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Fender Strat: The Ultimate Guitar for Rock and Roll

Updated on July 29, 2011

What is more iconic in Rock and Roll then a Fender Stratocaster.  If you are new to music then you may not know exactly what I am talking about.  Well, if you like the music of...Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, John Frusciante, The Edge, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, or Pete Townshend.  Then you have heard the brilliance of the Strat.  The stratocaster guitar can come in all different variations but never too far to alter that distinct tone.  The stratocaster utilizes single-coil pickups that ooze tone.  They are a working man's guitar.  You can beat them up, forget to clean them, drop them, and they still keep on kicking.  

Some DIY guitarist have been known to buy well made Squier Stratocasters and update their parts.  I myself enjoy playing a 90's era Korean Squire strat with updated lace sensor pickups.  The tuning knobs have been replaced with planet waves locking tuners.  Also, I blocked the tremelo so the bridge is fixed.  I think this guitar sounds as good if not better then some stock Fender Stratocasters.  A problem I have encountered with my Stratocaster is that I only have 21 frets on my fretboard.  It is definitely worth it to find a neck with 22 or 23 frets.

If you are going to purchase a new Stratocaster, make sure to play on your exact setup.  Don't let the sales person talk you into playing the guitar through some beautiful mesa boogie if you're going to be using an old peavey bandit all day.  Also, try and buy from a local shop who will professionally set the guitar up for you.  Too often I find nice guitars owned by friends that were bought at guitar center that are improperly or not even setup.  The intonation may be completely out of whack and the neck warped.  If you got to a local shop they should stand by their work and offer free adjustments after a year.  I hope this helps a few players out.


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