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Favorite Asian and Mixed Asian You Tubers

Updated on February 15, 2016
Raine Law Yuen profile image

Raine has interest in exploring the intersections between East and West, A South African Born Chinese with two children of mixed ancestry.

My Chonny rose to stardom through his you tube channel that relates his experiences as an Australian Born Chinese-Vietnamese national.
My Chonny rose to stardom through his you tube channel that relates his experiences as an Australian Born Chinese-Vietnamese national. | Source

From Fashion Fundi's, make-up artist, rappers, comedians.E Asians are making their own opportunities through You Tube.

Website states that of the top 10 personalities on YouTube, three are Asian, occupying the second, sixth, and 10th spots respectfully. The top 10 women also include three Asians. It seems East Asians are filling the gap left by mainstream media by using social media especially You tube as platforms to find expression, role models and reflect the views of the modern Asian of the 21st century.

My First Encounter with Mychonny - An Asian You Tuber.

I can still remember the time when I first stumbled upon Mychonny, an Australian born Vietnamese-Chinese You Tuber. I was crying and laughing at the same time. I couldn't believe that someone from the other side of the world could describe certain aspects of my mothers personality in such a comical way so spot on. It was also a significant moment for me because East Asians are so rarely depicted in main steam media that to come across someone who identified with my issues and background was quite something for me.- I believe it points to the shared global experience of being an overseas born Asian. Siince Mychonny, Asian YouTube's around the globe and especially in the USA have increased quite significantly in number and popularity.

Since this first encounter my children have discovered a number of you tubers and blogs that explore Asian and multicultural identity in a fun and entertaining way. I must say though that some do use quite a bit of profanity so parental guidance may be necessary for young children.

We spent many hours viewing, exploring, discovering, integrating, internalizing and laughing on the meaning of being Asian and mixed Asian.

How Is Defining One's Identity Different In A Technology Driven Social media World?

We live in a world with many different cultures, yet modern life tends to be isolating. Community is defined increasingly by who we hang out with on social media networks with national boundaries disappearing at a click of a button.

Asian Ethnic identity today is defined by a more pan Asian orientation. My children for instance are drawn to Korean K Pop music,Korean Fashion and Dramas. When it comes to food we stick to our traditional Chinese recipes and when it comes to art, graphics, cartoons they look to Japanese productions.

I share some of our favorite you tubers that explore Asian and mixed Asian culture/heritage.

John Luc: Mychonny

According to Wikia

John Luc (born January 18, 1991), also known as mychonny by his fans, is a 24Year Old Vietnamese-Chinese Australian who lives in Melbourne. He joined YouTube in March of 2008. He makes 'Asianese' videos of himself, friends, and family. Mychonny has 878,742 subscribers (As of February 8th, 2015) and now has five YouTube channels, Mychonny, Yourchonny, chonnyday, gaming channel chonnygame and kpopchonny

Fung Brothers

The website of the Fung brothers quotes this information about them.

"Growing up in the Seattle suburbs, brothers David and Andrew were fascinated by hip-hop, comedy, and food. Stereotypically, their Asian immigrant parents wanted their children to become either doctors, lawyers, or follow in the family tradition of being an engineer. Thus their childhood would become a constant push-and-pull between the wishes of their traditional parents and the new American sub-cultures that they grown to love.

After graduating from college (and David spending a brief stint in Asia), the brothers moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in both stand-up and YouTube. After making a few funny rap songs about food and putting the music videos on YouTube, people started to take notice – viewers across the world appreciated the subtle blend of the equal parts: rapper, comedian, and foodie. Since then, Fung Brothers have been featured in the New York Times, NPR, the Cooking Channel and Travel Channel. In 2015 they got their own cable TV food-travel show on the FYI Network called “What The Fung?!”, a fresh, multicultural take on food in America"

Off The Great Wall: Mike Chen and Dan Chen

Mike and Dan Chen provide informative shows on traditional Chinese culture in a simple and entertaining way.

Mike Chen had this to say as to the reason for his show.

"I believe that there are many Chinese such as myself who grew up in the West and want to learn more about China and Chinese culture but there is a lack of a medium to learn about those things in an relatable, entertaining way. I was lucky to have close friends who shared similar thoughts and we created Off The Great Wall to showcase the awesomeness of Chinese culture to those who want to learn more about it."

Natalie Tran

According to Wikipedia

Natalie Tyler Tran (born 24 July 1986) is an Australian vlogger, actress, comedian and writer from Sydney who uses the handle community channel.

Natalie talks about everyday life, observations and experiences which is delivered in a quirky way with self depreciating humor.

Vote For Your favorite Asian You tuber.

Who Is the most entertaining Asian You Tuber?

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Max Capo's Hapa Hour

Max Capo is Japanese and American. He is a host onHapa Hour, a show dedicted to Hapa issues and also has his own show Konnichiwat'sup's.

According to his profile he enrolled in North Carolina State University in 2008 and studied in Business Administration for 2 years. but decided to take a different route in life and study abroad in Tokyo. In 2010 where he learnt the Japanese language more fluently and studied film-making

Other You tubers that are very popular include David So, Canadian, Peter Choa, Happy Slip, Wong Fu productions,Kev Jumba, Niga Higa and Freddie Wong. They provide great entertainment with charismatic dynamic individualism, dispelling historic stereotypes and redefining the meaning of what it means to be Asian in the 21st century.


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