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Fascinating Unicorn Things You'll Want to Check Out

Updated on November 15, 2012

A Brief History

Since the days of Greek civilization, the legend of the unicorn has flourished. In Europe, they show up much like a horse with a very straight and tightly twisted horn. In Asia, they reveal themselves as a creature with antlers like a deer and scales like a fish, surrounded by fire.

In Medieval Times, the unicorn became popularized through art and the notion that its horn was magical. Most often, horns that were being distributed as unicorn horns were actually from Narwhals.

Unicorns Make Their Way into Popular Culture

Since then, many have been on the hunt to both prove and disprove the existence of the unicorn. On at least one occasion, a unicorn was thought of have been found. It was actually the careful combination of the fossilized remains of three different animals.

More significantly, unicorn have been described as being different real life animals including rhinoceros oryx, narwhal, and eland.

Today, unicorns are more popular than ever being a mainstay in many videos, products, and brands like Lisa Frank.

Ke$ha - Blow

Ask Any Brony, Unicorns Are In

Trying to figure out what to get that special someone? Want something that screams I care? Why not give them something unicorn related?

Long thought of as something more kitschy, unicorns, especially masks have seen a resurgence.

More Unicorn Stuff

Robot Unicorn Attack
Robot Unicorn Attack

Well worth the price. It's fun and the song is terribly addictive.


More Unicorn Resources

Still not convinced about the existence of unicorns? Check out the Unicorn Museum.

Looking to add some zest and flair to your online profiles or browsing experience? Cornify gives you rainbows and unicorns on demand.

Have time to kill and want to see one of the most popular videos online about unicorns? Check this one out.


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