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New Spoon Song Reflects Best of The Band's Twenty Year Tenure

Updated on June 25, 2019

Brit Daniel's Cryptic Lyrics Are Evident In Each Of These Fifteen Tracks

"No Bullets Spent" is the first new Spoon song since 2017, when the band released its studio album called Hot Thoughts. The new single is supposed to bring attention to Brit Daniels and his band's upcoming Best Of Spoon album, due out later this summer.

Because the band has so many great songs, it is difficult for fans to imagine which tracks have been chosen for the Best Of record. Here are the fifteen I would pick, were I forced to list just fifteen of my favorite Spoon songs.

1. The Underdog from the Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga album

Possibly a politically charged song, it is the melding of the acoustic guitar and the brass that makes this among the best in the discography.

2. Written In Reverse from the Transference album

"Somebody better call a hearse" Brit Daniel warns in this rock gem, recognized for having one of the most memorable titles in music history.

3. Sister Jack from the Gimme Fiction album

The fact that a female sibling is used to describe Jack is not atypical of Daniel, who characteristically creates cryptic lyrics amid music that was best defined as controlled chaos.

4. Black Like Me from the Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga album

Here Daniel states that "street tar in the summer can do a job on your soul," a point anyone could recall from a childhood spent delightfully barefoot.

5. Inside Out from the They Want My Soul album

In what could be interpreted as a criticism of religious institutions, the singer says " I got no time for holy rollers, though they may wash my feet, and I won't be their soldier."

6. Metal School from the Series of Sneaks album

Probably the only album in history to have two songs with metal in the title, this one is only slightly better than the previous track "Metal Detektor."

7. Rhythm and Soul from the Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga album

Kazan, a place of which I had never heard before buying this record, is the location of the geographical allusion in this bouncy single.

8. Mystery Zone from the Transference album

No one can ever be certain of its interpretation, but the highlight is the lyric "There goes the rider at gates of dawn, he takes no prisoners at all."

9. Title Track from the They Want My Soul album

To demonstrate that Daniel has a sense of humor somewhere beyond all that darkness he brings up in this song Jonathan Fiske, who happened to be the subject of a hit from an earlier album.

10. Don't You Evah from the Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga album

The chorus is an uplifting message to a single sleeping alone, reminding him or hero to never be down.

11. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentin from the Gimme Fiction album

A film called Eddie and the New Dance is the goal of the singer here, where he wants the opportunity to sword fight the Duke and kidnap the queen.

12. Shotgun from the Hot Thoughts album

Based on the refrain and the fact that the group hails from Austin, Texas, this side two track is the highlight of their most recent studio album.

13. You Got Yer Cherry Bomb from the Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga album

Anyone who has ever watched someone hopelessly pulling away can identify with this particular line in verse two: "It was the longest day I've ever known, I watched you start that drive alone."

14. The Minor Tough from the Series Of Sneaks album

Part of Daniel's strength as a songwriter has always been his ability to make you ponder, even on this early album, when he says "Reach in your pocket and pull out the pant leg of hate."

15. Got Nuffin (Nothing) from the Transference album

It might sound from the title that this would be a song about poverty or deprivation or desolation, until you learn that all he has to lose are darkness, shadows, loneliness, emptiness, and hang ups.

The trio of Spoon has been making great alternative rock for over twenty years.


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