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Fifteen Best Two Word "Time" Songs

Updated on March 3, 2020

Jeopardy Category On Time Zones Deserves No Award


Alex Trebek sounded a trifle embarrassed, justifiably so, when introducing the category. The episode, which included the worst subject ever on Jeopardy, aired last week.

The column's answers were all contained under the heading U. S. Time Zones, an almost senseless category for an obvious reason. The game requires five clues, yet there are just four time zones that qualify. Clearly, one of them would have to be repeated as a response, a redundancy that I had never before witnessed in four decades of watching the show.

A much better category involving types of time would have been in regards to song titles, a popular subject on jeopardy. It would limit the responses to titles with one word preceding "Time," be it a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb.

Here are fifteen titles from which the game show writers could choose, including one by a member of The Beatles.

1. Tulsa Time by Don Williams

He was determined to set his watch right to it which, since it became his biggest hit ever, was a good idea for the country star.

2. Borrowed Time by Styx

Cornerstone is unfortunately associated with the sappy hit "Babe," but this cut reinforced the fact that the quintet could still create some good electric rock tunes.

3. Big Time by Peter Gabriel

With this huge single, the ex-Genesis front man had as a solo artist definitely achieved the success implied in the title.

4. No Time by the Guess Who

American Woman became a huge seller and not just because of the title track, but also in part due to "No Sugar Tonight," "New Mother Nature," and this timeless classic.

5. Bad Time by Grand Funk

Mark Farner gave what was perhaps his finest vocal performance on this hit, the best thing the group ever did after dropping Railroad from its name.

6. Long Time by Boston

Foreplay sets you up for this dynamic hit from the self-titled debut from Tom Scholz's Rock band.

7. Closing Time by Semisonic

Country fans might put Merle Haggard's song of the same name here, but this power pop classic was ubiquitous in the Nineties.

8. Wasted Time by the Eagles

Eight-track tape versions of Hotel California split this orchestral ballad between the second and third tracks with a lot of silence between, so the song was much more palatable when I finally purchased the vinyl.

9. Cleanup Time by John Lennon

In the autobiographical cut from Double Fantasy, Lennon admits that "The Queen is in the counting room, counting out the money, while the King is in the kitchen baking bread and honey."

10. Dream Time by the Stranglers

"Always the Sun" and "Mayan Skies" were the singles, but this title track was more reminiscent of the band's punk past.

11. Strict Time by Elvis Costello

Trust is loaded with intelligent tunes, as reinforced by this drum-driven gem.

12. Twilight Time by the Platters

Eternal is the best adjective to describe this slice of American culture, which is apt to be heard in commercials, soundtracks, or restaurants throughout the country.

13. Good Time by Owl City

The first single from Midsummer Station features pop idol Carly Rae Jepson, serving as a great duet partner for Adam Young.

14. High Time by the Grateful Dead

Probably the modifier here is not referring to literal altitude, given the band's reputation for parties.

15. Summertime by Sam Cooke

Dozens of artists have covered this aria from Porgy and Bess, but no one has performed it as powerfully as Cooke.


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