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Fascinating Dubai; Tigers Frolicking on the Beach

Updated on December 15, 2017

The Most Ferocious Beast

The tiger is a much-loved beast. He is ferocious but at the same time, he fascinates the human mind. One can recollect the excellent movie "Harry Black and the Tiger" filmed in India which was a tribute to the ferociousness and cunning of a tiger. The most ferocious of the tigers is the Bengal tiger. This beast is peculiar to India and its exploits are almost like a legend. Incidentally, the beast is worshiped in East India in the villages of the Sunderban, the delta formed by the Ganges.

Tigers have another species which is very rare. this species was originally only owned by the Maharajah of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh He kept them as a pet. Now about 400 white tigers are alive, mostly in zoo around the world. The Al Ain Zoo in Abu Dhabi has a pair of them.

Recently news emanated from the UAE, that 5 tigers were seen frolicking on the ocean beach in Dubai. One can visualize lovely girls in bikinis frolicking in the water, but not a tiger. More so in America and Europe which have no tigers at all. The Tigers love the water and the Indian Bengal tiger, in fact, resides in waterlogged areas of the Sunderbans. He is also an adept swimmer. These 5 tigers were seen frolicking on the beach at Burj al Arab inclusive of 2 white tigers.

Pet Tigers

All over the world Tigers are not allowed to be kept as pets as the end result can be disastrous. Even the tiger conservationist who kept a tiger as a pet Joy Adamson was in later years attacked by a tiger, but she survived. She was later murdered by her African helper in Kenya.

Jim Corbet, the famous hunter shot many tigers that had turned man-eaters. The Tiger is thus not an animal that can be domesticated. He is apt to attack and kill humans. That is the reason that tigers frolicking in the sea in the UAE are a matter of wonder. The Tigers are seen playing about in the water and no human is in sight. Probably they are pets of a rich sheik who loves tigers.

Animals at the Al Ain zoo
Animals at the Al Ain zoo

Last Word

As I have already written, Tigers are not allowed as pets. yet somebody in the UAE does have them as pets. It can only be a man with money and influence. These tigers are well kept and looked after and thus animal rights protagonists can have no complaint on this account. The UAE is by itself an exotic place and these tigers frolicking in the sand and the water is a sight to behold. One can savor the video which shows these beasts playing. One can't imagine that these beasts are so wild that no man will go unarmed near them.

The tiger is a massive animal and sometimes weighs close to 500 Lbs and is almost 9 ft from head to tail.All the same, it is a wonder of nature and Dubai is lucky to rear such magnificent cats


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