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Famous Disney Cartoon Characters

Updated on October 22, 2011

Walt Disney cartoon characters are acknowledged by the entire world and playing a very affirmative role among the children. Walt Disney, the animator, the director, the producer, became famous because of his sway in the field of hunt during the twentieth century. Disney was the initiator of Walt Disney productions and he became one of the paramount animated-picture producers in the world.

Preliminary from the age of a 3 year old baby to a grown-up man, all felt affection with attention-grabbing effect of animation. Dissimilar types of cartoon characters came in to being by their originator and still preserve their esteem.

When we converse about the Mickey Mouse, he grabbed the awe-inspiring attention of everyone as he was tremendous cartoon character. As of age-old classics like Mickey Mouse, to contemporary cartoon characters, Disney has donated to the formative year’s thoughts, heartening and promoting the growth of right thought and action.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a legendary cartoon character and he has become a logo of Walt Disney Company.

In 1928 Walt Disney took train tour along with his wife where he came up with a thought of a mouse character and told his wife about the idea.

He named that mouse Mortimer but his wife did not like the name Mortimer so he changed Mortimer with Mickey.

When they reached California he started functioning with his friend Ub Iwerks on a cartoon mouse and like in this way Disney made his unveiling on 18 November, 1928.

It was a black and white cartoon named Steamboat Willie and it was a chatting picture in which Mickey Mouse said his foremost words “Hot Dog”. It is fascinating to memo that Mickey Mouse started out as a naughty, playful character that played a xylophone in his opening movie.

He also executed other horrible little farm duties as well. His get up was quickly changed, nevertheless, in order that he would demand too much wider spectators. The visible difference between the appearance of first Mickey Mouse and the today’s Mickey Mouse is the addition of white gloves.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse was the Girlfriend of Mickey Mouse and was fashioned by the Walt Disney Company in 1928. Her first name was Minerva Mouse which was suggested by Merrill De Maris and Floyd Gottfredson. Minerva has since been a returning assumed name for her. Minnie is at presently voiced by actress, Russi Taylor. And at first she was voiced by Walt Disney in 1928.

Minnie looks female Mickey but with abundance of frilly dresses, long eye lashes and a big bow. Minnie first appeared in Plane Crazy there she joined Mickey in a flight. First film represented Minnie as fairly anti to the challenging affection of her latent boyfriend and competent of escaping his seize. However their pair became very well-liked and their second cartoon film was The Gallopin Gaucho.

Donald Duck

When we converse about the hot tempered duck then everyone can straightforwardly recognize that its Donald duck. It is more popular than Mickey Mouse.

Donald is a white duck with orange-yellow feet and legs. He usually wears a sailor uniform, cap and a bow tie. Donald’s birthday was recognized as 9 June 1934.

Donald duck first appeared in The Wise Little Hen and he afterward starred in his own cartoon series, was created by Dick Lundy.

At first Donald was voiced by Clarence Nash and at present he is voiced Tony Anselmo. Donald was predominantly admired in the 1930s and 1940s, appearing in double as many cartoon as any other character.


A cheery doglike character, Goofy is a kind but ungainly fellow who for all time gets into dilemma. Goofy and Mickey Mouse are the best friends in every cartoon series. Goofy’s name was Dippy Dawg after that his name was George Geef and goofy is a nick name.

He first appeared in 1932 in the cartoon film “Mickey’s Revue” but didn’t get his first name or become part of the Disney main group until 1934. Goofy’s autograph yell first appeared in 1941.

Since Goofy spends plenty of time smiling that irritating Gomer Pyle giggle and getting into risky scrapes, you can relate. Goofy was a human character and he was a pet and had a verbal communication power and he appeared in many cartoons with Mickey Mouse and Donald duck.

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