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Fast and Furious 6 Film Review

Updated on June 19, 2013

The latest chapter in the Fast and Furious series continues the positive change of pace brought about in Fast Five that has made this series a critical success to go with it's financial triumph. Fast and Furious 6 is a ridiculous and awesome action film full of intense action and the right sense of fun that makes this series the success that it is. The sixth film finds Dom and his crew enjoying retirement after their successful heist in Brazil during Fast Five. A new crew targeting military convoys that involves Letty brings them out of hiding as they try to take down the rival crew in exchange for clean records and tickets home. What ensues is crazy and intense vehicular destruction that takes both crews to the limit.

After getting what they wanted in Fast Five, it was going to to be interesting to see how Dom and co. would be coaxed back into putting it all on the line again. Using Letty for that was the right move. It brought the series full circle and the storyline was used to sort of bring about a conclusion for a trilogy beginning with Fast and Furious in 2009, which saw the return of the original characters from the 2001 film. It gave the story an emotional kick as well that was well executed and made the action have meaning throughout the film, which was nice to see.

The action sequences in this series get better and better as they try to continuously outdo themselves. The London street chase, the Tank chase, and the final plane chase were great action set pieces that took vehicular destruction to a whole new level of crazy. The fisticuffs flew as well as Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano threw down in a scene stealing fistfight. Speaking of scene thieves, The Rock delivered another solid performance as Luke Hobbs. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, and the other members of Dom's crew gave good performances once again. The big show stealer however, was Luke Evans as the film's villain, Owen Shaw. He was intense, charismatic, intelligent, and ruthless. He sort of served as an anti-Dom as Shaw served as a mirror for Dom if Dom didn't have the values. Shaw is Dom without a conscience. The members of his crew aren't family, they're just pieces in a puzzle and if one doesn't fit, then it's disposed of. He served as the perfect foil to Dom's crew. The reveal of an angry relative at the very end of the film will make things VERY interesting in the series's seventh film, already scheduled to release next summer.

The decision to take Fast and Furious away from the street racing and turn it into a hardcore action series with fast cars continues to pay off. By the third film, the street racing was turning into an overused gimmick. When the original characters came back in Fast and Furious, the street racing served a specific purpose and has continued to do so in the fifth and sixth film .I hope this change remains throughout the series, however long it lasts. One thing is for sure, the Fast and Furious series is here to stay and continues to improve as it grows with age. i look forward to Fast and Furious 7 next summer.

Luke Evans shined as the film's villain, Owen Shaw.
Luke Evans shined as the film's villain, Owen Shaw.
The Rock delivered another solid performance.
The Rock delivered another solid performance.
The action sequences continued to impress in the series' sixth installment.
The action sequences continued to impress in the series' sixth installment.
5 stars for Fast and Furious 6


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