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Ferguson Should Get Over Michael Brown

Updated on November 25, 2014

The Grand Jury has made its decision based upon all the evidence given by the DA, elected by the Ferguson people six times. He is white. The jury's duty was simply to determine if the DA had enough evidence to prosecute and win a case against the police officer who shot Michael brown. All of the evidence was provided, even autopsy's Michael Brown's parents paid for. The jury was not to convict, just indict him that would force a murder trial. There was no judge there and only the prosecutor, which is normal. The members could ask all the questions they wanted.

Now, there is no indictment. There will be no criminal trial for murder, which angers much of Ferguson because it is over 60 black. The only recourse that might provide satisfaction is a wrongful death civil suit for money OR a civil rights violation trial, which many who are investigating it and black think it is not happening. Ferguson is not Selma and the death of Michael Brown is not an civil rights issue. This is 2014 not 1964.

All of the looters who are taking advantage of this sad situation make America look bad when viewed from afar. It does no good to rampage and destroy businesses owned by fellow blacks because a white policeman shot and killed a black teen. The protesters who want change need to get involved. They need to vote out the current DA next time, need to vote more blacks on the city council. That is where the power to the people lies. Just bitching about it will yield frustration because no change occurs. Venting anger only gets you arrested for criminal acts you may perform, making your life even worse. Think before you act.

The world is not watching for long. Nightly news showing violence is fleeting on international news. No one really cares half a world away.Ferguson needs to move on. Life goes on and those protesting or looting still have to work, pay rent, buy food etc. There is no free lunch. There is not much more you can do for whatever injustice you believe occurred. This event is not going to ignite some new civil rights movement across America.

Three of the witnesses validate Wilson's version of events, others, validate elements. These are the witnesses that were not made public, not on CNN or MSNBC. They were black. The worst tragedy is Micheal Brown himself. An 18-yr. old who was going to start college, yet, he and his friend robbed a convenience store, threatened to store owner and Brown's FU attitude was displayed then.The grand jury details the whole event and 90% of all black murders are done by other blacks according to statistics. Michael Brown compounded the situation by his FU attitude that made him act in certain ways. He walked in the middle of the street, when Wilson arrived and told them to get on the sidewalk, instead of doing it, he confronted Wilson verbally. Then, Wilson heard the description of the suspect who robbed the store. Now, it all changed. During the scuffle with Wilson at the car, it was Mr. Brown who grabbed Wilson threatening him. Wilson went for his gun but MB prevented it and said, "You're too chicken shit to shoot me". Brown never had his hands up according to at least three black witnesses who remain secret and did start charging Wilson at the end.

I guess Brown was proved wrong. Wilson shot and Brown was dead. Much of the evidence and forensics support Wilson's story, who is only 28. How could the grand jury think that Wilson deliberately and with malice aforethought wanted to kill a black man, just because he was black? How could they even indict for involuntary manslaughter, there was no wanton disregard for human life. There was a 20 foot trail of blood of MB proving that he went away and turned and then started to charge Wilson. Witnesses confirm it, indicating Wilson was scared but stood his ground as this huge kid started to run to him like a football player. Brown was still pissed even at this stage. Even Wilson said that it seemed like Brown was getting more angry because I was telling him to stop. Maybe, just maybe, Brown was the racist against a white police officer. Maybe, whatever upbringing he had was at the hands of parents expressing racial injustice but Mike had not really experienced. Parents can heavily influence how a kid thinks about others. Maybe, Brown was a bit high.

The killing of Michael Brown is really a combination of events leading up to the death. Why did he act the way he did? Most criminals would try to get away not get into a police officer's face in a challenging manner. Very stupid. Was that some under the drug influence causing it? Just racial hate he soaked up as kid listening to relatives who did suffer some? Was he just trying to show off because he was going to college? Did he have some sort of invincible attitude because of his large physical size? The answer to all these are probably yes and all have a place in Brown's makeup.

If you read the transcript of the Grand Jury and still think it is race based and Wilson murdered Mike, you simply refuse to see the facts and want to promote the race card for some agenda.

Time to move on. It is not what it appears to be.


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