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Fancy Dress Costumes: How To Make Your Own Kick-Ass Costume From Home

Updated on November 11, 2011

Create Your Own Kick-Ass Look!

Kick-Ass is the cool superhero that first hit our screens in 2010 when he came to conquer and save those in need. A regular teenage guy in a green and yellow skin-tight suit soon became the look of the year, with wannabees flocking to stores to get their very own Kick-Ass costume.

If you've come to this page then you surely want to get that Kick-Ass look as well, so don't spend big bucks in creating the perfect outfit for Halloween, a fancy dress party or a friends birthday! Simply make your own at a fraction of the price!

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Steps To Getting The Kick-Ass Look

First things first, let's start with the famous skin-tight, ball-huggin', green suit that is the ultimate foundation of the Kick-Ass costume. This can be done in three ways:

  1. Get a green scuba suit/wet suit.

You can purchase one of these from many places locally. Look online, ask a friend or you may even already possess one. Be sure to get a pretty tight one, because that's the look we're going for.

2. Find some green leggings and a green long-sleeved top.

This is just as good an option if you can't get hold of a scuba or wet suit. Leggings can be found almost anywhere, so find some in a deep green colour. Try to get as perfect a match as you can between the leggings and the long-sleeved top.

3. Alternatively, get a green morph suit.

With this option you may have to cut a hole in the face of the suit. Usually, morph suits can be found for a relatively good price.

The Mask

Kick-Ass always had his face covered, apart from his eyes and mouth. This way he could see and breathe without anybody knowing his true identity. To mimick this look you can:

1. Use a morph suit.

If you chose to use a morph suit as your green suit in the first step, then half of your job is already complete. These suits usually have a piece of material that covers the face. Cut out the required holes and you're done!

2. Get a pair of tights.

Green tights can be purchased almost anywhere. Get a few pairs to give it an opaque appearance and layer them to fit over your head. Sew the neck to make it tight (but not too tight!) and cut out the required holes.

3. Get some green material or a green balaclava!

If the other options weren't for you then you could get some green material, similar to that of the green suit you've chosen. Match the colours well and after a bit of sewing and cutting, you should have a mask that fits over the entire head.

Yellow Lining

Yellow lining is essential for a Kick-Ass costume that will fool people into thinking you are the real superhero! This requires a little bit of sewing, so if you're not up to scratch on your sewing skills then you may want to ask someone for a helping hand!

  1. Get some yellow material.

Simply sew the material onto the green suit you have prepared. Take a look at some of the images of Kick-Ass in his costume on this article. This should assist you in getting the pattern just right. You can use any material including:

  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Silk
  • Lycra

So long as the material is strong enough and versatile enough to be chopped and sewn onto another fabric, you shoud be fine. Try to match the colour of the lining to the colour of your yellow gloves, which we'll move onto next.

Yellow Gloves

Now the next step is to find your yellow gloves. As you know, Kick-Ass can not be complete without the yellow gloves, so there are many cheap choices to decide between.

1. Yellow rubber gloves.

You probably already have a pair of these lying around the house. Ask your mother or partner if they have any spare pairs. If not, they can be bought for a very small price.

2. Other types of yellow gloves.

Whether they are silk, lycra or cotton material gloves. Anything fits the look. Why not go to your nearest supermarket and take a look at the glove selection? Alternatively look on the Internet to broaden your choices.

The Fighting Sticks

These 'weapons' will scare off any rebellious predator. Recreate the look with an impressive yet less dangerous version.

1. Kitchen roll tubes.

Get some empty kitchen roll tubes and stuff them with cotton wool. Paper mache the entire tube and paint dark green. Add detail as you please.

2. Relay batons.

Find some relay batons, whether you already own some or you get them from a shop. Paint them the appropriate colour and voila!

Finally, The Kick-Ass Boots!

You can get your very own pair of Kick-Ass boots in two ways:

1. Yellow work boots.

These are sold in most shoe shops and you might even already own a pair. These are just like the boots worn in the film.

2. Paint your least favourite pair of shoes!

If you don't have the correct pair of boots and want a cheaper option, why not get a pair of boots you really don't care about and paint them yellow?

You Can Now Kick-Ass!

So there you have it, you now should be able to understand the process of making your very own Kick-Ass costume!

If you simply read this article and thought, 'Nahh, I'm too lazy to do all that shiz' then maybe you should just consider buying one and getting it delivered to you. Easy peasy.

Check out these sites:


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i want to get like your dress

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great suggestion and advice on how to create your own Kick-Ass costume. I really like the "look" and the color combination rules (my h.s. alma mater colors). However, I'm not sure it is the look for Husky1970. Maybe my awesome son, as he has the physique that would honor the Kick-Ass costume.

      Voted up and useful.

    • Hui (蕙) profile image

      Hui (蕙) 

      6 years ago

      Interesting topic and a fun well-structured hub.


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