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Famous Rockstars' Outrageous Demands

Updated on June 14, 2012

You give Strippers a Bad Name

Actual name: Jon Bongiovi
Actual name: Jon Bongiovi


After ditching his high school R&B cover band Atlantic Expressway,rocker Jon Bon Jovi formed a hot New Jersey band called Jon Bon Jovi and the Wild ones, and hit the town with his tunes. While still too young to get into the clubs where he played every weekend, he recorded his first record at age nineteen, but it wasn't all that glamorous. His first big hit was " R2-D2, We wish you a Merry Christmas", which he recorded for a holiday Star Wars album. The humble cheesy beginnings would soon change.

Bon Jovi's band began acting like true rock divas when their third album rolled around ,and they chose singles like " Wanted Dead or Alive" for the album they eloquently titled Slippery When Wet. While the front man says they chose the title based on signs they say on the highway, David Bryan disagreed. Bryan openly spread the rumor that the title is a tribute to striptease clubs where women pour soapy water all over each other.


Right wing daddies, fearing the sexual rebellion of their innocent teenage daughters, reared their ugly heads when the Beastie Boys set out to tour Great Britain in the spring of 1987. Rumors had it that the band's stage show was obscene,and that their fans were known to rio. Although exaggerated, the trepidation materialized when the rockers played their gig at the Liverpool Royal Court. Thanks to a steady rain of beer and tear gas lobbed into the crowd by drunken fans, the show stopped after only 10 minutes. Beastie Ad-Rock allegedly joined the madness to spite those who predicted the trouble - he was charged with throwing a beer can in a fan's face

The Sex Pistols
The Sex Pistols


The Sex Pistols never set out to fire off a round of curse words on an evening talk show in the U.K. in 1976, but after the band was provoked by interviewer Bill Grundy to "step outside" every British kiddie up past their bedtime had several crude new additions to their vocabulary.Initially brought on to tell late night viewers about the underground punk movement, the Pistol's interview was quite peaceful at first. They were actually charming ( if a little overdressed). Possibly disappointed that he couldn't reveal the rockers as talentless metal heads, Grundy laid on the vague insults and finally snapped, "you've got another ten seconds, say something outrageous". Guitarist Steve Jones gave him what he asked for : A few F-bombs later, England had a taste of what punk rock was all about.


When KISS kicked onto the music scene in the 1970s, they were instantly famous for their heavy metal pyrotechnics and outrageous makeup. A symbol of all things rebellious (and sometimes satanic), the band's live shows and albums were a huge success. Longing for even more fame and fortune, they asked themselves, "Could we make fans out of video gamers" Not quite. During the band's comeback tour in the 1990s, they noticed that vintage Kiss Pinball machines had become a collectible in high demand, and decided to market the game or home computers and Nintendo systems. The idea bombed, but the band didn't lose heart - they released a second video game even more horrible than the first called Psycho Circus which bombed just as miserably.


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