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Fate Of The Furious - Movie Review

Updated on August 8, 2017
Fate Of The Furious
Fate Of The Furious | Source

Story - 9 out of 10

A huge turning point to have Dom turn on his crew. I love how none of this had happened earlier in the franchise or the effect would have been less devastating. His reasons are just and was unexpected when I found out why he had to betray his 'other family'. It seems as though he was given a dilemma of choices and it did work.
However, the reason behind his betrayal was revealed too soon and in the wrong way. Initially, when I watched the trailer, most people would have thought if he betrayed his family on his own accord. I woulds think that would have been more effective to broaden the rest of the franchise. You may have heard that there will be a Fast 9 and 10. Fast 10 will be the last film of the franchise. So why not finish the franchise with a trilogy on Dom's betrayal? Dom's character is strong enough to NOT be brought down by his own crew as he himself is the lead crew member who holds his crew upright.
I love how they joined Jason Statham to the crew only 'Temporary' to capture Dom. Jason was doing it for his own reasons but giving a helping hand to the crew was a big plus during moments when they needed him. The only problem here is that it may have been obvious for 'bad' characters turning 'good'. But whose to say Jason may not return for a negative role in the next installments?
I would have given the story a 10. But Dom's revelation destroyed my suspense as to why he did what he did. If it was by heart, it would have grabbed me even more with several questions rising persistantly.

Characters - 8 out of 10
Most notable characters include Dom, Letty, Hobbs, Deckard and Cipher.
Dom - He is strong hearted and willing to beat the changes out of a character in the franchise. This work of art could be seen when feuding with Hobbs in Fast 5 and a brief sector with another character in Fast 8. The most shocking moment of the franchise for me was the point where Dom's emotions cloud out raindrops. This is something that has never been seen before. (I dont think). You will probably understand what I mean after you watch the film.
Letty - Following the betrayal of the one she loved, she believes Dom is not Dom. (Like as though there is a twin). Throughout the movie, her emotions for Dom can be visible at the most with a close confrontation with Ramsey. There is also a threatening moment with Dom but I will let you see that for yourself. In that particular scene, you can feel the tension between them in an instant with the sound of a gunshot.
Hobbs and Deckard - These two are frequently verbally abusing each other. Their fighting skills are shown smoothly and its like you can sense the skills they possess will conflict with each other if a fight were to break out. During the course of the film, Hobb's emotions show a different side when a tragedy turns life threatening in which even if Hobbs were to fight this tragedy, he cannot win against it.
Cipher - Her dominance of Dom is portrayed strongly from the very first sight of her to the end. She is a threat to Dom and his families. However, what makes this ever so strong is that Ciphers strength of the film is not Dom or her crew. Its bulletproof windows.

Visuals, Sets, Suspense ETC - 10 out of 10
Perfect as always. I have to commend the makers of this film. Their dedication to make this movie a hit can be seen in all the movies of the franchise (excluding Tokyo Drift). Each installment has their stakes higher and higher and this one is no exception. I love the beginning race which had a contrast in car use for the first time in the strong bathing sunny weather of the Havanna whilst in the end of the film, there is an arctic like blast when they are in Russia. The use of strategy in the racing in these films are also noteworthy. One time it was about casual racing. But now, the mind games with racing are taking over the franchise and thats awesome!
I must tell you though that even at the beginning race, lives are always at risk. The portration of this is ever so strong in this film to the point in the end, I believed someone may die (EVEN DOM). But does anyone lose their lives? You will have to find that out yourself!

Conclusion and Final Rating - 10 out of 10
Overall, this movie is one of the best I have seen. Even though our beloved Paul Walker or his family are not in the film, he is mentioned twice by character and name. However, I am worried in how they will continue to raise the stakes as they head to the end of the franchise by just 2 more installments. I have ideas of my own including bringing in Jet Lee or a japanese character to play the role of an antaganist with very high martial arts skills or even bring an entire antaganist crew with each crew member facing an adversary of their own. That may play the role of finishing Dom's family (titling their last film this) Fast and Forever.

My rating stars -
0 - One Of The Worst I Have Ever Seen
1 - Shit
2 - Awful
3 - Very Bad
4 - Bad
5 - Average
6 - Good
7 - Very Good
8 - Excellent
9 - Awesome
10 - One Of The Best I Have Ever Seen


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