bones, liver and lymph nodes.

Marcia Wallace

Marcia Wallace on the set of The Odd Couple stage play in 1985 which Neil Simon adapted to a female version. Marcia starred as Olive Madison.
Marcia Wallace on the set of The Odd Couple stage play in 1985 which Neil Simon adapted to a female version. Marcia starred as Olive Madison. | Source
The cast of the Bob Newhart Show 1972
The cast of the Bob Newhart Show 1972 | Source
Marcia Wallace as Carol Kester in 1974.
Marcia Wallace as Carol Kester in 1974. | Source

Marcia Wallace

Marcia Karen Wallace, an actress, comedian and voice artist, was born November 1, 1942 in Creston, Iowa and is probably best known for her role as Carol Kester on The Bob Newhart Show in the 1970s. In high school, she was encouraged to go into acting. She won a full scholarship to Parson's College in Fairfield Iowa where she majored in English and Theater. She appeared in musical productions of Brigadoon and The Music Man.

When she moved to New York, she earned her income by working as a substitute teacher, as a typist, doing commercials and working in an improv group. She was more than 100 pounds overweight and in order to appear in a 1968 nude version of Dark of the Moon, she had to lose the weight. She did and kept it off.

She appeared on The Merv Griffin Show often, which brought her jobs in series sitcoms, commercials and dinner theater shows. When he moved to California, he asked her to move with the show. In 1972, Grant Tinker, a TV producer, offered her a part as a secretary on The Bob Newhart Show which was written expressly for her, the part of Carol Kester. She remained on the show for six seasons until 1978. From 1978 onward, she was a requested favorite on numerous game shows for the next 30 years, still acting in series television: Alf (as Mrs. Lyman), Full House (as Mrs. Carruthers), Bewitched (as Darrin's secretary), Murphy Brown (as Carol Kester with Bob Newhart), and many other series through to 1990.

In 1990 she joined the cast of the Simpsons as the voice of Edna Krabappel which she continued doing until her death. The producers announced they were going to retire the character rather than replace her. She performed in many stage plays including a female adaptation of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple

Marcia's life was turbulent given the amount of battles she endured in her life. In 1985 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which spurred her into activism and advocacy. She married hotel owner Dennis Hawley in May 1986, and adopted a son Michael in 1988. In late 1991, her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and Marcia was his primary caregiver until his death in June 1992. She never remarried and raised her son on her own, while dealing with a nervous breakdown and battling Breast Cancer for the rest of her life, more than twenty years.

She recounts her experiences in her autobiography "Don't Look Back, We're Not Going That Way" published in 2004.

With her son at her side, Marcia Wallace died on October 25, 2013 at home in Los Angeles, CA.after a 30 year battle with Breast Cancer at the age of 70. She was cremated following a private service.

Ed Lauter

Ed Lauter in Executive Action, 1973
Ed Lauter in Executive Action, 1973 | Source
Ed Lauter in Death Wish 3, 1985
Ed Lauter in Death Wish 3, 1985 | Source
Ed Lauter in 2011
Ed Lauter in 2011 | Source

Ed Lauter

He's got a face you might recognize and a name you probably forget, but Ed Lauter worked as a character actor on stage, in movies and on television for over 40 years. He literally could play any part and he did: villains, killers, cops, fathers, executives, aliens, and sports figures.

Ed Lauter was born Edward Matthew Lauter II on October 30, 1938 on Long Island, New York. He was tall, well over 6 feet, and played basketball in college. He graduated with a B.A. in English Literature in 1961. He did a stint as a stand-up comedian waiting for acting jobs to come his way. In 1968, he got a small part in a off Broadway show The Great White Hope. His first television acting job was on the series Mannix in 1971 that starred Mike Connors. At around the same time, he got a part in Dirty Little Billy which starred Michael J Pollard and was released in 1972. After that he worked with many of the top names in Hollywood, including Burt Reynolds, Charles Bronson, Alfred Hitchcock, Bruce Dern, and Clint Eastwood to name a few. In 1974, he starred next to Burt Reynolds in The Longest Yard and in Death Wish 3 in 1985.

He had the kind of face that was employable, yet he waited a long time for roles to come to him. Once they started coming, he was rarely out of work. His filmography begins in 1972 and is consistent up until his death. He married five times and had three children.

Diagnosed only five months earlier with mesothelioma (a cancer from exposure to asbestos), Ed Lauter tried to finish up as many projects as he could before he died October 16, 2013 at home in Los Angeles, CA. He was 74 years old.

Other Mentions

Tom Clancy, Best selling American author and best known for writing The Hunt For Red October and other books about military and terrorism - Born April 12, 1947 to October 1, 2013 Cause of Death: undisclosed illness

Hal Needham, director, actor and the highest paid stuntman in the whole world, famous for Smokey & The Bandit and Cannonball Run stunts - Born March 6, 1931 to October 25, 2013 Cause of Death: Cancer

Dennis Burkley, 300 lb+ American character actor from 1976 and best known as Dozer, a biker starring with Cher in Mask - Born September 10, 1945 to July 14, 2013 Cause of Death: In his sleep from a heart attack.

