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Famous People Trivia Quiz: What Do They Have In Common?

Updated on March 22, 2011

Everyone Likes Trivia...

Well, maybe not everyone  likes trivia but for those of us who do, it's a lot of fun.

Here's a trivia quiz -- see if you can guess the connection between the five names in the 10 sets shown. There's even a hint given. Good Luck!

Michael Jackson

Foto: Courtesy of (public domain in the United States).
Foto: Courtesy of (public domain in the United States).

Harry Chapin

Foto: GFDL image by Larry D. Moore ( 1978)
Foto: GFDL image by Larry D. Moore ( 1978)

Judy Garland

Foto: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)
Foto: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)


Foto: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons by Princeloverya
Foto: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons by Princeloverya

Here's the sets and the answers are below. What is the connection between...

1. Gen. George Patton, Tom Mix, Princess Di, Jayne Mansfield and Harry Chapin. (Think automobile).

2. Jimmy Carter, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Ronald Reagan and William Shatner. (Think aliens).

3. Joe Louis, Sammy Davis, Judy Garland, Mozart and Edgar Allen Poe. (Think money).

4. Margaux Hemingway, Richard Burton, Theodore Roosevelt, Prince and Neil Young. (Think disease).

5. Gene Autry, Johnny Bench, Garth Brooks, Joan Crawford and Geronimo. (Think States).

6. Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Sir Isaac Newton, James Earl Jones and Bruce Willis. (Think speech issues).

7. Yves Saint Laurent, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and J.R.R. Tolkien. (Think royalties).

8. Tony Lema, Yuri Gagarin, Thurman Munson, Joseph P. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr. (Think aviation).

9. Katie Couric,Clint Eastwood, Jamie Foxx, Kelsey Grammer and Anthony Hopkins. (Think music).

10. Andrew Jackson, John D. Rockefeller Sr., Henry Ford, Bill Gates and Michael Dell. (Think education).

Clint Eastwood

Foto: Courtesy of (public domain in the United States).
Foto: Courtesy of (public domain in the United States).

Marilyn Monroe

Foto: Courtesy of (public domain in the United States).
Foto: Courtesy of (public domain in the United States).


1. Each died in an automobile accident.

2. All claimed to have seen UFOs.

3. All died pennyless.

4. All are/were reported to have likely suffered from Epilepsy.

5. All were from Oklahoma.

6. All battled a problem with stuttering.

7. They were the five top earning deceased celebrities in 2009, per Forbes Magazine.1

8. All died in plane crashes.

9. All are proficient on the piano.

10. None graduated from college.


How Did You Do?

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  • Hugh Williamson profile imageAUTHOR

    Hugh Williamson 

    7 years ago from Northeast USA

    Hi Earnest - glad you liked this. I did it on a whim & it was a lot of fun so I'll probably do another at some point.

  • earnestshub profile image


    7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

    Well, to be honest I didn't do very well at all. In fact so badly I'm gonna keep it to myself!

    I enjoyed the hub thoroughly though!

    I would have a go at another 10 of em if you write them. Bags of fun!


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