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Female Teenagers don't are too full of themselves on television

Updated on March 15, 2017


Teenage girls are brats.
Teenage girls are brats.

Female Children

There is always that one teenager girl that thinks of herself most of the time.

Her day is consumed thoughts don't involve much else. This teenager is often addicted to material things that make her look better for now.

She is often the girl with the boyfriend that might make her a teenage mother. Yet, her parents keep her from becoming the teenage mother.

Birth Control

Works like magic.

This always works. Unless the show is about a teen that already has a child or one on the way... the teenager is taught that children at such a young age is bad.

So, birth control always works. Teenagers are told that STD don't happen to thoughts on birth control.

Often, the parents are miss informed about teenage sex lives. They believe that teenagers will know how to take the birth control.

No one loves me

This often happens when the parents avoid the children. They think that children just magically turn into adults.

When this magic children don't do as the parents say ... the children are thought as unmanageable.

The female who is self absorb only thinks of herself. Her parents have had little interest in her. But, somehow the teenager is wrong to feel little connection to her parents.

The teenager that is left in her room as a child and ignored must soon be pushed out into the world. The still child has no idea how to handle the outside world. The child has been kept in an isolated world of their parent's choosing.

They think no one loves them. The children introduced to them are of the parent's design for them.


The parents have taken them to the most expensive stores. They have never taught them about discount stores.

The media is pushing the children to buy the most expensive clothing.

So, the teenager is not a BAD kid because they believe the media and their parents.

My Phone is Awesome

This is the parent's fault. Children can not afford a phone.

Most children don't need a phone.

The panicked parent makes sure the child has a phone. They make sure that the child is not taken away by some crazy person.

I want what they got

This happens to most. Most wants something better.

You have a boat. You want a bigger boat.

Unless the child is taught differently they will want something different.


This person can't be in the same room with someone else without the other people wanting to leave the room.

She is kept from her dreams by someone or something in the episode. This might even be done for comedy relief.

Spoiled rich girl

This happens when the parents give the child too much. This is connected with the child trying to get more money or things.

The child is told that they are this even if they are nice with rich parents.

Wants to be only child

This girl loved being an only child. They hate having a little brother.

This could mean that they don't like when their older brother comes home, too. But, this rarely happens because they get spoiled by the family members.


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