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Fantasia Barrino Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

Updated on August 23, 2010

Fantasia, Antwaun Cook and Paula Cook

Fantasia Barrino
Fantasia Barrino
Fantasia Barrino and Antwaun Cook
Fantasia Barrino and Antwaun Cook
Paula Cook
Paula Cook

New Sex Tape With A Married Mans Takes Its Toll On American Idol Star Fantasia Barrino

Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino 26, has been hospitalized in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina after police sources confirm that she attempted to commit suicide. Her manager, Brian Dickens was the one who informed the local police that something was wrong with the singer. Fantasia was in the middle of filming for her new season of her hit reality show on VH1 , "Fantasia For Real" when the incident happened.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, officers responded on Monday August 09, 2010 at 8:43 p.m. to a suicide attempt call at a home on Bevington Place. The singer was supposedly found in a closet clutching an empty bottle of aspirin when authorities arrived. She was then taken to Mercy South Hospital at Carolina's Medical Center in Pineville. So far Fantasia has been diagnosed as possibly having "internal injuries".

Fantasia has been going through a lot of drama in her life the last two years. Her problems have stemmed from various money woes, foreclosure, bankruptcy etc. but lately as of last week, she has been the focus of a nasty scandal involving a married man and a sex tape.

The rumors of her affair with a Sales Manager for a T-Mobile store in Charlotte, Antwaun Cook started in April of last year but she quickly denied the rumors. Later pictures surfaced of her and him on the beach in Barnados and his wife, Paula Cook had a fit. The couple supposedly had reconciled back in March 2010 after the rumors died down but Fantasia lured Cook back with expensive gifts and a motorcycle. Antwaun Cook posted the pics of his new gifts on his Twitter account and really caused an uproar at home. Fantasia also sports a very noticeable tattoo of "Cook" near her shoulder even though she has been denying the affair.

The wife, Paula Cook who is a native Charlottean and a teacher at Harding University High School (Charlotte, NC), filed for child support against her estranged husband Antwaun Cook last week and cited an alleged affair between Cook and Barrino . The couple has two kids, Christian is four years old and Jackson is 10 months. Mrs. Cook also stated during a divorce petition that she has evidence that the two started their adulterous affair in August 2009 when Fantasia met Antwaun at the T-Mobile store where he works. Paula Cook says that they have taped several of their sexual encounters and that is where the scandalous sex tape comes into play.

TMZ first broke the story August 07, 2010. Soon after the unfortunate suicide attempt/overdose incident occurred. Fantasia Barrino's new album entitled, "Back To Me" is suppose to drop on August 24, 2010 and it features her new hit single, "Bittersweet" as well as new singles "Man Of The House" and "Even Angels".

I must say that I really love Fantasia but sometimes the decisions you make in life and momentary bliss can cause you just as much pain as the person you think you are really hurting. I wonder if Antwaun feels any remorse for how he has put these ladies through so much drama, pain and deceit. This is a prime example of why women should definitely leave peoples husbands alone. As for Paula Cook and her kids, I wish them the best and I hope Fantasia gets well soon and learns a big lesson from all of this emotional pain. It's really not worth it. Now Fantasia is being labeled as a home-wrecker. Sad!!

Fantasia Barrino - Back To ME (NEWEST Albums)


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    • profile image

      andrea 5 years ago

      I thinks its not fantashia fault cause He should'nt been and a man and told her that he was married too paula cooks and, and they also had two kids together.