Dennis Farina, former Chicago cop turned actor, best known for host of Unsolved Mysteries and Detective Joe Fontana on Law & Order - Born February 20, 1944 to July 22, 2013 Cause of Death: Pulmonary Embolism

Frank Bank, American actor well known for his role as Lumpy Rutherford on the series Leave It To Beaver, couldn't get more work after this role. He became a successful stockbroker in 1973, married 3 times and a confessed sex addict in his 1997 autobiography "Call Me Lumpy" - Born April 12, 1942 to April 13, 2013 Cause of Death: Undisclosed

Christopher Evan Welch, actor married to actress Emma Roberts in 2008, acted in The Interpreter (2005), War of the Worlds (2005) and Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), Lincoln (2012) and many TV series - Born September 28, 1965 to December 2, 2013 Cause of Death: Cancer

Mel Smith, British actor, comedian and director known for The Princess Bride (1987), Smith & Jones (1984) and European Vacation (1985) - Born December 3, 1952 to July 19, 2013 Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Nigel Davenport, British actor and director known for Chariots of Fire (1981) and Greystoke The Legend of Tarzan (1984) - Born May 23,1928 to October 25, 2013 Cause of Death: Undisclosed

Richard Matheson, Norwegian American author and screenplay writer known for scripts for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone, I Am Legend, Somewhere In Time - Born February 20, 1926 to June 23, 2013 one of Stephen King's favorite writers - Cause of Death: Undisclosed

Paul Jenkins, American actor known for Network (1976), Chinatown (1974), several TV series - Born August 2, 1939 in Philadelphia, PA to July 1, 2013 Cause of Death: After a brief illness

August Schelleberg, Canadian born Mohawk Indian and Swiss German actor best known for his portrayal of Billy Gray Wolf in Walker Texas Ranger (1994-95) and Sitting Bull in Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (2007 TV version) - Born July 25, 1936 to August 15, 2013 Cause of Death: Lung Cancer

Ted Post, American director, writer and actor best known for directing Gunsmoke (56 episodes) and Peyton Place (90 episodes) and many other programs - Born March 31, 1918 to August 20, 2013 Cause of Death: Natural Causes at age 95.

Patricia Blair, American actress best known for her roles on The Rifleman (1963 as Lou Mallory), Daniel Boone (1970 as Rebecca Boone) and Petrocelli (1975 as Angela Gilmartin) - Born January 15, 1933 to September 9, 2013 Cause of Death: Breast Cancer

Kim Hamilton, African American actress of several soap operas including General Hospital and widow of Werner Klemperer - Born September 12, 1932 to September 16, 2013 Cause of Death: Undisclosed

Amidou, Moroccan born actor known for The Spy Game and Rules of Engagement - Born August 2, 1935 to September 19, 2013 Cause of Death: Undisclosed

A.C. Lyles, American writer, actor and producer of 50's and 60's westerns and known for The Greatest Show On Earth (1952 actor) and for Deadwood (2004 producer) Born May 17, 1918 to September 27, 2013 Cause of Death: Natural Causes at age 95

Jay Robinson, American actor best known for his role of Caligula in The Robe (1953) and in The Gladiators (1954) and as Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), Born April 14, 1930 to September 27, 2013 Cause of Death: Congestive Heart Failure

Shirley Mitchell, American character actress known for appearances on Dick Van Dyke, Pete & Gladys, Perry Mason, Bachelor Father, Please Don't Eat The Daisies but best known as Marion Strong, Lucy Ricardo's girlfriend on I Love Lucy Born November 4, 1919 to November 11, 2013 Cause of Death: Congestive Heart Failure at age 94. Her death leaves Little Ricky (Richard Keith) as the last surviving member of the original I Love Lucy cast.

Al Ruscio, American actor and producer of Santa Barbara (1984) and Port Charles (1997) soap operas, Showgirls (1995) and of The Godfather Part 3 (1990) - Born June 2, 1924 to November 12, 2013 Cause of Death: Natural Causes His wife Kate Williamson died less than one month later.

Kate Williamson, American actress known for Disclosure (1994) and Interview With An Assassin (2002), wife of Al Ruscio Born September 19, 1931 to December 6, 2013 Cause of Death: prolonged illness

Sheila Allen, American actress and producer, wife of writer, director and producer Irwin Allen known for her work in The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and The Towering Inferno (1974) Born February 2, 1929 to November 15, 2013 Cause of Death: Pulmonary Fibrosis

© December 2013, Mary McShane

© 2014 Mary McShane


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  • FullOfLoveSites profile image


    6 years ago from United States

    Peter O'Toole... "Lawrence of Arabia" will be sadly missed.

    Honestly I didn't know Paul Walker until he died -- his death generated quite a buzz. Maybe I'm more of a classic film buff. Good hub. :)


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