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Fifteen Bands Who Were Not Afraid To Name Themselves After Positions Of Power

Updated on April 26, 2020

Ricky Wilson and Kaiser Chiefs Have Ruled Alt Rock for 15 Years


America's top executive last week found himself getting flak from officials of both parties, as he declared that he had total authority over the fifty states. Critics have pointed out that the Constitution actually implies the opposite, thereby ensuring that United States does not fall under the rule of a monarch.

Let the incident be a lesson for any future leader not to declare omnipotence, lest he or she desires the contriversial aftermath. Declaring oneself as an ultimate leader, however, has been well-accepted in other facets of our society, especially the music business.

Here are ten bands who have named themselves after a position of power.

1. The Captain and Tenille
Even though they hit number one by swearing "Love Will Keep Us Together," the duo eventually divorced.

2. Commander Cody
Fame came to this rockabilly band thanks to a car, the now eternal Hot Rod Lincoln.

3. Kaiser Chiefs
Their combination of punk and pop, along with lyrics of clever observations, propelled their debut album Employment.

4. Captain Beefheart
If you are unfamiliar with this skipper, whose real name was Don Can Vliet, just think of an avant garde artist not unlike Frank Zappa.

5. Kings of Leon
Since the second noun can be translated to imply "ruler," you could say these alt rockers imagine themselves twice as powerful.

6. T. Rex
Marc Bolan has become a legend in the history of glam rock, a shorter life preventing him from rising to the vaulted status of David Bowie.

7. The Kingsmen
Because the indecipherable lyrics were rumored to be inappropriate, "Louie Louie" climbed the charts and gave this group rock immortality.

8. Queen
Although they are all males, Freddie Mercury and his pals have risen to be kings of art rock through hits like "Bohemian Rhapsody."

9. The Presidents of the United States
Seattle's hot bed of modern rock also produced this alt rock trio, who gained fame from hits like "Lump" and "Peaches."

10. King Crimson
Greg Lake fronted this program rock ensemble before meeting a couple of new friends, namely keyboard wizard Keith Emerson and drummer Carl Palmer.

11. Queens of the Stone Age
This still active rock group first appeared in 1998, its self-titled debut providing much reason for optimism in the coming century.

12. Lords of the New Church
Punk rock was perpetuated when these guys released their self-titled debut, featuring anthems such as "Russian Roulette" and "Portobello."

13. San the Sham and the Pharoahs
"Wooly Bully" and "Little Red Riding Hood" were the two biggest hits of this Sixties quartet, none of whom was Egyptian.

14. The Chairmen of the Board
By pleading for "Just a Little More Time," this soul outfit was rewarded with its biggest hit.

15. Monarch
Bursting into the scene with "Stay" in 2015, this indie pop band has gotten even better on its subsequent releases.


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