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Farewell Mang Dolphy our King of Comedy

Updated on July 24, 2012

The whole Philippines was shocked when the veteran actor comedian Rodolfo V. Quizon died last July 10, 1012 also known as Dolphy. Everyone was surprised when his death fill the headlines of the three major TV networks of the country; ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5. The unexpected event was an awe of a moment for many. It took its citizens to a stand still absorbing the very bits of the news. The sudden realization of the Quizon family with Dolphy gone took the press by storm.

For months, The king of comedy has been confined in the hospital of St. Luke. He has been treated due to his ill condition deprived by his age. He would spent an entire day lying in bed far from the norm of everyday living. He couldn’t enjoy the sight of travelling around from any place. He couldn’t enter a relative’s house for camaraderie. Instead, the presence of visitors strengthens him along with his children who took turns watching their old man. His children found refuge with each other as Dolphy found it with them and his loved ones. His body was weakening as doctors see it through.

Even before he was brought to the hospital, signs have proven of what he was going through. At a video of him eating, he can’t hide the equipment beside him that was helping him breathe. At the point, it was apparent of how his family was attending to his every need. Dolphy had no intention of hiding his difficulty in health as he didn’t came to a point of avoiding the press for it. His face showed no sign that any should worry as he calmly eats his meal. With how he acted bravely to his sickness, everyone felt a breath of confident especially for his relatives. Everyone was optimistic to have him a time longer until he complained of his breathing. It sure have been a frightful moment for his sons as he was rushed to the hospital. He has been on medication ever since.

Although renowned for his ability to make a good laugh with people, he by that time needed one. It was one of the deepest moments of his life that he had need every bit of care. The thought of him being in the situation saddened the people around him even the ones who lookep up to him. His fans were constantly on updates about him. His closest friends have been checking up personally on him to lift him up by the presence. The renowned personalities of showbusiness were all clinging on one thing,that he would be up on his feet soon. Regardless of how well they are in the society, they made time to be with him. He badly needed the comfort of his family which did just that up to his very end. But, Dolphy hasn’t ever been the man when it comes to sadness. He had his principles when it come to it. He strongly disagrees of a face without joy. He disagrees on it ever since his children could remember. On one of the interviews to his sons, Erik Quizon, he mentioned how Dolphy responds to grief. He told that whenever any of his children were having any trouble about their personal life and that that they would come to him for comfort, he imposes a definite rule. A strict impletation of what can be called an SOP about a matter implies. If any of his children were to come to his home crying, he would turn on a sour expression. He would say to his son or daughter to cry it outside. No tear were to dopped on his household. After the weeping, his son or daughter would come to him as he would gladly listen as the man simply love for people to be happy. He isn’t a “Boys don’t cry” father but rather a “Boys cry outside” one which he also sets upon his daughters.


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