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Fast Five Movie Review - A Great Action Film

Updated on May 1, 2011

Fast Five movie review

Fast Five is a great action film. If you can get past the physically impossible maneuvers that they do in the movie, then I almost guarentee you will like this movie. This Fast Five movie review is a little more lenient. I walked out of this movie with my mind blown. It was one of those movies where it's so awesome that you can't remember all the awesome scenes in it.

The movie has a constant build up of action to the last few scenes. During the whole movie, you will be thinking that "surely this is the end of the action", but nope. It keeps on going. It's amazing. Overall, I would give this an B+ because although it was a great movie, the intense scenes were a little hard on the eyes (especially in IMAX) and because the acting was just ok. Read the rest of this fast 5 movie review to see the more in depth reasons why.

Movie Trailer -

Break it down

Action: If you like action movies, then this is the perfect movie for you. This movie is complete action scattered with low, chill moments where Vin Diesel is looking cool saying his one liners. It has everything from Parkour to gunfights to intense car chases. The setting of Brazil makes it even better because the roads are smaller (meaning shorter, quicker, and more intense turns), the neighborhoods are more poor (= more destruction). This movie is definitely not lacking in action. The only downside that I would say is that it was a little hard to watch sometimes because it was hard on the eyes. But only sometimes.

Acting: Overall, the acting wasn't too bad. It wasn't grammy worthy, but it wasn't bad. The person whose acting was not very good at all was the Rock. He is super jacked in this movie and looks hardcore, but his acting really takes away from the intense moments in the movie. And they gave him an odd looking Go-tee. But the acting doesn't really catch your attention a whole lot because of the constant action.

Cursing: I don't know if anyone want to know it but I thought I might include it just because. They have a few curse words scattered throughout the story, but they don't really catch your attention because it's usually during a loud action scene.

Good Looking People: You know they have them. Every single dude in this movie is super jacked and every chick is smoking hot. It's Fast and Furious, what'd you expect

Plot/Storyline: Prepare yourself for, literally, the most impossible yet fun ride of your life. The storyline is definitely not the best aspect of this movie mainly because it doesn't make sense, but it's bearable. Physics is not taken into account at all during this movie, and either is the idea of plausibility. Some of the action scenes will leave you skeptical, but that's just what makes this movie good. They add a few unnecessary twists, specifically near the end, but the heist near the end makes up for it. One of which was at the very end, after the credits.

Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) and Vin Diesel in Fast Five
Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) and Vin Diesel in Fast Five

Is it worth it

Regular Tickets: It is definitely worth the price! It costs 10$ to see a movie where I live, and I would almost see it twice. There are more than enough epic fight/car scenes to make it worth the money.

IMAX tickets: It is definitely worth it. I would just recommend getting there early so that you can get seats that are in the middle of the theatre or higher because sometimes the action scenes are hard to look at for a long amount of time.

Lastly - When the movie ends, do NOT leave. There's still another scene at the end of the credits. Other than that, go enjoy what 21st century technology can do. It's incredible.

Before you go

I hope this fast and furious movie review helped you out. If you liked this Fast and Furious 5 movie review, please don't forget to

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    • chasemillis profile image

      chasemillis 6 years ago

      Definitely, if you're not prepared for it, your mind will be blown. And thanks Cogerson

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Very nice review....I actually never saw the first ones....but the previews have me interested...thanks for sharing....voted up

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks for the great review, I appreciate it. Sounds like you need to be ready for lots of action.