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Famous Tall People Who Are Very Successful

Updated on April 5, 2018
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Terry has been a long time writer and contributor for AxelAddict. He is a middle school technology teacher and boys basketball coach.

Why write this article on famous tall people?

Something I’ve been meaning for to do for a while is to write this Hubpage about famous tall people. I have also written another Hupage called Famous Short People. It has been very popular and viewed a lot of times. Anyway, I think that it would best to focus in this article on those famous tall people that are not athletes. Sure, it would be easy to write an article with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and plenty of other athletes. I think that those people would be too obvious, so I will at least try to focus on those persons that are famous but not professional athletes.

Peter Mayhew is Really Tall

Actor Peter Mayhew is an astounding 7’ 3” tall. He is most famously known for his portrayal of the big furry creature in Star Wars called Chewbacca. I liked the Star Wars stuff when I was a kid but not as much as my little brother did. Also, I never saw any of the newer three Star Wars movies. Anyway, Peter Mayhew is a really tall person and a good one to start with.

Everybody Loves Brad Garrett

Actor Brad Garrett is well known from his role on Everybody Loves Raymond. Garrett is reportedly 6’ 8 1/2” tall. That’s very tall for anyone and he has to be one of the tallest actors working today in Hollywood. I have only watched that TV show a couple of times but I do know that it is or at least was very popular for a while.

World's Tallest Man Below Becomes a Dad at 54

This man featured below lives new the China and Mongolia border. He was a modest person until the press discovered him and he became a celebrity. He has no disorder of any type that is causing him to be so tall like many other in his height seem to have. He's just genetically very, very tall. It looks like his new found celebrity helped him to find a young wife and now he's even got a baby. I wonder how tall that baby will grow to be?

World's Tallest Man at 7 feet 9 inches tall becomes a father

Famous Tall People- Brigitte Nielsen

Actress Brigitte Nielsen makes our list of famous tall people because she stands at 6’ 1’ tall. This lady became known to me when she appeared in one of Rocky movies. I think it was Rocky III. I know I saw it and I was a huge fan of all the Rocky movies. It’s been a long time since I saw any of them though. Anyway, she later hooked up with Sylvester Stallone for a while and them after that I really don’t think she had a really hugely successful acting career. I think I saw her on one of those reality TV shows once. I’m sure she did some other things that I don’t know about.

Brooke Shields is Tall and Famous

I’ve always been of fan of Actress Brooke Shields. She makes our list of famous tall people as she stands at 6’ 0’ tall. That is very tall for a woman. Brooke was a hugely popular and successful actress and model in her younger days and starred in movies like Endless Love and The Blue Lagoon way back in the day. Brooke was later married to crazy wig wearing Andre Agassi the tennis star for a while. She’s now a very well respected married mother and business woman. She still has acting gigs on various TV shows and commercials too. Brooke Shields for sure deserves a spot on this list of famous tall people.

Tall Poll

Would you want to be the world's tallest man or woman assuming that you had no bad medical conditions that went along with it?

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World's Tallest Woman Seeks Medical Treatment

Watch to see the video below of the world's tallest woman. Her life does not seem to be nearly at pleasant as the world's tallest man. She indeed has a medical condition that needs medical treatment of her life will be in danger.

World's Tallest Woman: My Shocking Story

Tall and Funny Late Night Host Conan O'Brien

Late night television host Conan O’Brien stands a surprisingly tall 6’ 4’ tall. O’Brien took David Letterman’s spot on the old NBC late night gig when Letterman got the new job on CBS to compete against Jay Leno. When NBC foolishly decided to move Jay Leno to the prime time slot then O’Brien was moved over to host the famous NBC Tonight Show. When NBC realized they screwed up by moving Leno to prime time then they has a big mess on their hands. O’Brien was replaced with Leno and given like $30 million dollars for his troubles. O’Brien now has another show of the same type on TBS and it seems to be doing very well. Conan O’Brien is a good person to include on our list of famous tall people.

Famous Tall People Poll

Who is your favorite tall person listed here?

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