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Female Teenagers in television don't have menstrial cycles

Updated on March 15, 2017

Female Teenagers On Their Periods Are To Be Avoided

There is a rare time when the this is not true. Maybe, the episode is about the girl having her period. Most of the time, the teenager does not talk about what is going on with the inner workings of her body.

Most of the episodes are about some sort of issue involving the sex life of the parents or a boyfriend problem. No matter what happens the teenager is taught that her body should be ignored.

No one goes to a doctor for problems with any issue. They might go to the doctor for a pregnancy issue, though. But, they don't have any teenage problems. Teenagers don't have adult problems of that nature.


Teenagers are seen as lazy or active. They never have backaches. If anything, the teenager causes the backaches by doing something zany to the parent.


There is no such thing as not sleeping right unless they sleep all night. Teenagers love to party ... no have a period.

Missing School

Those lazy teenagers don't have any real problems. They are jerks that say the wrong thing and need to be punished for being there. They never suffer silently, either.

They don't like school or they love it.


Only adults have headaches. Headaches are used for commit relief and when someone gets hit in the head for comedy relief.

Mood Changes

Girls are crazy. They don't make much since. They just need to be sent to their rooms.

So, the parents decide to drink more. They don't need to hear their child in pain. In a few years, the child will be gone. Or, they will be adults and be able to have adult problems. In any case, the parent becomes an alcoholic for the audiences enjoyment.

Avoid Females

The females are put up in their room until this time is over. Or, they are told that they are doing the wrong thing.

Teenage females normally bad kids or they are misunderstood teenagers with easy to handle problems.


This issue is addressed in a few episodes. This can also be a fall-back episode when the children need something to do in the morning or at night.

Most episodes about the children involve them having a problem that the parents can solve if they only listened closely.

A cream or a spa trip can solve everything.


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