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Fearing the inevitable: 'Beauty and The Beast's "Gay" Moment'

Updated on March 3, 2017
Bill Condon's remaster of the original Disney film - Beauty and the Beast.
Bill Condon's remaster of the original Disney film - Beauty and the Beast.

After admitting that there is in fact a gay scene in the new Disney remake of Beauty and the Beast, director Bill Condon now struggles to keep the intended audience still interested in seeing the film. While most in the LGBT society are beyond thrilled, some worry that the one gay scene might not be suitable for young kids.

Being a parent is one of the most difficult challenges, especially when faced with not really knowing how to handle a situation that involves the child. Seeing this movie could cause for a child to question sexuality in the means of trying to understand what "gay" actually is and though a lot of people understand that this curiosity is inevitable in the year 2017, some want to guard their kids away from the topic.

Josh Grad, who plays the iconic character Le Fou, is proud of Disney making this leap and goes to the public stating: "I'm honored to have that moment as part of my character's arc."

To help those who are unaware of what to do here's some advice - let your kids see it! Obviously this is a suitable film for children for it not only is a Disney movie but also is directed towards the younger population (even though most of us adults couldn't be more excited about the film as well.)

The movie isn't about being gay nor is it about enhancing awareness for the gay society, but about accepting love in any form.

It's incredibly hard to become adequate towards something we don't understand, but all that is expected of us as a whole is to be accepting without judgement and to be open to changes.

Best bet, this minor "gay" scene will most likely go right over your child's head - worst case scenario is that your kids will then turn to you for answers just like they do with everything in life. I preferably would rather my kids see truth and raise awareness amongst themselves and then be there for them then to shun truth from their eyes.

Don't forget the movie Beauty and the Beast's meaning, it might make you understand why Disney chose this to be their first film related outreach towards the LGBT.

Don't allow your own personal fears block the childhood of your kids. Gay is a thing and it will forever be a thing and until we can all accept that as a whole and move on we will continuously debate over pointless arguments - like whether or not a kids movie is suitable for kids.


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