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Tear Jerkers

Updated on February 2, 2013
Love At First Sight
Love At First Sight

Get The Tissues Ready!! - © Sarah Masson 2011

We all love a good tear jerker. They provoke emotions that sometimes we didn't even know that we had. It's strange to watch a movie and cry because it is just a movie after all, but the acting is so realistic that it's believable. We feel their pain, loss and love.The list of movies below are some of my favourites. These are all fantastic films, I hope you enjoy the list (which is in no specific order)

Titanic - This love story is based uopn the ship "Titanic" which sunk after hitting an iceberg on the 14th of April 1912. The movie follows a young man named Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) who is poor but after some luck finds himself aboard with his friend. Also on the boat is the beautiful Rose (Kate Winslet) with her fiance which are both from well off families. They fall in love and get into some mischief along the way. It's a lovely story but we all know what's going to happen in the end. I cried the first seven times I watched it (and I've only seen it seven times!)

Romeo & Juliet - Based on the story by Shakespeare, the leading roles are played by Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes. Living in rival families makes things very difficult for the young star crossed lovers. Through everything they love each other unconditionally. A tragic love story but also so beautiful. "My only love sprung from my only hate"

A Walk To Remember - An accident brings the young couple together. Maybe the saying opposites attract is true? The jock Landon (Shane West) falls for the quiet yet lovely Jamie (Mandy Moore.) Sounds like the stuff dreams are made of huh? We go through their journey of love with them until illness tears them apart.

The Notebook - The story follows two young people in the 1940's. Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) fall in love but her parents don't approve of him. She finds another man and becomes engaged but she never forgets her Noah.They spend their lives together right up until the very end.

Beaches - The story of two friends who go through the ups and downs of life while being together or apart but always staying in touch. Starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, this is a movie not to miss!

What's Eating Gilbert Grape - An amazing story about staying together as a family no matter what life throws your way. The story revolves around Gilbert (Johnny Depp) who spends his time looking after his brother and mother, working and falling in love. A very touching story.

Sweet November - Starring Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves, this is another beautiful love story that follows the couples ups and downs but sickness intervenes.

Life As A House - A story of a father (Kevin Kline) who finds out he is ill and decides to build a house to get closer to his son. A moving story of the power of family and friends.

Tristan & Isolde - James Franco and Sophia Myles play the lovers who have to steal their moments wisely but war then comes between them.

Legends Of The Fall - Starring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Aidan Quinn comes the story of a father and his sons. Of betrayal between brothers and of love. Fantastic movie!

Some other tear jerkers: * Terms Of Endearment * Love Story * I Am Sam * Marley & Me * City Of Angels * Of Mice And Men *

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