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Fender Resonator Guitar

Updated on January 23, 2016
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I am retired from my job which has been retail sales for the most part of my work. I have collected guitars since I was 15 years old.

Fender Resonator

The Fender Resonator FR-50, has its own unique sound. I really like this guitar. I use it if I have to play in a noisy environment. We are all playing a solo in our beginner class. I can usually get over the noise if I bring this guitar. I have had this guitar for almost a year and I am really enjoying it

The resonator guitar is heavy, I would guess about 25 pounds. It has to be to produce that sound. Resonators can either be square neck or round neck. I bought the round neck because it plays like a guitar. I like playing bluegrass and blues on this guitar. The guitar has chrome encased tuners and a chrome cover over the resonator. I use regular guitar strings. I have Fender medium on the guitar.

The guitar has inlay position markers. The bridge is chrome. There is no tarnish at all on this chrome. I have seen much tarnish on instruments that use nickle, like certain banjos that are 6 string, I don't have to worry if it was going to tarnish I would have found out by now.

My resonator guitar is so sweet and everyone that hears it seems to like it. I let other students play it and all seem to have a lot of fun. It is definitely a guitar that will not put anyone to sleep.The guitar is one that calls you back to play more. Few guitars can do this to me anymore.

The sustain is fairly good, and the treble notes ring out crisp and beautifully. I have been wanting to get a slide to see what that sounds like. I hope to find a glass one as I heard this before and it made a very unique sound.

The resonator guitar seems to be getting popular once again. I notice some really good artist on You Tube.

Fender FR- 50 Resonator

The Fender is a great guitar for Bluegrass music.
The Fender is a great guitar for Bluegrass music. | Source

Fender Resonator Guitar

The Fender Resonator FR-50 Guitar, Meets my needs for playing Bluegrass guitar. It is very good for this type of music both pick and finger. It is great for Tommy Flint bluegrass music and I think the music was made for this guitar.

Every guitar has a special design for a specific type of music. Each guitar has its own purpose, kind of like people. I would not buy a classical to play country, or a bluegrass guitar to play classical. This happens all the time because so many people just go buy a guitar without knowing anything about it.

If you take a good look at this guitar it is very beautiful. The construction of the guitar is good. The sides and the back of the guitar are made from mahogany wood. The top of the guitar is spruce and produces that Twang sound because of the cone. The color of the guitar is sunburst, and it is very shiny and pleasing to the eye, The Fender FR -50 has a rosewood fingerboard.

The Fender FR- 50, is like a guitar in some ways, but not all. The-two f holes make up the sound holes on the guitar they are not covered, like they are on the square neck. On the square neck they cover with screen.

The sound of this guitar is much louder than a regular guitar and more bold. I played the Star-Spangle Banner for the campgrounds and people heard it on the other side of the camp sites,so it is great to play even in a noisy environment. There is no amplification on the guitar. I suppose a microphone would work if it was necessary.

My Rating

5 stars for Fender FR -50 Resonator Guitar

Glass Slide

I have bought a glass slide to use on my resonator guitar. This has been a lot of fun. I went to the music store this morning and had a wonderful day looking at all the slides and figuring which one would suite my 4th piney finger. I am going to start practicing using the slide but have not mastered it yet. I find it it be very fascinating. I believe the glass slide works better for me than the steel one.

The Resonator guitar is good for bluegrass and for blues music the three chord stuff sounds great . I think this music was made for this guitar. I have also played Irish music on the resonator with a good responsive.sound.People seem to enjoy this music being played.

Facts About Resonator Guitars

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Music Center Lake City, Fl.

Fender FR-50 Guitar

Fender FR-50

The guitar has a very good sound and is not expensive to own. Amazon can also sell you a case to protect your new Fender FR-50 resonator guitar.The guitar will fulfill any students dream of a loud full sound. I would suggest a hard shell case, to protect your new investment.

The guitar measures 39 inches long and can be played to the 15 frett. The position markers actually go to the 17 fret. Clear and easy frets are to the 15 frett. The action on this guitar is very low and easy to play. New students are amazed by the easy playability of the Fender FR -50 resonator guitar.


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  • ladyguitarpicker profile imageAUTHOR

    stella vadakin 

    4 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

    This is a fun guitar, one that when people try it they want it.


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