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Fender Super Champ XD Insight and Review

Updated on December 11, 2014

Fender Super Champ XD Insight and Review

Hello friends and fellow guitar players. This is the first post for my new Guitar Gear Hub. I'm new at this so bear with me. For my first post I'm going to talk about and review my newest amp. It's a Fender Super Champ XD. The amp was on the market from 2006 until this past December. It was discontinued to make way for the new Super Champ X-2 that debuted at the NAMM(National Association of Music Merchants)show in January. They are basically the same amp only the newer X-2 version has midi capability via a USB connection and allows access to Fender's FUSE software program. The X-2 also has a tap tempo delay capability where the XD does not. First of all let me say this is a tube amp. I was never a big fan of DSP(Digital Sound Processor) integrated amps most of which are solid state, but since owning the Super Champ XD I am starting to believe that Fender may just have something here.

Form & Function

The preamp tube is a 12ax7 which is split, half to the phase converter and the other half into the DSP which resides between the preamp and the 2-6V6 power tubes. There are two channels the first being the Champ/CLEAN sound which is beautiful. Channel two has 16 voices which really do a spectacular job. There are 3-TWEED voices, 3- BLACKFACE voices, 3-BRITISH aka Marshall voices, 3-HOT ROD voices, 2-METAL voices, a JAZZ/Clean and an ACOUSTIC voice. They are very excellent!. I personally use the #8 British overdriven high gain voice but with this thing you've got to travel around the dial. To top that it has an FX section with an additional 16 options. There is Vibratone-2, Delay-3, Reverb-4, Chorus-4, and Tremolo-3. All are usable to some degree. It has a 10" Fender Special Design Speaker which I think is great. Others have substituted the popular Eminence Rajin Cajun 75 watt speaker or the WGS G10C another 75 watt speaker that I think is probably the BEST 10" speaker out there. To my ears the original is fine. Some have substituted JJ tubes for the existing EH tubes, not me though. Out of the box this amp is a tone monster. I did break down and buy a foot switch for $20 off E-bay. It allows you to change channels and effects. It's 15 watts and loud. It also doesn't break your back at 24 lbs. either. Did I mention that I have a 20 watt all tube boutique BOGEN conversion amp that I slave using the SCXD as a head. It sounds amazing! You can pick the SCXD up cheap on E-bay for about $200. I also have a vintage Champ from the 1970s and although I hate to admit it, I like the SCXD better. It sounds warmer somehow. Although these gems are made in China as are some of the other smaller, cheaper amps are, the options and tone on the SCXD far exceeds any that I have tried including the Vox AC4TV and the VHT Special 6, Try it you'll like it. It will surprise you.

Super Champ XD

Great little amp!
Great little amp!

Fender SCXD & Ibanez RG-2570Z

Fender SCXD & Ibanez RG-2570Z
Fender SCXD & Ibanez RG-2570Z

WNWG Presents

WNWG Presents
WNWG Presents

An eclectic collection of short stories from emerging writers in the Youngstown, Ohio area.



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    • GuitarGear profile image

      Walter Holokai 4 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

      I've played a number of electric guitars and a few acoustics on this amp and all sounded great. Thanks for the comment! Stay tuned:)

    • Wendy He profile image

      He Shu Xia 4 years ago from China

      I owned a guitar PRS, good playing.

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 5 years ago from California

      Thanks for the response. Hey, keep in mind the only guitar I own is the vintage SG with the scuff marks on it - I wish I owned the others. Later!

    • GuitarGear profile image

      Walter Holokai 5 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

      Man, what a collection! I think you're referring to the one that appears to have single coils. I'll do some research and get back to you on that one. I've never seen one like it. I have a friend who collects SGs. You wouldn't happen to be an AC/DC fan would you? Ha, ha. The red SG looks like the Angus Young signature model. I love playing AC/DC although since I don't own a SG I use my Les Paul. I'm pretty sure the pickups are the same, 490r and 498t. I'll definitely get back to you on the single coil SG.

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 5 years ago from California

      Hey, you broke up the paragraph! Good job! Anyway, since you seem to know a lot about guitars, could you please check out this hub and see if you can identify my Gibson SG; I haven't been able to find the exact year it was produced. The title of the hub is "Ten Tips When Buying a Classic Electric Guitar." I know the serial number should give me the information I need, but I can't read all of it. Please help as much as you can. Later!

    • GuitarGear profile image

      Walter Holokai 5 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio


      I just broke up that gigantic paragraph. Ha, ha. I haven't even looked at it for awhile. It was my first hub and know. Anyway it got me thinking about amps and I forgot to mention a decent solid state amp that I had several years ago, the Trace Elliot Super Tramp. They don't make them anymore but from time to time they appear on E-bay. It was a great amp and now I wish I hadn't sold it.

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 5 years ago from California

      I must admit I don't know a lot about amps. Therefore, much of your material in this article is too technical for me. Nevertheless, I own a Fender Frontman 25R. I've always thought it was a little too noisy and there's a part in there that seems to rattle sometimes, creating some really odd sounds while I'm playing. Once, I almost threw away a guitar cord because of it. I've also got a Sidekick Reverb 25 that's seen better days, though it may have been a better amp when it was new.

      Hey, here's a tip regarding this article. It would certainly help if you broke up that one very large paragraph. I'm just sayin'. Later!


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