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Fast and Furious 6 Review

Updated on July 31, 2013

Fast and Furious Movies

The movies have moved on from actual street racing and turned into some kind of action / heist type movies. Some people don't like the fact it hasn't really got any street racing when compared to the first 3 movies, I think it has gotten a lot better. It started out with a cop going undercover to find out who is hijacking lorries and then goes on to taking on large criminal organisations.

The completely unrealistic action in this movie just makes it way better. Who would really have liked to have watched 6 movies all just about street racing. It is probably a better movie also just for the reason of having watched all the other movies, it makes you feel like you know the characters yourself and so are kind of rooting for them during the movie.

The movies are meant to show how characters come together and finally the third movie Tokyo Drift is incorporated. For most people they would have thought that Tokyo Drift was just some nonsense they made for no reason. For any hardcore Fast and Furious fans you would like to know that the 7th movie is meant to be a start of a trilogy that follows on from Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious Soundtrack #1


Fast and Furious 6 Plot

Fast 6 has a great opening as it shows everything that has happened from the 1st movie till the 6th (not including the Tokyo Drift) and so will kind of wrap up the story nicely for anyone who is seeing this as their first fast and furious film.

Fast 6 follows on from the movie fast five, the story shows how everyone is using their share of the 100 million until they are all brought together by Dom. Dom is informed by Hobbs that Letty is still alive and that he needs his crew to help him take out Shaw. Letty is working for Shaw who is ex military and leading a crew able to hijack military cargo and disappear without a trace. The team promises to help in return for becoming free, they soon realize that they are up against something they have never seen before.

They add in some banter in between the serious stuff like everyone cussing Roman about his large forehead, even though he is bald and you can't really tell how big it is. They also bring up how Hobbs always seems to be covered in baby oil which is always funny.

Later you find out that Letty has lost her memory and so doesn't want to rejoin her old family. As they try to capture Shaw they battle a tank, a weird robot wars car that flips over cars and an aircraft. They never seem to be able to out-think Shaw however, even after he tells Dom he will go after his family he makes no effort to protect or even warn Mia.

There is one scene were Han is holding onto Gisele to stop her falling onto the runway, she notices he is about to be attacked and so lets go to shoot the attacker. It seemed with the way he was holding her the same outcome could have been achieved by just letting go with one of her arms. A lot of people aren't happy when the good guys die but I think it makes the story better.

Fast and Furious 6 Soundtrack #2

Fast and Furious 6 Fight Scenes

If you thought the fight with Dom and Hobbs was good then you will love the fight scenes in this movie. Top fight scenes:

  1. Jah VS Police and Roman and Han.
  2. Hobbs VS Big dude.
  3. Brian VS Braga and henchman.

There is a lot more martial arts type fighting and also those great scenes were people are dashed around.

Fast and Furious 6 Ending

There are basically two endings to this film, one of these is the ending that shows everyone together having a BBQ just like back in the first fast and furious. The next part of the movie goes back to the third Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. They seem to have completely forgotten how the movie ended and decided to just add in Jason Statham as a new character. Although the next movie looks like it will be great with him in it, seems like they should have at least added him somewhere else. The actual ending to Tokyo Drift is that during the chase with the Yakuza guy Han's car topples. The main character is looking at him and sees the car blow up. In Fast and Furious 6 they decided that Jason walks up to the car, drops Letty's chain before it blows up. You don't see him in Tokyo Drift and from were he is standing you would have definitely seen him. This is the only bad thing about this movie.

Fast and Furious 6 Soundtrack #3

Favorite Character

Which Fast 6 character do you like best?

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5 stars for Fast and Furious 6


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