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Beautiful Plus Sized Model: Ashley Graham

Updated on April 4, 2012

Ashely Graham has got to be one of the hottest plus sized woman in the world. Over the last 4 years she has caused waves in the plus sized modeling industry, making everyone pay attention to the fact that beauty comes in all sizes. She actually started out as a nanny in New York and got scouted to be a model. She then went on to be a Lane Bryant model and became widely known as the "girl who did the banned commercial" because of ABC's narrow minded perspective of what is acceptable. Not curves apparently. The network said that it was promoting unhealthy behavior and was also "too sexy" for TV, when Victoria Secret has just as much if not more skin and sexiness in there commercials.

In fact the controversy of this one commercial made her into an international supermodel, whereas before she was just modeling for Lane Bryant. So in essence not only did it bring up the fact that ABC needs to get there heads out of there ass, it made everyone take a look at a different kind of beauty that doesn't need to be a twig. Everyone said that she actually did plus sized girls all a favor to bring the subject into the light, which I definitely agree that it was way past overdue to have this issue brought up. But it took Ahsley's hotness being banned to get everyone's attention that societies view could be a lil' skewed.

On a the personal side she seems fun, down to earth and awesome to be around. She also makes trips to Africa to help out children in need and her mission in life is to help people everywhere, and for models being pegged as superficial that's what I call non-superficial ten times over.

At a young age she was taught to love her body by her parents, so when the controversy came into play and she was asked about the way she felt she replied with “I was always beyond confident because my mom and dad never put me down for my size,” Graham said. “I come from a big-boned family.”

Retail corporations are starting to realize the need for bigger sized clothing that's in fashion, such as Macy's. Over half of the population of woman are plus sized and none should be ashamed of there body type. Macy's is actually trying to promote a healthy outlook on body types, and they think that Ashley Graham is the right image to portray confidence and sexiness.

The thing that is so unique about this woman is that she is a "no apologies" kind of person and has always embraced her curves. Of course through high school she did have some negative comments made about her weight, and did that hurt? Of course it did, but she never wavered and tried to be somebody that she wasn't. Being a size 0 was something that she never tried to achieve because it wasn't her. Now that's what I call being a bad ass chick.

Standing at 5'9 and a size 16 she proves that you can be sexy and confident about your size, no matter what the media spouts out. At age 12 she was a size 12 and already 5'8 making it hard to get modeling jobs, since she had the body of a woman but looked way too young. As she matured the jobs got easier and easier to find.

According to her co-workers and directors she one of the easiest and pleasant people to work with photographing. She has never been the one to shy away from unbuttoning a blouse some and glorifying her skin, laughing and joking most of the way through which shows in her photos. "Work has definitely been increasing and I do believe the plus size industry is booming" she says. "Its only natural considering the majority of women can relate to this body type. I am surprised this movement didn't happen as successfully in the past. I am very confident that it will continue to grow and show women that every size is beautiful."

Baring it all in "Oprah Magazine"
Baring it all in "Oprah Magazine"

So you want to know her advice to curvy, plus sized woman everywhere? Show off your curves! She says that often times plus sized woman put on more layers of clothes, making them look bigger. And to take off a layer or two, tailor your pants, cinch a belt and be confident about the way you look! "A woman should never be afraid to show off her curves", verbatim.

Best advice that shes been given : "My mom told me at a young age to always stay true to myself and to be confident in everything that I do, this advice stuck with me through the years and helped me through my highs and lows. I love my mom!" Obviously, support goes a long way when it comes to being confident. Stick with the people that love you the most and support who you are and what you do, and you'll go a long way. Thanks for the heads up Ash!


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    • profile image

      DORIANOPULPITO 8 months ago

      I love Ashley grahan

    • Plus Size Mom profile image

      Natalie Maureen 4 years ago from Florida, USA

      Ashley Graham is really hot and beautiful plus size model. I love her curves.