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February 14 Malayalam movie preview

Updated on June 18, 2013

Sojan Jose is coming with his next movies February 18 in which the lead role will be played by Jubil Raj. Jubil Raj is the son of popular actor Rajan P.Dev and Badusha. It is a thriller movie and the director claims that it has a number of twists and a surprising climax. This post provides detailed information about the February 14 Malayalam movie including information about the crew and the story of the movie.

Crew of the Movie February 14

The crew of the movie consists of

Banner: Pullolil Gurukulam Creation

Producer: P G Shine

Director: Sojan Jose

Actors: Jubil Raj, Badhusa, Sadhika, Nasha

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues: Rajesh Thomas

The movie is expected to be released by the end of the year.

More about the Crew of the Movie February 14

Let us start with the lead actor of the movie, Jubil Raj. Jubil raj is a new face who recently made his debut with the movie “Yakshiyum Nijanum “directed by Kochin Haneefa. Jubil, belongs to a family which has given a number of superstars to the Malayalam film industry. He is the nephew of the renowned actor, Kochin Haneffa. He is also doing other Malyalam movies at present and his movie Thappana is going to be released soon. Another actor Badusha is new to the acting field and was earlier working in the corporate sector. The director of the movie is Sojan Jose and the producer is PG Shine. The movie is also in the news because the loved child artist Badhusha of the film Pappyude Swantham Appoose is making a comeback with the movie. He is now playing the role of a young guy and is a friend of the leading actor in the movie. Some of the other important roles in the movie will be played by actors like Chempil Asokan, Chali Plal, Anil Murali, Jaffar idukki, Joyson, Sadhika and Nasha. Raja Thomas is the person behind the story and dialogues of the movie. Recently the pooja celebration of the movie was performed and the shooting is also expected to start soon.

Story of the Movie February 14

We all know that on February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. In the story there is a character Sam who is quite popular among girls. He meets a girl Mila through a social networking websites. Later, he also meets his old friend Badu. Thereafter, both of them go to meet Mila and Sam falls in deep love with Mila. The rest of the story revolves around these three characters. The role of Badu is being played by Badhushah while Jubil Raj is playing the character of Sam. The movie has a number of turning points and twists. The filmmakers are also claiming get ever one will get amazed by the climax of the movie as well. Since the movie is based on the life of three young people, it is expected to be a super hit especially among the young audience.


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