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Famous Female Salsa Singers

Updated on September 29, 2015

Famous Female Salsa Singers

The article provides a brief historical review about salsa – as musical genre, and offers some details about the most famouse female salsa singers.

Although salsa was introduced to United States from Cuba, the birthplace of salsa is considered to be New York. It was initiated by Cuban and Puerto Rican communities in the 1980s. Now salsa is a special misical and dance genre but back in 1970s all music from Cuba was termed as “salsa”. There are many stylistical variations of salsa in Northe and Latin Amerca. What today is known under the “salsa” genre derives roots from mambo and Cuban son. Salsa includes music, dance, and singing. It also has a number of sub-genres. The elements of jazz are sometimes natural in salsa music. Salsa is Spanish word meaning some spices that is commonly used in Caribbean and Latin cuisine. However there are variant interpretations about the origin and meaning of “salsa” as an art form.

To begin with the most famous female salsa singers we should mention the all-aclaimed “Queen of Salsa” - Celia Cruz. She was born in Havana. For her brilliant talent, Celia at once was accepted as the brightest salsa singer. She has retained the title up to the present day. Although now there are other distinguished salsa singers it seems no one can be as good as Celia. She received a number of Grammy awards and other precious musical prizes. Few years ago a special exhibit was unveiled after Celia in the National Museum of American History; her personal belongings and documents included in the exposition. A tribute to her a musical “Celia” is regularly staged in the U.S.

Gloria Estefan at first was a promising salsa singer. However later she turned more into a pop music diva – both English and Latin. She seems not to hold concerts and release new albums any more. The most known songs include: Words Get in the Way, Can't Stay Away from You, Anything for You, and other.

Albita is another bright talent of salsa. Her performance is full of vital energy and Latin passion. Born in Cuba she has gained popularity in U.S. and within the last few decades has released many new albums. Among her hit songs are: Que Manera De Quererte Y Sus Exitos, Una Mujer Como Yo, Mis Tacones, and other.

Brenda K. Starr became known as salsa singer in 1990s-2000s. Initially she began career with dance-pop music. Later she learnt Spanish and commenced her salsa-tropical music career. Among her best known songs are: "Herida", "Por Ese Hombre", "Tú Eres", and other.

La India, Puerto Rican, by origin became salsa star of New York. She has won herself the title of the “Princess of Salsa”. Among her best songs are: "Sobre el Fuego" (Over the Fire), "Sola", "Sedúceme", and other.

Olga Tanon also known as the “woman of fire” is Puerto Rican; received two Grammy awards. Her salsa style is interchanged with meringue genre. Among her best songs are: "Presencié tu Amor", "Siente el Amor" (Feel the Love), “Como Olvidar”, and other.

The list of famous female salsa singers would not be complete without mentioning Choco Orta, Cecilia Noel, Xiomara Laugart, Carolina La O, and Yoko. All of them are talented and special in their own way.

Celia Cruz - Guantanamera


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