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Fast Five (2011) - Film Review

Updated on May 13, 2011

Alright talking about Fast Five.

It’s got everything. It’s got action, it’s got military scenes in there, it’s got romance, it’s got comedy, it’s got everything except cars. They have literally broken every last law of physics that I’m aware of except time travel. Probably the Fast and the Furious 6 idea, “Back to the Furious.” But I mean every single last law. Michael Bay is probably sitting scratching his head wondering how they could have pulled some of these stunts off.

Vin Diesel returns as Dominic Toretto and he’s brought everybody back from the previous movies. Now if your saying “well they didn’t bring Lucas Black back” well it’s because in the absurd Fast and Furious timeline, he isn’t around yet. Vin is going to need as many people as he can get because he’s decided to take on the biggest, baddest gangster in Rio De Janeiro. So Vin gets all of this team of characters together in Rio, and these are gangsters that we are dealing with. They might not kill anybody, they might have a heart of gold, but they are wanted people. So they send the biggest, baddest federal agent that they can send after him, and that’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is just looking so angry is this movie because he can’t probably use the full range of motion from his arms. The Rock put on so much muscle and overall bulk in this film, that when he walks, he has to waddle. I mean when you’re bigger than the truck you’re driving, it’s probably time to cut back on the free weights. At first I was like ok, they brought The Rock in just so they can have him and Vin Diesel on screen for an all out battle, but it was just perfect for this movie.

Of course Vin Diesel can’t be without his partner Paul Walker as Brian O’ Conner, and he can’t be without his main man Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce and down the line and down the line. Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto is back as well, basically so that the crew can have a reason to be somewhat sentimental.

It seems as though Toretto in this film watched Ocean’s Eleven a lot. You come in expecting to see what you’ve known this series for as far as the really cool car racing scenes. This one has that twice, at the beginning, and at the end. It’s a heist film, and a pretty good one at that except for the fact that half of the movie is setting up the plan for the job they are going to pull. It keeps you distracted enough with guns, fights and one-liners though that you don’t realize that’s all it is. You do have a good fifteen minutes though of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel destroying half the city of Rio driving around with a vault tied to the back. Whether you buy it or not, it’s just pure fun and adrenaline to watch. I was looking at this and saying, alright how much of this is CG and how much of this is real stunts because of how good it looked, and again, miraculously they don’t kill anybody.

When I got action, I was entertained by it, it’s just I wish that there was more. Overall it’s an awesome action flick and worth the trip to your local theater. Fast Five really kicks off the start to a great summer 2011.


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