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Female superheroes

Updated on August 21, 2016

Female superheroes

There has been a steady rise in the number of female superheroes in modern popular fiction. Since the conception of the first female superhero Fantomah in 1940, female superheroes have increasingly played significant and vital roles in today’s popular fiction. A female superhero is also called a super heroine. A superhero is a fictitious character that has superhuman powers which he or she uses to fight crime, evil, and villains in order to save or protect citizens. The female superhero is mostly costumed.

Wonder woman is probably the most popular superhero in today’s popular fiction. Since her 1941 debut in all-star comics, wonder woman’s star has continued to rise gradually. With her popularity came ardent fans who viewed wonder woman as the best female superhero. What sets wonder woman apart from other female superheroes is the fact that she is an independent superhero. She does not collaborate or act in a team to show her exploits. She is strong, independent and fearless. Thus, wonder woman in fighting for justice has attracted a loyal audience in addition to appealing to the feminists who adore her independence and strength. Although wonder woman has not had her solo film, she made an appearance in batman v superman: Dawn of justice. Her solo movie is set to be filmed/ released in 2017.

The invisible woman is another important female superhero who has left a mark in popular fiction. Unlike Wonder woman, the invisible woman (sue storm) is a mother. She has two children. Thus, she acts as a superhero while at the same time raising her children. This characteristic endears her to her fans and the general public. She did not sacrifice parenthood for heroism. The invisible woman is a strong character in the marvel universe. Her heroism coupled with the fact that she is a mother propels her to be a female superhero.

Storm of the x-men franchise is a vital superhero in popular fiction. She was recruited after the disappearance of the original x-men team. As a mutant, she slowly became influential and it can be said that she became an equal of major characters like colossus and wolverine. Storm rose from a recruit mutant to become Xavier school’s headmistress. Her rise and influence makes her a notable superhero in popular fiction. Mutants possess superhuman abilities which they use to fight injustice. Storm has the superhuman ability of controlling or influencing the weather. Additionally, she possesses the ability to fly. It is vital to note that storm is the first female superhero of color. With her leadership abilities, storm took a leadership role and subsequently led the x-men in many occasions. She has also been featured in other works of fiction such as the fantastic four and the avengers. Her superpowers coupled with leadership skills and her selfless act of fighting for justice makes storm to be popular female superhero.

Lastly, Super girl, a spinoff of superman has slowly captured the attention of her fans. Although she started off as a spinoff, Super girl carved her own niche with her superpowers combined with her feminine side. Other vital female superheroes include black widow and wasp girl.


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