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Some of My Favorite Flowers - A Photo Gallery

Updated on November 25, 2011
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Some of My Favorite Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful part of our lives. Whether in a bouquet one gives or receives, or in a garden, they are just lovely reminders of some of the beauty in our world.

It seems I come from a long line of flower lovers, and so it is natural perhaps that I love them as well. I don't know of many though, that take as many photos as I do of flowers, so maybe I have them beat, that is hard to know for sure! Here is a gallery of photos, dedicated to some of my favorite flowers. I am curious to know what your own favorite flowers are, if you care to share that with me. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Photos of Some Favorite Flowers.

Photo 1 - Purple Clematis flower growing on a vine on a trellis. There are many shades of this interesting flower out there. I have seen some very dark purple ones as well. This particular shade of purple with a white center is just so beautiful to me. Its very eye catching and bold in its design.

Photo 2 - A pink or more like a coral colored rose. I hope you will click on this one, to see it a bit larger, as the color really is so pretty, the different shades of it. Its not completely opened up, but sometimes a rose is very pretty in this stage. I love it, and know that there is more to come, and even more changes of color as it unfurls its petals.

Photo 3 - This kind of magenta or purple flower looks almost like a rose but it is not. The curves of the petals, the pinkish purple color and the lighter almost silvery color of the greenery are all so pretty to me.

Photo 4 - This bold colored zinnia with a little moth visitor is a favorite kind of flower of mine. Zinnias don't really have that same beautiful, curvy petal design, nor do they smell good, but they have other qualities in a flower that I love. They can withstand a very hot Summer, as they are from Mexico originally. They are butterfly magnets almost, and so bright and bold that they have just become a garden favorite of mine.

Photo 5 - At first glance these look like pansies, but they are viola flowers. They are in the same family though. These are considered to be part of the herb family, and also happen to be a butterfly host plant, so they are of course way up there on my list for those two reasons alone. Upon looking a bit closer, these beauties are show stoppers in their design and details! Little works of art, is what they are to me. They are also called Johnny Jump Ups sometimes.

Photo 6 - Another Zinnia, this is a bright and bold purple one with that typical yellow center. The yellow parts sometimes look like tiny, mini flowers of their own. Part of the neat design that I love so much about them.

Photo 7 - The bold, purple coneflower, also known as the herb ehcinacea. Who knew that that healthy herb was so beautiful in its flower form? I love it for my butterfly garden, and for the fact it also doubles in an herb garden. These will come back again and again, if the rabbits in my yard don't keep them mowed down! I love that they get bee and butterfly visitors as well.

Photo 8 - The hanging fuschias you see here are something that reminds me of my grandmother who passed quite a while back. These were parts of gardens that she used to go and see, and she bought some for her own back porch later on. They are lovely, kind of exotic and tropical looking kind of flowers.

Photo 9 - Four O'Clock Flowers. These guys are famed for how they close up tightly, then open up again at certain times of the day, thus their name. I like that, and the little design and inside part as well with orange tips if you look closely. I planted these by seed, and have also grown the dark pink versions.

Photos 10 & 11- These are both cosmos flowers that I absolutely love. They have neat but simple design, and come in pinks and whites and varying shaped petals. They have one version called a seashell design, and sometimes have varying hues of color in the petals. They blow beautifully in a breeze, and these were also grown from seed for my butterfly garden.

Photo 7
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Photo 8
Photo 8 | Source
Photo 9
Photo 9 | Source
Photo 10
Photo 10 | Source
Photo 11
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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Plinka, thank you! :)

      Gail, thanks so much. :)

      Moira, I think I agree with you, though I love different things about so many different flowers shown here. Thanks for your comment.

      Green Wasabi, thank you!

      Kris, Pansies and violas are amazing little flowers, often overlooked as they are low to the ground or small compared to others. I think they are beautiful though too. :)

      Simone, thank you! I have to agree, it seems that clematis is otherworldly. Thanks for the comment and stopping by!

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Oh my goodness, what exquisite flowers! I don't recall ever seeing anything like that purple Clematis flower before... it's positively otherworldly!

    • Kris Heeter profile image

      Kris Heeter 6 years ago from Indiana

      Beautiful photos. I think pansies have to be one of my favorites.

    • Green Wasabi profile image

      Green Wasabi 6 years ago

      Beautiful shots!

    • MoiraCrochets profile image

      Moira Durano-Abesmo 6 years ago from Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines

      Love the first flower!

    • gail641 profile image

      Gail Louise Stevenson 6 years ago from Mason City

      Beautiful flowers! Very nice photos.

    • plinka profile image

      plinka 6 years ago from Budapest, Hungary

      Nice hub!