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New Trailer for "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald"

Updated on October 31, 2020

After a long wait, and for the joy of all the fans, the new trailer has been released. The expectation has been big these last few months, but we can say that it has been worth it. While it is true that the new material has clarified some points of the story, it has also left an even bigger list of unanswered questions and has generated an endless series of new theories about what we will see in the movie. Here a list of the most outstanding facts of the trailer and some rumors about what can be expected in November.

Paris during the '20s

We have been knowing for months that it is there where the movie will take place, and the trailer shows us new scenes of the city’s streets and of the French Ministry of Magic, indicating that most of the action will happen there. The question is, how is it that the protagonists get to Paris? Everything seems to indicate that Tina is there carrying out a mission for MACUSA, and Newt is following the orders of Dumbledore, but the presence of Queenie and Jacob is still a mystery.

Grindelwald's escape

The first trailer showed the not so new magic villain being transported into a flying carriage, that seems to be his escape route, but circumstances are not clear. It has been rumored that Grindelwald (Johnny Deep) would escape after a duel with Madame Pickery, president of MACUSA, but the trailer has not given us any clue whether that will happen or not.


Newt's boggart

Much has been said about this scene, released at the CinemaCon some months ago. But except for some lucky ones that could watch it at said event, the rest of the fans had to be contented with a narration of the scene and a photograph that started to circulate last week. It shows Newt during this time as a student at Hogwarts, and in the middle of what seems to be a Defense Against the Dark Arts class. The students are learning how to fight a boggart, a creature that adopts the form of the worst fear of every person. While facing Newt it adopts the form of a desk, which shows the character’s biggest fear: Having to work in an office. It also called attention the fact that it is Dumbledore who is in charge of the class, because as far as we knew, he was the Transfigurations teacher.


The young Dumbledore

One of the dearest characters of the “Harry Potter” saga, this time in a younger version, embodied by the actor Jude Law. The first movie suggested us that the relationship between Dumbledore and Newt is a rather close one (Remember that it was Dumbledore who argued against Scamander expulsion at the time) but now we will have the occasion of knowing this bond in more detail. The new trailer shows Dumbledore recruiting Newt to move against Grindelwald, alleging that it is not possible for him to do it himself, but without giving any reasons. We knew already that there was a strange friendship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald when they were teens, and that it ended because of a tragedy, what made completely possible that the resistance of Dumbledore to do something about it was simply due to the memories of that relationship. About this, the trailer reveals new information: In one of the scenes, we get to see Dumbledore in front of the mirror of Oesed. Potterheads will recognize that mirror from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone” in which Harry saw reflected his heart’s most desperate wish: His family. The fact that who Dumbledore sees reflected is no other than Grindelwald has caused a commotion among the fans. Since the author J.K Rowling revealed that Dumbledore is homosexual, theories that speak about a possible romantic relationship between these two characters have not stopped appearing. Can we take it as a confirmation? We will have to watch the movie to know some more.

Credence is back

Another long-awaited return. Credence somehow managed to survive the attack of the Aurors in New York and is now in Paris, presumably as a circus attraction and with much more developed powers. In the first movie, Credence was constantly manipulated by Grindelwald, who completely ignored the young man’s magical aptitudes. Will Grindelwald try to recruit him again? After what happened in the past, it is possible that Credence will not be very willing to stand on his side.


The Alchemist

One of the big surprises of the trailer was Nicolas Flamel, the famous alchemist, and owner of the Philosopher's Stone, whom Newt and Jacob seem to be paying a social call. It is not very clear yet which role will that character play in the story, but knowing that he is a friend of Dumbledore, we can imagine that the magizoologist might have recurred to Flamel by his indication. Will Flamel be another if his allies against Grindelwald?


New characters. And new magical creatures!

It seems like we will not only found many well-known faces but that we will also discover some new persons. The ones that will acquire more protagonism will be Theseus Scamander, Newt’s older brother (Callum Turner) and his fiance Leta Lestrange (Zoe Kravitz). We also have characters of whose participation in the story we do not know much, like Vinda Rosier, Yusuf Kama o professor Eulalie Hicks; but who has generated more curiosity is definitely Claudia Kim’s character, identified as a Maledictus, a person who carries a blood curse that makes her turn into a beast. In the trailer, we see her in the company of Credence, also as an attraction of the Arcanus circus. There will also be some additions to the magical creatures we already know. I have been hearing rumours that the characters would fight a lethiford. Could it be true?


Newt and Tina's relationship

We know beforehand this couple’s destiny, but in spite of that it is impossible not to wonder how will their story continue. The end of the first movie augurated the beginning of a very promising relationship, but it seems that things have become more complicated since then. Although the trailer does not give any specifical information about Newt and Tina beyond showing them together in a new mission, recent interviews to the lead actors suggest that the relationship has suffered a regression since we last saw them due to a “miscommunication”. It is possible that another cause for it is the presence of Leta Lestrange, with whom Newt had once a close friendship that ended under strange circumstances and left him deeply wounded. What happened between them remains a mystery, but maybe Newt mixed feelings for Leta will cause confusion and keep him apart from Tina. We also know that Leta is engaged with Newt’s brother, Theseus, so there is a possibility that Tina will find out about an engagement between a Scamander and Leta and will wrongly assume that it is Newt. Another clue we have is a picture released some months ago that shows a permit to travel to New York solicited by Newt which has been denied. Maybe he tried to go back to Tina and he could not? Fortunately, another picture, this one released recently, let us see a photograph of Tina, cut from a newspaper, inside the magizoologist’s case. That at least allows us to affirm that the American Auror has not left his thoughts.

And what about Queenie?

The adorable and cheerful woman of the first movie has suffered a considerable change. In the trailer released in March we saw her alone and looking sadder than ever, but the new scenes show her evident suffering. Many fan’s theories these last few months have proposed the idea that Queenie might have joined the dark side. Remember that in the wizarding community in America relationships between wizards and no-majs are completely illegal, what makes Queenie’s relationship with Jacob something impossible. What Grindelwald proposes is a world when wizards would not need to hide any longer. Will Queenie join him looking for a future to that forbidden love? It is also possible for her to be pressured to do it. Who knows? Her legilimence skills could certainly be useful for Grindelwald.


“Fantastic beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald” will hit cinemas on November 16.

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