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Favorite music of years gone by

Updated on May 16, 2015

Some of my favorite songs of the 1960s

I love music and have been listening to all kinds since I was a little kid. There is something magical about music that brings me back in time when I listen to a song on the radio or on a best of music cd. In truth I put a list together in video format of some of my favorite songs of the 1960s and since I started with 10 it is hard to narrow my choices. My list may not reflect all my favorites obviously but it is a representation of some of the artists and songs I enjoy. I could put together a list of my favorite 100 songs represented in video format but that would be exhausting so I chose 10. I have many fond memories of music from the early years of my life and I really enjoyed the music of the 1960s as that was when I started listening as a young kid. I remember driving with my dad and listening to the songs on the radio. As a kid one of my favorite songs was Sugar, Sugar by the Archie's, a fictional group with Ron Dante as the lead vocals and singer of the bubble gum generation. I also loved the girl groups of the 1960s and I always loved the Ronettes and the Crystals as well as many others but these two groups stick out in my mind. I always thought Jim Morrison of the Doors was a genius having many talents as a writer, poet and song writer and he had a hugh impact in music despite the fact that he died so young.

I was also influenced by the Beatles and remember their performance on the Ed Sullivan show and the interviews. I remember my mom being a fan of their music and her wishing to see them perform at Shea Stadium. I love many Beatles songs and represented 2 of my favorites which are Hey Jude and Yesterday. I always thought their music was way ahead of its time and knew there music would be here to stay for many generations. A group I liked that had a sad tragic outcome was Badfinger who were influenced by the Beatles. I enjoyed a lot of their music which was predominantly of the 1970s decade. They started out early as the Ivey's and I loved their song Maybe Tomorrow.

There were so many groups of the 1960s and so many bands that came from England as part of the British Invasion and I loved so many of them finding it hard to remember all their names. I can put a whole list together of Rolling Stones songs I love which I should have also reflected on this list but it is very hard to identify all my favorites. I will leave them for the 1970s. If I were to do that it would be a very ambitious project. I am also a big fan of Peter, Paul and Mary and the Carpenters which I will represent in my 1970s list. The Monkees and the Jackson Five also come to mind for the 1970s.

Simon and Garfunkel were tremendous performers and I loved a lot of their songs. Bridge over troubled waters stands out as does Cecilia, the Boxer and Mrs Robinson.

If I was told I could only pick music to listen to from one decade then I would probably go with the music of the 1960s as I really have a connection to it and it really is enjoyable listening to all the different groups and sounds that came from that decade.

Another group I liked was Procol Harem with their hit Whiter shade of Pale which is a true song of the 1960s. Manfred Mann had several songs I enjoyed listening too such as Doo Wa Diddy and Mighty Quinn.

As I get older I am starting to forget the names of the groups and properly associating the song with the right band but I love listening to great music and enjoy the memories they bring back which is priceless.

Two songs I can not leave out from my list is a classic from The Hollies which I always loved listening to, "He ain't heavy, he's my brother." and a great song from The Association, which I also love, Windy.

I will always enjoy listening to the music of the 1960s and I enjoy sharing this music with my son who also has become a fan of this decade in music.

My son also loves music and having an autistic diagnosis music seems to help calm and relax him so I enjoy spending quality time with him listening to great music and exposing him to the many different decades of music so he can expand his mind and learn of tremendous music artists.

I believe one of the greatest musical influences I had as a child which I will also do a tribute page for is Elvis Presley. He has to be one of the greatest rock n roll music artist's of all time and my son realizes that at the tender age of 11 as Elvis is his favorite music artist.

It was fun putting this little page together which I look forward to sharing with my son.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Favorite songs of the 1960's #1

Favorite songs of the 1960's #2

Favorite songs of the 1960's #3

Favorite songs of the 1960's #4

Favorite songs of the 1960's #5

Favorite songs of the 1960's #6

Favorite songs of the 1960's #7

Favorite songs of the 1960's #8

Favorite song's of the 1960's #9

Favorite songs of the 1960's #10

Favorite songs of the 1960s - The Association

My All Time Favorite


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    • billyaustindillon profile image


      8 years ago

      Super inspired selections here - The Doors, Beatles, Procal Harum - boy there was some great music in the sixties. Sugar Sugar I have heard covered by some bands over the years and it has had some great reworks. I will come back to that when I can remember the name. :) I look forward to your British Invasion hub.

    • geraldinegerongay profile image


      8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I love music too. It comforts me when I'm sad.


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