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Father Figures Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Updated on December 29, 2017

Brief Summary

"Father Figures" is a movie about two brothers who grew distant only to be reunited as they journey to finding their biological father.

Kyle (Owen Wilson) and Peter (Ed Helms) was told that their mother Helen (Glenn Close) that she had been lying about the death of their father. With the shock of the news, the two embarked on a mission to find their biological father.

The two experience joy followed by disappointment as they came up to a dead end trying to piece together who their father is.

The Good and The Bad

The Good
The Bad
Plot Premise (+7)
Audience Excitement (-8)
Popular Cast (+7)
Misleading (-8)
Boring (-8)
Each movie starts with a 75 score with The good receiving a score between (1-10) and The Bad reduces that score between (1-10)

Plot Premise (The Good) +7

The plot idea of this movie was good because a lot of people could relate. In fact I think the idea and plot of the movie was very heartwarming because in life sometimes all we want is closure.

All the two brothers wanted is to know who their real father is, weather dead or alive, they just wanted to know the truth. To see them doing everything they can to meet and be able to call their dad, dad was something that tugged the heart.

Popular Cast (The Good) +7

Seeing the cast of this movie was very intriguing to me. It has an all star cast from; Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, which was made very famous in the Hangover Trilogy, Glenn Close, J.K Simmons, Ving Rhames, Terry Bradshaw, Christopher Walken, Kat Williams among others.

A star studded cast that had made a lot of movies in the past that were great and enjoyable.

Audience Reactions (The Bad) -8

Now on to the bad about "Father Figures". Sitting in the theater to an almost sold out crowd I noticed very little reactions throughout the movie, including with myself. The movie was very bland, the funny parts were few and far apart in the movie.

It seemed like to me this movie failed to draw the audience response as it got very boring and uneventful in the middle parts of the film. I even noticed two people falling asleep because of the bland dialog and the few action scenes.

Misleading (The Bad) -8

As you can see with the movie poster for "Father Figures" you see a star studded cast. Actors and actress with a great pedigree in movie making and success in entertaining the audience.

With that said, the movie poster is very misleading. I was expecting to see all those great actors and actresses throughout the movie, I mean they are in the front cover of the movie poster. However, I will say about 95% involved only the two main Characters, and most of the other actors only made one appearance lasting about 10 minutes.

It would of been nice to see the other actors be more involved in the movie, because that is what I was expecting due to the previews and the movie poster. I was highly disappointed.

Boring (The Bad) -8

In terms of action and excitement this move lacked it from the beginning to end. The majority of this film is just strictly dialog between the two main actors, a lot of talking and no action.

We come to expect Owen Wilson and Ed Helms be an energetic, outrageously funny actors in funny roles but this movie did not bring it out of them. The script did an injustice to the talents of the actors and what the audience have come to expect.

There was very little action, very little dramatic scenes, just two brothers talking to each other in the car, I was so disappointed how they used the actors in this movie.

Summary and Score

In conclusion, this movie was a huge disappointment to me and by the looks of it the other audience members in the theater at that time. It just lacked to spark and energy you come to expect from a comedy with the history of the main characters.

My suggestion would be to wait for this flick on DVD and save your money instead of watching it in the theater. This movie was very flat and in my personal opinion it failed.

Total Score: 65pts

Grade: D

Plot Premise (+7)

Audience Excitement (-8)

Popular Cast (+7)

Misleading (-8)

Boring (-8)

Grading Legend
90-100+ = A

80-89= B

70-79= C

60-69= D

<59 = F

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      Louise Powles 2 months ago from Norfolk, England

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