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Favorite TV Programs

Updated on January 19, 2012

I don't know about you but have you noticed how TV programs come and go, some stay, some are cancelled? It is amazing what kind of programs that directors and producers can think of. But unfortunately some of the programs don't make it due to the lack of rating among the people who watch tv.
I do have a few programs that have always been my favorite since I started seeing them. Some are comedy, some are action and some are reality shows. One of my favorite programs to watch is True Blood, yeah I admit it, I really like true blood, the action, the suspense, the drama it has. Another one is American Horror Story, season 1 was good, hopefully the next season is good like the first one. One that I could say I really enjoyed was Smallville before it finished, it was good. However, there are some programs that need to end because they can run out of ideas on how to make it go further.
How many like reality shows? Reality shows are good, at least some of them are. I really enjoyed The X Factor that was really good. American Idol is also good, and I am glad for a new season.
So are there any shows on tv that is your favorite, was your favorite? Did they take away any that you liked? Or do some of you really don't care what comes on anymore?


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